10 Most Intense Anime Heists

10 Most Intense Anime Heists

Stealing is common in anime. Things and even people are often the subject of great interest, resulting in elaborate plans in the hope of obtaining them. Generally, villains are more inclined to steal than heroes since it better drives the plot without compromising the latter’s virtues or the way the audience perceives them.

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Regardless, the variety of loot sometimes leaves heroes with no other options and makes such theft necessary. Regardless of the culprit, there are few anime heists that fail to entertain, as almost all of them go wrong when the plan is actively put into action.

10/10 Shigaraki stole Overhaul’s hands and orbs

My Hero Academia

Sand Hero Snatch

The rivalry between villains was a highlight in My Hero Academia. In an attempt to avenge Magne’s death and empower himself, Shigaraki attacked Overhaul’s escort as he was being carried to prison, hoping to send a message.

In addition to decaying Overhaul’s hands, Shigaraki stole the villain’s famous Quirk-removing orb. Sand Hero Snatch tried to stop him, but against the entire League Of Villains, he was unfortunately not much of a challenge and unfortunately lost his life.

9/10 Brook stole Big Mom’s Poneglyph

One Piece

One Piece - Brook, Big Mom

Brook’s actions on Whole Cake Island were the most important he had done on One Piece. Following Pedro into the heart of Big Mom’s territory, he copied her poneglyph for use by his crew. However, Brook’s success did not come without a price.

After destroying a handful of his minions, Big Mom personally came and defeated the skeleton. Despite his most powerful abilities, her durability was simply too high for anything in his arsenal to counter. After being captured, the emperor treated him like a doll to be used and played with.

8/10 The Phantom Squad robbed the Yorknew auction

hunter x hunter

Hunter x Hunter Phantom Troupe

Known as international refugees in hunter x hunterThe Phantom Squad was feared even among criminal circles. They attacked the Yorknew Auction, disregarding the many crime families that had gathered there.

The mission was a resounding success. In addition to stealing valuable goods that they could resell at a high price, the squad slaughtered most of their business competitors. Not even the Shadow Beasts, the Yorknew family’s famed enforcers, were able to bring Uvogin down. In the end, only Kurapika was convinced to pose a threat to the organization.

7/10 Lief & Jasmine worked together against Gorl

Delta Quest

Delta Quest anime

Otherwise known as “the Golden Knight”, Gorl was Topaz’s guardian i Delta Quest. As the first gem holder that Lief needed to defeat, it took intelligence and planning to overcome him.

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At first, neither Lief nor Barda had the swordsmanship to bring the knight down. But when Jasmine crashed a log into him shattering his armor, it put an immediate end to the battle. Lief may have won handily, although he did receive the first gem to restore Deltora.

6/10 Aizen used the Hogyoku to its worst potential


aizen bleach hogyoku

Aizen’s theft of the Hogyoku was one of the most important elements in Bleach. Originally belonging to Urahara, it embodied raw potential and meant utter destruction in the wrong hands. Gaining such power, Aizen transformed his body into an almost unrecognizable monster that surpassed virtually all shinigami.

In the end, only Ichigo was able to defeat him despite his stolen relic by converting the spiritual pressure he gained into raw physical power. Unfortunately, his extension was not permanent, meaning his future after defeating Aizen was uncertain at the time.

5/10 Deidara & Sasori stole Gaara


Deidara and Gaara in Naruto Shippuden.

Deidara and Sasori arrived at the Sand Village with the explicit intention of stealing Gaara away. This was one of the most significant Akatsuki attacks in the Naruto since it was completely successful and illustrated how much the organization outclassed its critics.

The Sand Village was so determined to save their Kazekage that Kankuro personally pursued both villains. Still, it didn’t take him long to realize that he wasn’t actually the most skilled puppet master in the shinobi world. Regardless, his defeat still provided information about Sasori that Sakura would later use to her advantage.

4/10 Kars unfairly stole the red stone from Aja

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Kars plans to kill Joseph Joestar in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

To begin with, there were heroes and villains JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure‘s Act 2 made a deal that whoever won their miniatures tournament would receive the red stone. After Joseph defeated Wamuu, Kars began to worry that his dream of perfect evolution would not come true.

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Fearing what Lisa Lisa might do to him, Kars cheated in their duel and stole the red stone for himself. This robbery was especially important since, with Stroheim’s unwitting help, he became the most powerful being on the planet.

3/10 The Warriors abducted two Titan Shifters

Attack on Titan

Reiner looks scared in front of Eren

The Warriors’ two-shifter robbery was one of the most impressive feats in Attack on Titan. Granted, Ymir may have already been weakened by that time, although Reiner had also been exhausted from the previous battle at Utgard before he turned on the scouts.

Although the robbery lacked any kind of subtlety, Reiner and Bertholdt worked together to bring Eren down. In the end, the scouts were ill-equipped to defeat the armored titan and his impregnable defenses.

2/10 Azula stole the entire Earth Kingdom

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ty-Lee, Azula and Mai disguised as Kyoshi Warriors in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Ba Sing Se was the Fire Nation’s greatest opponent in Avatar. They held out against imperialism for over a hundred years, with high walls and isolationist policies that allowed it to sustain itself indefinitely.

However, that changed when Azula infiltrated with her two subordinates, Mai and Ty Lee. By helping Long Feng usurp the reigning monarch, they weakened the government to a manageable degree. Just as Long Feng assumed to take over, Azula revealed that she had won the loyalty of his minions long ago.

1/10 Blackbeard stole Whitebeard’s power in the battle for Marineford

One Piece

Blackbeard creates a tremor through the air

In the end, Blackbeard was the sole victor in the battle for Marineford. By turning the World Government and the Whitebeard Pirates against each other, he weakened both parties so that they could not withstand the crew’s inevitable attack. When Blackbeard appeared, Blackbeard made short work of Whitebeard and stole his Devil Fruit.

Now able to summon massive earthquakes, he leveled Marineford to its foundations and may have even destroyed it outright if not for Sengoku and Shanks. Regardless, Blackbeard’s acquired abilities helped him ascend as an emperor of the seas.

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