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10 best underrated 2000s anime every fan should watch

10 best underrated 2000s anime every fan should watch

The 21st century was one of the most iconic times in anime history. Many unforgettable titles came from this era, including the anime’s famous three great, Naruto, Bleachand One Piece. Many fans cite the 21st century as their favorite decade of anime, and just about every series that came out at the time was a big hit.

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With so many amazing anime releases at the same time, it’s only natural that there are some hidden gems among them. While today’s popular titles will always have a special place in the hearts of fans, these unsung 2000s classics deserve as much love as the rest.

10 Kaleido Star is an underrated Shojo series about chasing dreams

Kaleido star is one of the series that most people missed, assuming it was just another cheesy shojo. However, it could not be further from the truth. First, unlike most anime in the genre, Kaleido star has no emphasis on romance whatsoever.

Instead, the story focuses on the main character Soras dreams of becoming a famous acrobat on the Kaleido stage. The premise alone is incredibly unique, and the message of inner strength and following one’s dreams is inspiring. Overall, it is a dazzling series that deserves far more recognition.

9 Hell Girl is a unique story about revenge and its consequences

Although it had some popularity during the race, Hell girl remains surprisingly unknown by many fans. However, it is the perfect series for anyone who likes a darker, twisted story. The series centers around Ai Enma, a mysterious device known as Hell Girl.

Anyone looking for revenge can conjure her up by using the Hell Correspondence website. From there, Ai will appear to send a chosen target to hell in exchange for the user’s soul. It focuses on the cruelty and consequences that come with revenge and how easily humanity’s morals can falter. Anyone who loves horror and psychological suspense will enjoy what this series has to offer.

8 Rave Master Is The Forgotten Series by Hiro Mashima

When it first came out, Ravemester was actually a pretty big hit. However, it suddenly disappeared without warning, and most fans practically forgot about its existence. Soon enough, Fairytale was released and took with him all the remaining fame Ravemester may have had.

Although the story is fairly basic, after a typical good versus evil adventure plot, it is nothing short of enjoyable from start to finish. With lovable and funny characters, engaging action scenes and an exciting story, Ravemester is much more than one sees. It is a solid first series from a beloved creator and is well worth seeing.

7 Mushi-Shi has a slow and subtle tempo that makes it stand out

For most anime fans, the best series are filled with action, humor and fast-moving. Something must always happen, no matter what. However, some fans like to take things slow, and Mushi-Shi is the perfect series for that. It has a slow, episodic story that builds up bit by bit.

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The series ponders life, existence and nature in a thought-provoking and meaningful way, and allows viewers to think about their own relationship to these concepts. Although such deep concepts in an anime are not for everyone, Mushi-Shi provides a beautiful and refreshing change of pace, and those who like a slower build-up in a story will appreciate it.

6 The S-CRY-Ed was an underrated gem even during the race

For years, action-based shone series have been leading the way as anime has become more mainstream. The most popular anime all focus on action, adventure and epic battles, from classics like Naruto to modern hits like My Hero Academia. The epic series s-CRY-ed has all this and more, but remains somehow overlooked to this day.

The story takes place in an apocalyptic world where powerful units called Alters fight for their survival against the organization known as HOLY. It is packed with all the action and eye-catching matches that fans love, presented with a dirty and dark story unlike most shonen series out there.

5 .Hack // SIGN was overlooked by fans due to its slow history

Before it was Sword art onlinethe fans had .Hack series, one of the earliest examples of isekai around. 2000s series .Hack // SIGN has a very similar premise to Sword art online, with a virtual world the protagonist can not escape from. The general consensus is that it’s a boring series with a slow pace, but the subtlety of each episode is something that makes it so great.

.Hack // SIGN builds its complex and deep history over time, and unfolds everything carefully in a way that slowly makes fans invest as it progresses. It is very emotional and character driven, which gives a unique isekai experience that deserves a second chance.

4 Wolf’s Rain has amazing pictures and a story that still holds true today

The 2000s yielded many incredible titles, and Wolf’s rain was one of the best series of the decade. During the run-up, it saw incredible success and gave fans a taste of how unique and compelling anime could be. Everything about the series is fantastic, from its beautiful art style, beautiful landscapes and memorable character designs. The story itself is captivating, and the fight scenes are exciting.

It’s not weird Wolf’s rain became so popular so fast. But despite how big it got, it somehow could not stand the test of time and was forgotten as the years went by. Nevertheless, the series’ fantastic graphics and complex history hold up easily compared to modern anime.

3 Kaiba is a dystopian sci-fi with a focus on life, death and consciousness

At first glance, Kaiba does not seem like much. The cartoon-like art style can deter many from trying it, and it masks many of the themes found in the story. Needless to say, viewers are in for a big surprise when they watch. The series takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk world, and follows the main character as he travels to discover who he is.

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With its beautiful animation and thoughtful story, there is a lot for fans to enjoy with this series. It is a greatly underrated series that is worthy of much more praise and recognition than it received.

2 Princess Tutu beautifully mixes magical girls and fairy tales

When most people think of magical girl series, they imagine Sailor Moon or Madoka Magica. The 2000s led to many unsung magical girl classics, and one of the decade’s greatest is Princess Tutu. It is the story of a young duck named Ahiru who becomes a girl and has the power to transform into Princess Tutu, the one who is destined to save the prince from the evil raven.

The series is a unique mix of magical girls, fairy tales and ballet, and takes the best of the genre and puts a whole new spin on it, capturing the audience in ways that have never been done before. Even today, there are no other series like it, and it is still an underrated gem among magical girls.

1 Shaman King’s first anime adaptation was a pin in the 2000s

During the 2001 adaptation of Shaman King so incredible popularity. It was one of the giants in the shone, and easily matched with the most popular titles of the time. Despite its enormous popularity in Japan and abroad, Shaman King was quickly forgotten after the conclusion.

It was not until the recent 2021 series was released that interest in the series was rekindled. With the positive reception of Shaman King 2021now is the best time for fans to visit the original anime and appreciate its iconic place in 21st century anime history.

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