10 Best Sports Anime That Focus On Female Athletes

10 Best Sports Anime That Focus On Female Athletes

Over the years, several sports anime have become household names. Sports anime teaches viewers about friendship and teamwork. Often, this type of anime also encourages viewers to chase their dreams and hone their ambitions. This genre is perfect for athletes who need motivation to do their sport.

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From Haikyuu!!to Free!, most sports anime have revolved around male teams and athletes. Although uncommon, several sports anime focusing on all-girl teams and athletes have also made it to air, but they are often overshadowed. Although less popular, all-girl sports anime are just as exciting and inspiring as all-boy sports anime, and they deserve their chance to shine.

10/10 Female Kendo players in bamboo leaves

Characters from Bamboo Blade.

Bamboo leaf aired between 2007 and 2008. The series is a popular slice-of-life shonen anime that’s perfect for those looking for a good laugh at the end of the day. A video game was released in 2009.

Bamboo leaf concerns a high school kendo club. The main character, Toraji Ishida, is challenged by former upperclassmen to compete against all their female students. To reach her full potential, Toraji trains with a team of five girls. There she meets a talented kendo player, Tamaki Kawazoe.

9/10 Forming a female cycling team in Long Riders!

Characters from Long Riders!

Long riders! aired between 2016 and 2017. This series is a fun slice-of-life anime based on cycling. A light novel was released for the franchise in August 2020.

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Long riders! centers around college student Ami Kurata, who is inspired to try cycling after seeing someone ride a bike. While she initially starts cycling for fun with her best friend, Aoi Niigaki, she soon immerses herself in the world of road cycling after meeting experienced cyclists. She then forms her own cycling team, Fortuna.

8/10 The road to becoming a legendary jetter in Kandagawa Jet Girls

A picture from Kandagawa Jet Girls.

Kandagawa Jet Girls aired between 2019 and 2020. The franchise includes a racing game for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. As the name suggests, Kandagawa Jet Girls centers around jet racing. Jet racing is a sport where one player controls the jet ski while another shoots the water gun at his competitors.

Rin Namiki wanted to become a legendary jetter, just like her mother. To pursue her dream, she leaves her home in the countryside and moves to Asakusa. There Rin meets Aoi, forms a friendship and becomes partners in jet racing. The duo’s bond grows stronger with each race they compete in.

7/10 Taisho Baseball Girls is about fighting against gender stereotypes

A picture from Taisho Baseball Girls.

Taisho baseball girls was aired in 2009. A video game, Taisho Yakyu Musume: Otomo Tachi no Seishu Nikkiwas published in 2010.

Taisho baseball girls is set in the Taisho period of Japan, a time when women were only seen as caretakers and housewives. Despite the standards of the time, nine students from an all-girls high school learn to play baseball; a sport considered traditionally masculine. The girls come together to form the Ouka-kai team. They aim to prove their skills and that they can compete with the boys’ teams.

6/10 Revival of the baseball dream in Tamayomi

Characters from Tamayomi.

Tamayomi was broadcast in 2020. The show is based on a manga series of the same name, which was first serialized in 2016. The manga is still ongoing.

Tamayomi centers around Yomi Takeda, a high school student. A former baseball player, Yomi quit the sport after high school when her team lacked a catcher to match Yomi’s skills. When she enters high school, she reunites with an old friend, Tamaki Yamazaki, who has amazing catching skills. With the two matching skills, they pursue their childhood promise and dive back into baseball.

5/10 Unlearning trauma in Hanebado!

A picture from Hanebado!

Cock bath!also known as Ayano Hanesaki’s Badminton Game!aired in 2018. The series also goes by the name Cock bath!

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Cock bath! revolves around Ayano Hanesaki. After losing an important badminton match, Ayano’s mother—who happens to be a former badminton champion—abandoned her, leaving Ayano in her grandparents’ care. This abandonment caused Ayano to stop playing badminton competitively. As she enters high school, Ayano is recruited by Kentaro Tachibana to join their badminton club. She agrees and goes on a journey to unlearn her fear of badminton.

4/10 From 0 To 100 I Farewell, my dear Cramer

An image from Farewell, My Dear Cramer.

Farewell, my dear Cramer aired in 2021. The show is based on a manga of the same name, first serialized in 2016. The manga ended in 2020.

Farewell, my dear Cramer follows Nozomi Onda, a talented soccer player who is convinced to join the school’s all-girls soccer club. Sumire Suo and Midori Soshizaki, who were former aces from their middle school girls’ team, also joined. Despite the diverse members of the group, the girls aim to shape their underperforming team into one of the best in Japan. To do so, they must again compete with nationally ranked high school football teams.

3/10 Cinderella nine and the goal of starting a baseball team

A picture from Cinderella Nine.

Cinderella nine aired in 2019. Before the anime was released, Cinderella nine was better known as a mobile game available on iOS and Android.

Cinderella nine revolves around Tsubasa Arihara, who dreams of starting a girls’ baseball team at her school. Due to her enthusiasm (and lack of planning), she takes the stage during club convention day, and announces that she is looking for members. Although two potential members express interest in the club and her teacher supports the club, the student council strongly opposes it. Despite that, Tsubasa refuses to give up; she will do anything to achieve her dream.

2/10 shine light on table tennis in fiery ping-pong girls

A picture from Scorching Ping-Pong Girls.

Burning ping pong girls aired in 2016. The anime is based on a manga that was first serialized in 2013 and ended in 2019.

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Burning ping pong girls focuses on, as the title indicates, ping-pong. It is a sport that is often overlooked in the West, but is played competitively in most parts of Asia, such as China and Japan. The series follows Tsumujikaze Koyori, a ping-pong enthusiast. There, she and her team at Suzumegahara Middle School strive to make it to the national championships.

1/10 You attack! Takes viewers to the 1988 Olympics

An image from Attacker You!

You attack! aired between 1984 and 1985. This oldie-but-goodie anime is a romance and sports series that any longtime anime fan should watch. The series was particularly popular in Europe.

You attack! centers around junior high school student You Hazuki, who moves from Tokyo to Osaka to pursue her dreams of joining Japan’s women’s national volleyball team and competing in the 1988 Seoul Olympics. There, she must prove herself despite her brutal coach and rival , Nami Hayase. On top of her love for volleyball, she also aims to win the heart of So Takiki, the captain of the Hikawa boys volleyball team.

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