10 Isekai Anime Characters One Piece’s Luffy Would Team Up With

10 Isekai Anime Characters One Piece’s Luffy Would Team Up With

Deep inside, One Piece is an adventure anime where the protagonist Monkey D. Luffy has the time of his life exploring one island and kingdom after another. Each story arc expands Luffy’s world again, and sometimes Luffy’s quest to become the Pirate King feels more like an isekai adventure – like the Skypiea saga.


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Luffy also enjoys meeting and befriending new teammates in the exotic islands, so he would do the same in the isekai anime as well. The Isekai world boasts many lovable characters that Luffy would team up with either because he needs their skills, fighting prowess, or just their friendship. In his eyes, these isekai characters would be honorary Straw Hats, even if only for one expedition together.

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10/10 Kelvin is a teammate who can summon an entire squad

Black Summoner

kelvin with staff

Black SummonerIts hero, the generic but charming Kelvin, is a rare summoner in this isekai world. Not even the strongest adventurers or villains can do what he does, making him a valuable asset among the feuding kingdoms.

Kelvin is a smart, reliable hero who can make contracts with friendly creatures like Sera the Demon Princess or Gerard the Knight, and summon them into battle at any time. Luffy would be surprised, asking Kelvin to please help him defeat the final boss with a summoned group of extra Straw Hats.

9/10 Fran is tougher than she looks

Reincarnated as a sword

Fran received healing in Reincarnated as a Sword

Fran is a cuddly cat girl with ears and a black fur tail to match. Luffy may mistake her for a Zoan Devil Fruit user at first, but Fran is actually a natural cat girl with sharp reflexes and a calm, confident attitude despite her youth in Reincarnated as a sword.

Luffy knows better than to judge by appearances, and he will recognize Frans’ immense talent for what it is. She is no Roronoa Zoro, but with her oversized sword and advanced skills, she could still fight as a true equal by Luffy’s side against hordes of monsters.

8/10 Valac Clara could be Luffy’s own creation hero

Welcome to the Demon School, Iruma-Kun!

Clara points up as she blinks

Valac Clara may be a nasty genki girl and troublemaker at Babyls, but she also has undeniable talents and skills as a demon student in Iruma-Kun!. Clara can make almost anything from the pockets sewn on her school uniform skirt, making her a goofy Momo Yaoyorozu of the creator hero.

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Personally, Luffy would have a blast spending time with Valac Clara as a goof on any adventure on any island. He also wanted to put Clara’s creative abilities to good use, including how she can make edible things like candy with her unique ability.

7/10 Yuji wields incredible magic in battle

My Isekai Life

Yuji magic spells

Yuji can be generic and forgettable as a self-absorbed hero My Isekai Life, but his magical talents are undeniably incredible. Yuji was reincarnated as both a sage and an animal tamer, meaning he can cast many spells at once with his slimes. He also has Proud Wolf to fight melees for him.

Yuji would be a serious asset to Luffy and the Straw Hats in any adventure together. Yuji’s ice and fire magic can vaporize almost any enemy, and he can summon tough barriers to protect Luffy from ranged attacks. He can also scout ahead with his slimes to gather information for Luffy’s mission.

6/10 Olivia is a scared but talented magical girl

Trapped in a Dating Sim

Olivia magical girl 2

Anti-hero Leon Bartfort would amuse Monkey D. Luffy if they crossed paths, but the best team-up actually involves the dunder side character Olivia. She didn’t know it at first, but Olivia has the innate talent to become a powerful magical girl, complete with barrier trolls and artifacts.

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Olivia could easily protect Luffy with her magical barriers on a mission and Luffy would fight hard to protect her in return. He could also use the power of friendship and nakama to motivate Olivia and help this meek dander stand up for herself as a true magical girl hero in Trapped in a Datimg Simhis world.

5/10 Senku Ishigami is the next Usopp

Dr. Stone

Ishigami Senku from Dr. Stone.

Dr. Stone is a partial isekai anime where the power of science, friendship, and ingenuity mean everything. Luffy relies on fighters like Sanji and Zoro to support him, but he also values ​​a balanced crew where supporting characters like Usopp and Franky can do their part.

Usopp and Franky are good with gadgets and machines, but the teenage scientist Senku Ishigami is on a completely different level. He would help Luffy scrape together an improvised ship or vehicle with scrap parts, and use advanced chemistry to knock out or weaken Luffy’s toughest enemies.

4/10 Benimaru is a reliable warrior and friend

That time I was reincarnated as a slime

Benimaru in that time I was reincarnated as a slime.

That time I was reincarnated as a slime is an optimistic isekai series where friendship, loyalty and second chances are Rimuru Tempest’s best tools for success. He generously gives every monster a chance to make something of himself, and the troll Benimaru gave him back in full.

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Benimaru leads the remaining ogres as an inspiring and reliable leader, and he is also a sworn defender of Rimuru’s new monster kingdom. Luffy could make great use of Benimaru’s fearsome swordsmanship, fire-based magic, and his ability to lead troops to victory in battle against the odds.

3/10 Asuna Yuuki is Isekai’s best sword wife

Sword art online

asuna looks at the viewer

Sword art onlineCo-star Asuna Yuuki is a prime example of a sword wife, or a powerful, sword-wielding female character who fights hard to defend her friends, family, and lover. Without a doubt, Asuna is the real star of the SAO while Kirito is the poster boy for generic selfies.

Luffy has fought with and against various sword users, so he will recognize Asuna as one of the best. He also wants Asuna’s warm, compassionate personality, and her aggressive, protective side may also vaguely remind him of his navigator, Nami.

2/10 Raphtalia is a Tanuki swordswoman

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Raphtalia in a new preview for The Rising of Shield Hero Season 2

The Rising of the Shield Hero has many despicable characters like Spear Hero Motoyasu and the obnoxious Kyo Ethnina, and anime fans don’t always like Naofumi Iwatani either. Luffy might not like these characters, but he would make an exception for Raphtalia.

Raphtalia is another charming swordswoman who has incredible courage and commitment as a former slave turned hero. Luffy could use a swordswoman of her caliber and he and Raphtalia would also get along as best friends during any adventure together on an isekai island.

1/10 Azusa Aizawa is a motherly witch with many talents

I have been killing Slimes for 300 years and reached my level

Azusa from I've Killed Slime

I have killed Slimes has an isekai leader who is hugely OP in all the right ways. Azusa Aizawa maxed out her stats as a benevolent witch, but she doesn’t fight for her own sake. Azusa hesitated at first, then welcomed many friends and two foster daughters into her life.

Azusa is a responsible and kind magical girl who will generously protect anyone who needs her, including Luffy if it comes to that. Luffy would win any battle in a hurry if he had Azusa with him, but more than that, he would enjoy her company as a warm-hearted magical girl.

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