10 Biggest Cowards in Horror Anime

10 Biggest Cowards in Horror Anime

Horror anime protagonists often require considerable bravery to survive the terrifying and dangerous circumstances they find themselves in. However, not all horror anime characters handle their encounters with the paranormal and deadly creatures with confidence. Some horror characters have a cowardly nature that makes them prefer to flee from danger rather than fight.

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Cowardly characters struggle to find the confidence to stand up to and defend themselves against the horrors that await them. Survival requires more shy anime characters to confront their insecurities and gradually learn to take action when needed. Even easily intimidated anime characters have the potential to become fearsome opponents given enough time for character development.

10/10 Uragami fears confrontations with parasites


Uragami fears potentially being harmed by parasites despite his actions as a ruthless killer. Uragami understands the danger that parasites pose and quickly flees from parasites, such as Gotou, who vastly overwhelm him in strength. To ensure his survival, he prefers to study parasites from a distance rather than confronting them face-to-face.

Uragami uses his unique ability to identify parasites to learn from them while avoiding them when necessary. He keeps an eye on any parasites he encounters to determine how to approach them and who to target. Uragami only reluctantly cooperates with the police to attack Parasites directly.

9/10 Yuta Okkotsu’s timidity initially holds him back

Jujutsu Kaisen

Yuta Okkotsu’s connection with the cursed spirit Rika prevents him from gaining the confidence to interact with and befriend other people. Yuta’s nervousness makes him the target of criticism from other students at Jujutsu High upon enrolling in the school. He initially fears the abilities and bolder personalities of his classmates before spending time in their company.

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Yuta gradually regains his confidence in himself and his motivations through his training and growing understanding of jujutsu wizards. His newfound courage gives him greater control over his vast and unique cursed energy.

8/10 Kouichi Sakakibara feels horrified by the effects of a curse


Kouichi Sakakibara has a remarkable curiosity for the supernatural, but reacts with horror to the deaths of his classmates and teachers. Kouichi often feels hopeless to prevent the curse from taking more lives and protect Mei from the suspicion of her classmates. His motivation to understand the curse ends up placing him in Mei’s situation with no way to connect with his classmates.

Kouichi’s distress gradually gives him more courage to stand up to his classmates and pursue the mystery to its conclusion. His experiences with loss affect his well-being as he uncovers more of the truth about the curse.

7/10 Ayumi Shinozaki fakes bravery to hide her fear

Corpse Party

Ayumi Shinozaki tells her classmates scary stories and takes an interest in the occult as a way to hide her tendency to scare easily. Ayumi’s attempt to appear brave leads her to convince her classmates to perform the charm that traps them in the Heavenly Host school.

She struggles to find the courage to pursue her interest in illustration and often seeks comfort from others. Ayumi finds the courage to survive the Heavenly Host’s horrors, but still prefers the company of her classmates to wandering the school alone. Her desire to protect her friends enables her to face her fears and save lives.

6/10 Eva Frost’s fear often prevents her from acting

Terra Formars

Eva Frost often reacts with horror and horror to the attacks of the cockroach army against humanity. Eva is frozen with fear and still unable to act after witnessing the deaths of a number of team members at the hands of the cockroach.

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She struggles to stay calm and find confidence during dangerous encounters and battles with poor odds of winning. Eva’s rarer moments of bravery come primarily out of desperation or when the lives of her team are at stake. She witnesses a level of death and destruction that makes her doubt her ability to survive.

5/10 Kazuma Aohara depends on the strength of the angels

High Rise Invasion

Kazuma Aohara appears aggressive, but relies on the masked individuals under his control to fight his battles. He uses his abilities as a god candidate and the superior fighting skills of the Angels to intimidate other players without directly engaging in combat.

Kazuma willingly flees or admits defeat if it increases the chances of his own survival in the game. He surrenders quickly as soon as he meets a player who seems to surpass him in power. His confidence and willingness to attack players relies on his Angels having the upper hand.

4/10 Akira Fudo has a reputation for being anxious

Devilman Crybaby

Akira Fudo’s natural shyness and frequent crying make him a target for bullies and those who mock him for his personality. Akira’s sensitivity to the suffering of others and his inexperience with confrontation make him ineffective at standing up for himself.

Akira’s timidity and reluctance to see other people hurt gives him an innocence that allows him to prevent Amon from taking control. His confidence and bravery only improve drastically after his transformation into a devil man and assimilation with Amon’s personality. His life as a devil gives him the confidence he initially lacks.

3/10 Keichiro fears the ghosts he investigates

Ghost stories

Keichiro often cries or reacts nervously in the presence of supernatural beings or while exploring haunted locations. Keichiro fears the possibility of his family members being harmed and turns to his sister for protection when he is afraid. He relies on the bravery of the older members of the ghost hunters to successfully endure each encounter.

Keichiro participates in supernatural investigations despite his reluctance due to a desire to protect those around him from harm. His reserved personality means that he struggles to share his feelings with his family and make friends.

2/10 Rose Sheedy’s fear leads to inaction

Red garden

Rose Sheedy’s fear and reluctance to fight leaves her unable to take action and protect herself and her allies. Rose’s timidity means she struggles to fit in at school and almost results in her friend Rachel’s death during a supernatural encounter.

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She gradually learns to find self-reliance as her increasingly dangerous situation forces her to act in order to survive. Rose chooses to face her fear to prevent her friends from suffering on her behalf in times when they depend on her. Her desire to take care of her family members makes her reluctant to risk her life.

1/10 Koichi Shido runs from confrontation

High School Of The Dead

Koichi Shido excels at manipulating other people, but flees in the presence of zombies he encounters. Koichi’s cowardice prevents him from fighting back against anyone who directly threatens him with a weapon. He uses the loyalty of his followers and his own intelligence to survive and gain power without doing physical work.

Koichi hides behind his followers to avoid confrontation and having to face the zombies he fears. He runs at the first sign of danger if he finds himself alone with no one around to fight his battles for him.

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