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10 High School Anime to see if you want to get into the genre

10 High School Anime to see if you want to get into the genre

The world of Japanese anime spans all the literary genres that exist, and it even invented a few unofficial genres. An example is the informal isekai genre, which involves an ordinary person who is in a new world, and another unofficial genre is the high school genre. Many anime series fit well into that genre.

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Most shone and shojo animations are aimed at teenagers, so these anime series usually take place in middle schools and high schools to provide a familiar and related setting. Some high school anime is quite forgettable or simply not that good, but many others are good entertainment and serve as a great introduction to the high school genre of anime for new fans.

10 Toradora! Has advanced romance and drama

Getting into the high school genre means watching anime that represents the best qualities of this genre. A good start is the hit series Toradora!, which is a great high school anime, rom-com-anime and even drama-anime. It can satisfy fans of many different genres.

Toradora! takes place in a high school where the kind Ryuji Takasu and the small but tough tsundare Taiga Aisaka are in love with each other’s best friends, but soon they actually fall in love with each other. They go on many other adventures in high school as well, such as school festivals and a mandatory beach episode.

9 Aharen-San is unbelievably fun and healthy school fun

Aharen-San is indescribable is one of the latest anime titles in high school, with its first season airing in the anime season in the spring of 2022. This is the healthy, charming story of the quiet cuddly girl Reina Aharen and her new friendship with her classmate, a kind boy named Raido .

Mostly, Aharen-San is generic school food, but it has outstanding visual humor to spice things up. Best of all, Aharen and Raido actually go their separate ways and confess their mutual love in just one season, making them stronger than many other rom-com characters. They know how to deliver a serious profit.

8 Komi Can’t Communicate is a huge hit

Komi can not communicate has two seasons to its name, and Tomohito Oda’s original manga has 19 volumes and counts with its English release. Now, this rom-com high school anime has become a regular part of the high school genre, and it always welcomes new fans.

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This is the story of the beautiful but incredibly shy and lonely dander character Shoko Komi and her quest to make 100 friends before she completes high school. What follows is a colorful, whimsical story about a shy girl who becomes friends with all her classmates and gets to know them better. Her life will never be the same again.

7 Do not play with me, Mrs. Nagatoro! Is intense but fun

Do not play with me, Mrs. Nagatoro! is a clumsy high school anime that made a difficult first impression with the sadodore Hayase Nagatoro’s abuse of Naoto in the first episode, but the anime soon stabilized and established a healthier friendship between them. Now they are a dynamic duo, and they always have each other’s backs.

Naoto Hachioji is a quiet, artistic sophomore in high school who has to contend with the playful and wild Hayase Nagatoro, an underclassman who continues to torment him with all sorts of antics and games. Hayase may annoy Naoto, but she sincerely likes him, and they will team up more than once to save the day.

6 Azumanga Daioh! Is a High School Classic

Azumanga Daioh! is an older high school anime from the early 2000s, but it has aged quite well and is a great introduction to what high school anime is capable of. This whimsical anime series follows a core group of friends in all three years of high school, and ends with an exam.

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These middle school girls have all kinds of fun flipping tests, going on adventures with their teacher, having some beach episodes, enjoying the Christmas holidays, diving into the school pool and much more. The cast also includes Chiyo Mihama, a young girl who has risen several characters thanks to her brilliance. She is a high school student without equal.

5 Horimiya is healthy fun

Horimiya is a charming rom-com series that has established itself as one of the best romances and also one of the best high school anime series in recent years. The core theme is that there is always more to a person than looks or first impressions suggest, and a classmate can hide some fascinating secrets.

At this school, the main couple consists of big sister Kyoko Hori and the secretive Izumi Miyamura, and their friends have their own romantic ideas. Love triangle and unanswered feelings are everywhere, giving these characters more to think about than just tests and homework.

4 Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Only is about school and drawing manga

Monthly girl Nozaki-Kun is a total comedy, which helps reinforce the trend that high school anime series tend to be fun and light-hearted with a dash of romance added. The heroine is Chiyo Sakura who, after being politely rejected by his friend Nozaki, decided to become his assistant and draw shojo manga.

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Chiyo and Nozaki become good friends and explore life in high school together, eager to find new inspiration for Nozaki’s ongoing series, Let’s fall in love. Many of their classmates also have their own romances, projects or adventures to pursue.

3 Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie has a powerful heroine

Shikimori is not just a sweetheart is another high school com-com from the anime season in the spring of 2022, and unlike Aharen-San, it has a powerful girlfriend, the pink-haired Shikimori herself. She is seemingly perfect, what about her athletic ability, great looks and huge popularity, but she has her insecurities.

Shikimori is in a happy relationship with the kind Yuu Izumi, and they have fun exploring high school life and their romance together in the first and only season of the anime. Shikimori can pass any math test or win big in volleyball in the PE class, but she is most happy when Izumi is with her. She will not mock; she just wants to be happy.

2 We never learn the functions of a study harem

We never learn is a charming high school anime series starring the kind protagonist Nariyuki Yuiga, a boy who grew up in a low-income household and makes up for it with excellent grades and constant study. He is ready to help his classmates study too, all so that they can achieve their dreams.

Nariyuki trains a handful of friendly girls who all want to get into college and get a degree in the most unexpected fields of study, all so that they can challenge themselves and prove that the doubters are wrong. We never learnCentral harem is healthy, and Nariyuki works hard to help these girls find great success in the future.

1 Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War is a modern classic

Kaguya-Sama: Love is war is a unique late-romantic anime that takes place in the private private high school called Shuchiin, where most of the students are sons and daughters of society’s wealthy elite. But for student Kaguya Shinomiya, it will take more than the family’s fortune to get what she really wants – Miyuki Shirogane’s heart.

At this school, schemes and ambitions are common, and everyone wants something. But even with the love war with high IQ raging in the student council, the grades find time for founders in high school as cultural festivals on campus and compete over who can get the best grades.

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