10 funniest characters in Isekai Anime

10 funniest characters in Isekai Anime

If there’s one thing isekai anime has besides fantasy worlds and overpowered protagonists, it’s a sense of humor. Many isekai characters are able to approach the terrifying reality of life in another world with a sense of almost inhuman optimism. But some of the funniest isekai characters actually look at their situation in the most cynical way possible and realize it’s all a cruel joke.

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Isekai characters can always make their dire situation come across as funny, and fans love nothing more than to laugh at their favorite hero’s pain. Isekai is at its best when it embraces its tropes and turns them into humor, and the funniest characters are often the ones who know isekai as well as the audience does.

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10/10 Rudeus is too smart for his own good

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Zenith Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei

Rudeus’ character shows several dualities at the same time. He is both young and old, both caring but at times selfish, and intelligent and simple-minded. While the positive traits he possesses are what give him a lovable character, the more negative traits lead to the more comedic aspects of his personality.

Rudeus finds himself in precarious situations all the time due to his old-man-in-a-child’s-body situation. He has a way of stunning those around him with his overly mature insight that is generally inappropriate for a boy his age, and can also serve as his own comic relief due to his sense of detachment from his new body and world.

9/10 Kazuma is a man with simple needs


Kazuma and Aqua look gloomy in Konosuba

Each grade of Konosuba is funny and quirky in its own way, but Kazuma gets special attention because he’s the main character. Kazuma’s promiscuous nature is a running gag of the series, but he somehow turns it into one of his greatest strengths that comes in handy in the most unexpected situations.

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Kazuma also has the kind of knowledge about RPGs that could only come from a hardcore gamer in his past life. The way he tries to find parallels between games and his new fantasy world has a way of addressing what all isekai fans are thinking.

8/10 Shiraori is acutely aware of the absurdity of her life in Isekai

So I’m a spider, so what?

Wakaba fights worms in So I'm A Spider, So What?.

Shiaraori was just an ordinary girl who was reborn as a spider and decided to accept it and run with it. Her overwhelming optimism in a most precarious situation makes for funny moments in its own right, but her exuberant personality drives the point even further.

Shiraori’s love of manga and light novels in her past life makes her a fun isekai protagonist as she constantly points out the absurdity of the anime tropes she encounters. On top of that, Shiraori somehow managed to make spiders look cute, which is an achievement in itself.

7/10 Milim is the scariest best friend a slime could have

That time I was reincarnated as a slime

Milim Nava in that time I was reincarnated as a slime

Many of MucusThe characters add some comic relief to Rimuru’s adventures, but none of them are as quirky and completely ridiculous as Milim the Demon Lord. Her friendship with Rimuru is really quite one-sided, as he doesn’t really have a choice.

Rimuru tends to have the uncanny ability to tame extremely powerful monsters, but his relationship with Milim is the dumbest of all. While she certainly could have destroyed Rimuru’s entire city in an instant, her love of delicious food, especially honey, leads her to instead conclude that they are besties.

6/10 Maple is not held back by Isekai’s little rules

Bofuri: I don’t want to get hurt, so I will defend myself to the maximum

Maple smiles and laughs in Bofuri.

Maple is never intentionally funny. Rather, her upbeat demeanor, along with the unlikely situations she finds herself in, bring out the comedic undertones of any situation. When she finds herself facing a giant dragon inside a dungeon, instead of giving up and logging out, she decides there’s only one way to take a bite out of the health bar: eat it.

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Silly moments like this are what make Maple one of the more endearing and fun characters in isekai anime. Because she doesn’t embrace the rules of RPGs like others who would be more familiar with them, Maple is truly free to grow and explore in a way that most protagonists aren’t.

5/10 Maou sees the angels as small fries

The devil is a part-time employee

Satan or Sadao in The Devil Is a Part-Timer.

Sure Maou is the devil, but he’s not going to let that stop him from living a normal life in Tokyo as a part-time employee. The sheer insanity of Mao’s complete embrace of 21st century Tokyo while retaining his diabolical persona is nothing short of comedy gold.

While the stakes are lower for him than they ever were in his old world, Maou still approaches his job with the same passion he did in the extensive wars with heroes. As they watch Maou pour his heart into fast food with the genuine belief that he can conquer the world, fans can only respect his blissful innocence and hope that he can shed the disillusionment that most part-timers inevitably face in modern society.

4/10 Aileen is the villain even if she doesn’t want to believe it

I’m the villain, so I tame the final boss

An image from I'm The Villainess, So I'm Taming The Final Boss.

Aileen has suddenly become acutely aware of the fact that she is the villain in her favorite game. Instead of taking her fate lying down, Aileen uses the can-do attitude she’s known for and decides to tame the final boss using all her prior knowledge of the game.

Although Aileen isn’t really the villain, she does have her moments. To get her way, she can be devious at times, although it all adds to her charm as a character. The viewer can’t help but wonder if Aileen is really in love with the devilishly handsome final boss, or if she’s just using him to carry out her plans in true villainous fashion.

3/10 Ristarte regrets her decision to revive Seiya every day

Cautious Hero: The hero is overwhelmed, but far too cautious

An image from Cautious Hero.

Ristarte is a goddess, but she is far from omniscient. In fact, much of her unhappiness with Seiya comes from the fact that she really can’t see how he’s going to act. Whether it’s his refusal to go to the other world without training first, or his refusal to eat food she gives him because it might be “poisoned”, Seiya knows how to drive Ristarte crazy.

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Seiya is definitely a fun character in his own right, but Ristarte’s reactions to his irrational behavior often outshine the actions he takes in the first place. While Ristarte usually has a lot to say when Seiya is acting ridiculous, she doesn’t really have to say a word; the look on her face says it all.

2/10 The Ainz Ooal dress is creepy fun


Ainz Ooal Dress in Overlord

Ainz’s best moment is his inner monologue. Because he’s reincarnated in a world full of demonic entities that worship the very ground he walks on, the thoughts he has in his head that he can’t share with anyone else are really funny.

Ainz’s supporting cast of Guardians in Nazarick only adds to the absurdity of his situation and brings out the best in Ainz’s self-aware speculation. While Albedo’s obsession with him is enough to cause a few laughs, his interactions with the Demiurge, which always result in Ainz pretending to be smarter than he actually is, are particularly fruitful.

1/10 Catarina refuses to accept her doomed fate

My Next Life as a Villain: All Routes Lead to Doom!

My next life as a villain with Catarina, Keith and Maria

Catarina is another one of those villains trapped inside an otome game that isekai seems to love. However, the way Catarina addresses the existential fear of being the villain in a world where she is supposed to die is completely outside the norm.

After waking up to the memories of her past life, everything Catarina does from then on is centered on her attempt to change the events of the game. Although the horror of her future is certainly serious enough, the dramatic way Catarina reacts to every little situation leads to many funny moments.

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