10 most roastable anime villains

10 most roastable anime villains

An anime villain should instill some threat or fear in the viewer. They are the adversity of the show, constantly tormenting or hindering the main characters in their stories. This stature normally ensures that these characters are cool or impressive or sophisticated. In rare cases, these characters are jokes. There are elements in them that make them feel stupid or pathetic to the viewer.

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It reaches a point where it becomes common to make fun of these characters. Fans throw more jabs at the villains of the show because it’s so easy to do so. They beg to be roasted for their designs, backstories and behavior. Their existence is counterintuitive to their role in the story, and viewers will mock them endlessly for it.

10/10 Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald had his student record him


Kayneth is without a doubt the worst champion in Fate/Zero. He is the head of the El-Melloi family and is perceived as a genius, but his carelessness allows his student Waver Velvet to run off with the Rider artifact. During the very first episode, viewers see that Kayneth lost his chance to summon one of the top three servants in the anime.

All of this ignores his worst actions. He treats Lancer badly and doesn’t think far ahead in the Holy Grail War. He is always one step behind the competition. He is not the first person to lose during the 4th Holy Grail War, but he is the most pathetic.

9/10 Kintoki Sakata is trying too hard to be cool


The best thing about Gintoki is that he never tries to be cool. His gravity in Gintama is incredibly strong, despite his stance. In comparison, Kintoki tries too hard. The original gag of a blonde haired Gintoki overstays its welcome when it flops over him too much.

Once the trick is revealed, it’s clear that Kintoki is what the show would be if it were gaudy and had less charm. By taking Gintoki’s identity, he becomes a parody of the show while missing what makes the main character relatable. Also blonde hair doesn’t look good on Gintoki.

8/10 Szayelaporro Granz is treated like a joke


In his fight against Renji and Uryu, Szayelaporro establishes himself as a threat to combatants in Bleach‘s invasion of Hueco Mundo arc. His abilities are powerful until he meets Mayuri. In a single interaction, Mayuri reduces Szayelaporro to an experiment. As one of the Espadas, there are high expectations for how strong he will become, but a single member of the Gotei 13 is able to finish him instantly.

The worst part is that the tone of the episode is comical. Mayuri is unchallenged and makes fun of the people around her. Szayelaporro goes from declaring himself a perfect being to wishing for death due to Mayuri’s experimentation.

7/10 Mozgus is built like a pile of bricks


Even without Berserkits hilariously bad 3D GCI, Mozgus’s character designs are not flattering. Everything about him is made to be creepy. This imposes a sense of fear and awe due to his size, which fits with his religious position. But his whole appearance is goofy. His face is extremely flat to the point that the sides of his head and nose stand out. He looks like a bunch of building blocks glued together to form a face.

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Whenever he gets upset, his whole head wrinkles up in anger. His blocky exterior immediately begins to resemble a prune. The only part about him that works is his twisted nature. If it weren’t for that, there wouldn’t be anything scary about him.

6/10 Rikiya Yotsubashi has the worst design in his anime

My Hero Academia

Rikiya is the leader of the Meta Liberation Army and a descendant of Destro, one of the biggest villains in the My Hero Academiaits history. It wouldn’t be clear from looking at him. He has a silly hairstyle that clashes with his business attire. His nose is so incredibly long that fans can see similarities Phineas and Ferb‘s Dr. Doofenshmirtz. As soon as he is introduced, he is a disappointment.

Despite the enormity of his claim and ambition, he loses to Shigaraki. This leads to his entire organization being hijacked by a gang of young villains. There’s no time to establish him as a major villain since he’ll be a loser right away.

5/10 Envy is the most pathetic of homunculi

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood establishes Envy as a terrible person right from the start. He kills Maes Hughes and is stunned by the damage he causes. There’s also the fact that his actions directly start the Ishval Civil War. With his evilness established, viewers develop expectations when it comes to Envy’s abilities. However, he is the best in almost every match he enters.

The most notable are between Tim Marcoh’s team and Roy Mustang. Marcoh’s team manages to trick and confuse him, while Roy completely destroys him. None of the interactions are close. Both reveal Envy’s true form – a sad little green creature deeply distrustful of humans.

4/10 Hol Horse’s sharpshooting loses power

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

Hol Horse has all the elements to be a cool one JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure character. He has a distinct appearance, a strong personality and a decent stature. Stardust Crusaders don’t lack range, but having a gunslinger on the team would have been cool. However, Hol Horse proves him useless without a partner.

Hol Horse only appears with a partner, and on other attempts he almost ends up shooting himself. He loses his mystique quickly and becomes a meme. He is a runner because of how lost he gets when things don’t go his way.

3/10 Petelgeuse is too over-the-top to be threatening

Re: Zero

The main antagonist of Re: Zeroits first season. His portrayal of madness and madness is so exaggerated as to be kitsch. Whenever he declares something, his voice is shrill and he contorts his body in silly ways. It is impossible to take him seriously. Even when he’s doing serious damage to the anime’s main cast, he’s still a goofy character.

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There is no sense of menace or danger in his characterization. It is all made zero by his design. Viewers are more likely to mock him, even if he does something confused. There is no payoff when a character looks as stupid as Petelgeuse.

2/10 Cheetus’ existence is its own sad punchline

hunter x hunter

Hunter x hunter‘s Chimera Ant arc features many dangerous and menacing villains. The main villain of the arc is possibly one of the greatest in all of anime. However, that is not what Cheetu is. He’s a self-confident idiot who doesn’t understand how weak he is compared to his opponents. He relies on his speed to battle his opponents, but his Nen usage is always counterintuitive.

He gets outsmarted during the game of tag and his crossbow is practically useless. It’s such a sad existence. Silva crushes him at the end of the arc and it feels like a joke. It’s as if his entire existence was just leading up to a funny death.

1/10 Team Rocket blasts off again


Team Rocket, specifically the trio of Jesse, James and Meowth, are the most reliable source of comedy throughout Pokémon anime. Although they are the minor antagonists of almost every episode, they are also lovable. Fans love them for their incompetence. They don’t routinely manage to catch Pikachu, but they always go out in style.

The Team Rocket Trio will always be the joke of the show because of how badly they fail, but they are also quintessential characters when it comes to the success of the anime. There are anime villains that are bad enough to mock, but no one else will be so bad as to be mocked with love like Team Rocket.

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