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10 best times an anime referred to another anime

10 best times an anime referred to another anime

In most cases, each anime is in its own little bubble. They occupy their own universe, completely cut off from other series as they have nothing to do with each other. That said, there have been many times when certain anime has referred to other anime.

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Whether it was a parody, a random cameo or a series called another by name, it can be as unexpected as it can be interesting when an anime refers to a completely different one. They are mostly played out as comic, but that has not stopped them from surprising the fans at the same time.

10 Koro-Sensei seems to be a fan of Shonen Anime (Assassination Classroom)

With a middle school classroom trying to take out their smiling tentacle monster teacher, Assassination Classrooms was able to juggle a serious and heartbreaking story full of fine life lessons along with the creative and clumsy stupidity of the premise.

With its comic edge, this anime has made some anime references to other anime, especially on the shonen side. Across the series, references to Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, and othersis featured, many of which are cosplay taken by Koro-Sensei himself while teaching his students.

Full Metal Panic! sees a guarded soldier who has the task of protecting an ordinary middle school girl, whether she is actually in danger or not. Although it sometimes goes all-in with its comedy, it has its heavier moments. That said, even when the tone is more on the serious side, it does not have much in common with a supernatural anime such as Obituary.

Seen from there, Full Metal Panic! and Obituary collided briefly during his The Second raid season. While Sosuke and Kaname go through their usual twists and turns in a hair salon, one can see external characters reminiscent of Light, Misa and Soichiro Yagami peeking in. Meanwhile, a character who looks like L walks past them on a bicycle.

8 A reference to your name that ends horribly wrong (Pop Team Epic)

Pop Team Epic is a completely random sketch-comedy anime where just about everything goes, as Popuko and Pipimi do everything from the mundane to the bizarre. They often end up parodying things like famous movies, video games and of course other anime. One of the earliest anime parodies saw one Your name reference which ends up going horribly wrong.

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After Popuko and Pipimi meet, Pipimi Popuko asks what her name is, who responds with an angry “I am me!” Shortly afterwards, the scene turns sour, and a devastating explosion ends up destroying the backdrop and the two girls along with it.

7 That day, Sandcastle makers received a gloomy reminder (Nisekoi)

There is no doubt about that Attack on Titan‘s high popularity had an effect on the anime medium. While the anime had its imitators, other anime would embrace the series with open arms and end up referring to it here and there for comic effect. There was a good deal of anime that did this, but one of the most unexpected can be found in the rom-com series Nisekoi.

While on the beach, Chitoge and Kosaki end up making some pretty detailed sand castles that look a lot like a village attacked by titans. On closer inspection, one can even see what appears to be a Survey Corps member on top of a Titan’s head as well.

6 The third effect is back with Froggy Vengeance (SGT. Frog)

Keroro and his troop of frog aliens have come up with many crazy plans to take over the earth in SGT. Frog. Most of them fail quite badly, but one plan worked almost too well. Keroro’s squad decides to take advantage of Spring Fever and decides to spread the laziness around the planet to make it easier to take over, although this also strikes back.

The machine that collected the lazy energy ends up being so strong that it gets a humanoid shape that has a striking resemblance to Reis’ angel shape from The end of the Evangelion. The machine continues to make more Evangelion references out of context before threatening to hit humanity with the “Mars effect”.

5 Konata decides to cosplay as Haruhi Suzumiya (Lucky Star)

When one of the main characters in an anime is a hard-boiled otaku like Konata from Star of Fortune, Anime references are never too far behind. Luckily for her, Konata managed to get the dream job in one episode at a cosplay café where she and her staff dress up as characters from The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. A particular customer is even very similar to Kyon.

Konata ends up dressing up as Haruhi herself, and she not only looks like the role, she also plays the role. To top it all off, the cafe’s employees end up recreating the iconic ED Haruhi anime, “Hare Hare Yukai.”

4 Shokugeki which became an all-out Stand User Battle (Food Wars!)

There will always be barriers between certain senses and the viewer in a visual medium, such as smell, touch and taste. In these cases, these media must become creative in order to convey these senses to the audience, which Food Wars !: Shokugeki no Soma has done well on.

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While taste is given more visual forms in this anime, a cooking battle ends with a more bizarre interpretation. In a shokugeki, Megumi and Ryo meet against each other in a surprising reference to JoJos bizarre adventure as their dishes are personified as it stands and prevails over which of their seafood meals are superior.

3 Lillie & Mallow makes a revolutionary reference (Pokémon)

Pokémon is known for many things, although references to other anime are not exactly the first thing that comes to mind. However, the final seasons of the long-running series have tended to have more comic tones. In particular, a surprising amount of anime references have been made since then.

A few examples include Case closed, JoJos bizarre adventure, Even Pop Team Epic. An episode of Sun moon sees the gang set up a play and shelves Revolutionary girl Utena, who has Lillie as Utena and Mallow as Anthy.

2 That time the Student Council went to Super Saiyan (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

Half the humor off Kaguya-Sama: Love is war comes from the characters’ overreactions to ordinary worldly things and treats them as if they were questions of life or death. To go with the over-the-top tone, there have been quite a few references to other anime. Some are so fast and subtle that viewers may miss them if they do not follow.

However, the very first episode of season three contains a few Dragon Ball references that are definitely more noticeable. The student council decides to start an arm wrestling tournament, in one match Shirogane and Chika watch Super Saiyan defeat each other while another sees Kaguya and Shirogane fight in a scene reminiscent of Dragon Ball Super’s “Tournament of Power” story.

1 No anime is safe from Gintoki & Friends (Gintama)

Gintama sin absurd and rude Sense of humor is no secret to anyone. This anime has a reputation for completely smashing the fourth wall to pieces, so it’s no surprise that they, along with them, have referenced and parodied tons of other anime. Many of them end up being shonen anime, which makes sense since Gintoki reads a lot of Shonen Jump.

From Dragon Ball, to One Piece, to Bleach, to Gundam, virtually no anime is off the table for Gintoki and friends who forge it, making this anime virtually the king when it comes to referring to other anime.

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