10 Most Passionate Anime Villains

10 Most Passionate Anime Villains

The word “passionate” is not usually associated with villains since their goals are usually not the most admirable. Such an adjective is usually reserved for noble heroes who dream of saving the world or becoming the best. However, most anime villains are passionate about their heinous actions and boldly run after them with the same fire in their eyes as their heroic counterparts.

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Some of anime’s most passionate enemies became myopic and developed tunnel vision in pursuit of their evil ambitions. Others are driven by rage and malice. Whatever the case may be, these bad guys are just as passionate about their goals as the good guys.

10/10 Gendo Ikari passionately hated humanity

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gendo Ikari plans his next move in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Gendo Ikari’s only true passion was his contempt for humanity Neon Genesis Evangelion. Many anime villains are misanthropic and would love nothing more than to wipe out the entire planet, but Gendo took a different approach.

Instead of committing genocide, Gendo chose to end the concept of human individuality by merging everyone’s souls into a singular consciousness. Human Instrumentality was one of anime’s most unique villain goals at the time, and Gendo pursued it tirelessly. He didn’t care who had to be sacrificed as long as his plan succeeded.

9/10 Zeke’s euthanasia plot was rooted in generational regret

Attack on Titan

Zeke Yeager in Attack On Titan.

Zeke’s euthanasia plan was one of two horrific ideas proposed for termination Attack on Titan constant warfare. Despite being an Eldian, Zeke wanted to sterilize them all and eventually force the race to die. Unlike other genocidal plots, this one is rooted in self-loathing eugenics that made many fans uncomfortable.

Zeke’s plan was rooted in generational trauma and regret. In Marley, everyone has learned that the Eldians are the ultimate enemy due to the crimes of their ancestors. Eldians are oppressed by every country in the world. So it’s understandable why Zeke had such strong feelings towards other elders, believing that his plan was the most merciful way to go.

8/10 Akutagawa’s anger often gets the best of him

Bungou stray dogs

Akutagawa's Rashoumon in Bungou Stray Dogs.

IN Bungou stray dogs, Akutagawa usually comes off as quite detached and cold as the Port Mafia’s “dog”. However, he easily loses his temper and his anger tends to get the best of him, causing him to make careless mistakes during a match. At his core, Akutagawa is the most passionate about his admiration for Dazai as a mentor.

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The main part of his rivalry with Atsushi stems from Akutagawa’s desire for Dazai’s recognition. Akutagawa is proud of his rough upbringing and being so strong despite not getting any praise for it, so he doesn’t understand someone like Atsushi, who fights for recognition.

7/10 Shougo Makishima wanted to end the Sibyl System


Shougo Makishima at the end of Psycho Pass

Shougo Makishima from Psycho-Pass was passionate about getting rid of the oppressive Sibyl System. Unfortunately, he became a ruthless, cold-blooded killer in the process. It’s hard to take someone like him seriously when they preach about eliminating societal corruption while actively killing innocent people.

Shougo even wanted to sabotage the nation’s supply of grain to force a worldwide famine. The Sibyl system is undeniably oppressive, but Shougo literally wanted to hold humanity hostage and starve everyone to death to prove his point.

6/10 Stain wanted to get rid of the Hero Society’s corruption

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia - Stain

Stain from My Hero Academia believed that society was being manipulated by false heroes. He argued that heroes like Endeavor and Ingenium did not choose the profession to save innocents and only wanted the stardom that came with it. Despite Stain’s crimes, he made many solid points about the failings of hero society, and his voice left a lasting impact on My Hero Academia.

Heroes and villains alike kept Stain’s feelings at the back of their minds, especially after All Might’s retirement left society in turmoil. Stain’s message of fighting the hero society and its injustices encouraged many of them My Hero Academia’s most prolific villains, such as Toga and Dabi.

5/10 Light Yagami was a self-proclaimed judge of justice

Death note

Light Yagami, the protagonist of Death Note, ponders his circumstances.

Light Yagami was a brilliant but misanthropic teenager with too much time on his hands Death note. People like Light should never have so much power. It only fueled his underlying god complex and encouraged him to proclaim himself the God of the new world.

After appointing himself the new judge of justice, Light became passionate about killing society’s so-called vermin, garnering worldwide praise for his actions. In the end, he saw everyone who got in his way as the enemy and on the same level as the pest he wanted to eliminate.

4/10 Geto’s Love For Jujutsu Sorcery drove him off the deep end

Jujutsu Kaisen

Geto Suguru in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Suguru Geto was not always a genocidal fanatic Jujutsu Kaisen. He was a student at Jujutsu High and even best friends with Satoru Gojo. However, Geto changed after seeing Riko Amanai, the star plasma vessel, die right in front of him.

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Geto pondered why non-wizards deserve to be saved. Geto’s downfall really started when he realized that killing any non-wizard was an option. His love of jujutsu sorcery was shown in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, as he happily cried and mused about wizards defending each other since that was what he had always dreamed of. Geto’s passion for jujutsu sorcery drove him crazy.

3/10 Enrico Pucci wanted to reach heaven

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

Pucci in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Stone Ocean.

IN Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Enrico was an average priest until his sister died. After she died and was unable to cope, Pucci quickly became one of DIO’s most fanatical followers and became passionate about doing his bidding. Pucci realized the fate patterns throughout his life and interpreted DIO’s end goal as a way to force every human to understand their destinies via Made In Heaven.

Pucci’s idea of ​​heaven was not the pearly gates that most people traditionally think of. Instead, Pucci envisioned a world where everyone understood their destinies and accepted their destinies. He even described this as “true happiness”.

2/10 Pain’s twisted plan was meant to unite humanity


Nagato/Pain during the invasion of Leaf Village in Naruto.

IN Naruto, Pain wanted to inflict mass suffering because he believed it was the only way for humanity to unite. Pain, originally named Nagato, adopted this alias because he wanted to embody and personify his dark ideology.

Pain was passionate about forcing everyone to acknowledge that most of humanity’s suffering is man-made. People cause each other grief every single day, especially in times of war. Although his methods were twisted, Pain used widespread suffering to usher in a more peaceful and friendly society.

1/10 Lelouch wanted to free Japan

Code Geass

Lelouch Lamperouge looks smug in Code Geass.

Lelouch lost everything because of Britannia i Code Geass. After gaining the power of Geass, he vowed to overthrow the regime and free Japan from Britannia’s iron fist. However, he became a prolific anti-hero in the process.

Although Lelouch’s initial goals were heroic, his actions speak for themselves and made everyone question his true morality. Lelouch was undeniably passionate about avenging what he lost and freeing Japan. However, many of his actions were downright villainous and just as tyrannical as the regime he sought to overthrow.

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