10 Best Slice-Of-Life Anime of 2022 (So Far)

10 Best Slice-Of-Life Anime of 2022 (So Far)

2022 is shaping up to be the big year for anime fans. From older series returning for a new season to the latest manga adaptations, it’s easy to say that 2022 has a lot going on when it comes to the Japanese animation industry.

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Shonen characteristics that Chainsawman or action originals like Lycoris recoil has certainly made the rounds for fans of the medium. However, there are certainly other genres of anime, such as slice-of-life, that have also received their fair share of positive reception for the year 2022.

10/10 Kotaro lives alone

10 episodes

An image from Kotaro Lives Alone.

Netflix has had a pretty positive reception for their anime series this year, with Cyberpunk: Edgerunners leading the charge. But other titles like Kotaro lives alone has also found itself in the spotlight.

As the title suggests, Kotaro tells the adventures of a four-year-old who lives independently at the Shimizu Apartment Complex. While the series shows the strangeness of Kotaro’s life situation, it also delves into how Kotaro is not completely alone, as the other Shimizu residents step up to help the wayward child.

9/10 Uncle from another world

13 episodes

A picture from uncle from another world.

Uncle from another world is a fun twist on the isekai genre and transforms it into a slice of life. Yosuke Shibazaki, or “Uncle”, was in a coma for 17 years, during which time he was transported to a fantastical world. When he wakes up, he finds himself back in the harrowing reality of the modern world and shares an apartment with his nephew.

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The series excels at balancing uncle recounting his adventures with his confused nephew to uncle showing off his magical abilities that he miraculously brought into the modern world. Although unusual by the usual standards of what can be expected from a slice-of-life anime, Uncle from another world nevertheless manages to successfully transform even the absurd into the everyday.

8/10 Shikimori is not just a cutie

12 episodes

Shikimori and Izumi from Shikimori's Not Just A Cutie.

More often than not, most slice-of-life dramas are centered around romance, and Shikimori is not just a cutie is no exception. Set between the accident-prone Izumi and the cool eponymous Shikimori, the series follows the two’s everyday adventures as they navigate both their relationship and high school.

Although not well received by readers of the manga, the anime adaptation has still seen a fan base, as it has even spawned new memes for viewers to generate. While generic as a rom-com can get, Shikimori offers a nice change of pace as the series tends to focus more on the two growing by strengthening their weaknesses rather than remaining stagnant for the sake of comedy.

7/10 Do it yourself!!

12 episodes

A picture from Do it yourself!!.

One of the more interesting variants of the slice-of-life genre, Do it yourself!! turn a Pinterest thread into an anime. Set in a world that seems overwhelmed by the latest technological advances, an all-girls DIY club stands above the rest and sets out to make whatever they can by hand.

The series is notable for having an all-female cast, as well as focusing more on Gatagata High School’s DIY club project and the process of putting it together. Do it yourself!! is one of those rare instances of a series that manages to be about friendship while also educating viewers about the subject matter it embodies.

6/10 Sasaki and Miyano

12 episodes

A picture from Sasaki and Miyano.

Although LGBTQ+ main characters in animanga are few and far between, there has been a resurgence to rectify that since Yuri!!! On ice gained popularity. Sasaki and Miyano seems to be one of those cases, as it not only touches on the budding romance between its same-sex leads, but also shines a spotlight on the fudanshi (a male fan of yaoi manga) community.

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The series follows its eponymous leads as they both discover their love for yaoi manga and their feelings for each other. While Studio Deen is largely infamous for one of the worst anime adaptations, thankfully their take on this shojo manga adaptation has been positive.

5/10 My boyfriend

12 episodes

An image from My Dress-Up Darling.

One of CloverWorks breakout hits was the adaptation by Shinichi Fukudas My boyfriend. The series perfectly depicts the relationship between the two leads, Gojo and Kitagawa, while combining the worlds of Hina dolls and cosplay.

The series showcases its lively nature whenever Kitagawa finds a new animanga or video game character to embody. The amount of detail that goes into how the two create the “ultimate cosplay” is the show’s centerpiece, as it also helps to shed light on the amazing passion and dedication that goes into their cosplay.

4/10 Bocchi The Rock!

12 episodes

A picture from Bocchi The Rock!!!

Not since K-on! has been another successful anime series about an all-girl rock band until the first episodes of Bocchi The Rock! appeared. As much as the two shows share some similarities, Bocchi The Rock! already have talented musicians and focuses more on their insecurities in pursuing their dreams than their ability to perform.

What makes slice of life more engaging is when a series can excel by focusing more on the vignette styles of stories that capture the everyday. Bocchi The Rock! is more about the bandmates’ social skills with each other than it is about the music itself. Although the anime certainly benefits from the great soundtrack.

3/10 More than a married couple, but not lovers

12 episodes

An image from More Than A Married Couple, But Not Lovers.

A more dystopian society than some might think, More than a married couple, but not lovers checks some of the boxes for one in which high schoolers are paired up in hot-ships and forced to act like a married couple. Ethics aside, the show has a resonating story of two individuals who are connected and grow closer to each other.

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By pairing two complete strangers in a marriage simulation, the situation helps lament the importance of teamwork and the dangers of falling in love when two grow close together. As a progressive bonus, the show goes a step above the rest in having such an absurd premise; it shows how such a mandatory educational concept would affect those in the LGBTQ+ community.

2/10 Spy X family

25 episodes

Spy X Family-1

Although many would not consider Spy x Family a slice-of-life genre, there’s no escaping its overall story structure to suggest otherwise. While the ultimate goal of the series’ protagonists is to prevent war between West and East, they still find themselves acting in their everyday lives as “normal” citizens, albeit for the sake of peace.

Some of the show’s best moments come from its more mundane aspects, from school drama to forgetting his lunch. Spy x Family is easily one of the best shows to come out of 2022 for its perfect balance of life and spy action thriller.

1/10 Komi cannot communicate

24 episodes

Komi and Tadano from Komi Can't Communicate.

Komi cannot communicate is easily one of the biggest breakout hits in Netflix animation, while also being another perfect gateway for newcomers to the anime medium. The title Komi struggles with extreme social anxiety that prevents her from making real friendships. This is despite most of her classmates already worshiping her as a superior being of perfection in appearance and elegance.

Irony aside, the show has an almost silent character as they struggle every day to communicate with their peers and the steps they take to ensure they will grow. The main character struggles with personality issues, and the whole show features an ensemble of characters trying to break free from their archetypes so they can better communicate with each other.

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