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10 best Shonen Anime that need a new season

10 best Shonen Anime that need a new season

Shonen anime has recently found its niche expanded as mainstream audiences have discovered what makes this corner of fiction so captivating. Whether it’s the complex power systems, lovable best boys or the endless supply of content, consumers are fascinated by the shonen genre more than ever before.

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With this in mind, animation studios such as MAPPA and Ufotable have more pressure to produce new content – and quickly. To celebrate these studios and show gratitude for the hard work they put in, fans can show support for the best of the best shonen series that deserve an extended plot with a new season.

10 Jujutsu Kaisen continues to engage fans with new content

With the recent addition of Yuta Okkotsu to the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, fans are asking for a new season to see how he and Rika will fit in with Nobara, Yuji and Megumi. Unfortunately, fans have to wait a little longer to find out, like season 2 of Jujustu Kaisen has been confirmed for a 2023 release.

The only thing that separates fans who are waiting for the new season of JJK is which character deserves the spotlight – a question that only gets harder to answer when season 2 debuts with Gojo’s Past Arc. Fortunately, as long as the anime continues to be true to the manga, fans will be able to meet on a common basis to appreciate Gege Akutami’s incredible story.

9 Tower Of God impressed viewers with its surroundings and soundtracks

With the recent Funimation / Crunchyroll merger, it’s no surprise that God’s tower anime has been stuck in developmental limbo between season 1 and season 2. As one of the few Crunchyroll originals that came to fans before being bought out by Sony’s Funimation, it may be entirely up to fans to covet the studios for a new season .

Fortunately, it God’s tower the fan base is massive, with the online film still securing 50-150,000 readers week to week. On top of this, the anime fans gave one of the best plot twist ends of all time and an incredible soundtrack to set the mood for until the new season is officially announced.

8 Bring romance back to Shonen with Horimiya season 2

Get Shonen Anime Takes Time to Dive Into the Complex Emotions of a High School Relationship Horimiya. For those hoping for a second season that follows Kyoko Hori and Izumi Miyamura’s budding relationship, look no further.

The hit series that brought life to the center of the shonen genre has already been confirmed for a second season that is set to debut in the autumn of 2022. Hopefully this season will take a little more time to explore the platonic conditions that round off Hori and Miyamura’s friends.

7 Black clover left fans with a cutting trailer

The adventures of Asta and the Black Bulls really took off in the last bows that came into the anime. After training in Heart Kingdom for six months and learning a few things from Nacht about his devil power, Asta is more skilled than ever.

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Still, despite his new power-ups, the Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom managed to slip between his fingers and kidnap Captain Yami. The spooky plot of Spade Kingdom and the incredible action sequences that fans have been waiting for Black clover will return when a new season is announced.

6 Fans still need to know what happened to Takemichi at the end of Tokyo Revenger’s first season

The time travel adventures of Takemichi Hanagaki attracted anime fans with an incredible first season. When the young man learned to be the main character in his own life, fans were invited to join him and quickly found that they cheered on him when he found the home with other members of the Tokyo Manji gang.

What began as a simple plot motivated by love, developed into an anime that celebrates both romantic and platonic relationships alike. This healthy and tear-jerking anime has already been given the green light for a second season that will debut in the winter of 2023.

5 For your eternity, fans captivated with its first season

To Your Eternity is not your typical shonen anime. Instead of following a superhero anime boy or a nervous ghost hunter, For your eternity death and evolution followed a strange alien way of life that learned to call itself Fushi.

Hoping to see Fushi embrace his power and discover his true purpose on earth, fans are patiently waiting for season 2. They are excited to see if the power that keeps him alive will destroy his heart or lead him to greatness.

4 The Swordsmith Village Arc promises great things for the future of the Demon Slayer Anime

Fans should not waste time wondering if a third season is coming off Demon butcher in their future. The success of the first two seasons is enough to guarantee a complete adaptation of the popular manga, and the talented team of animators at Ufotable has already started working on season 3.

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Of course, knowing that a new season will release on streaming services sometime in 2023 does not help fans waiting to know what’s going on with Tanjiro and Nezuko after their match in the entertainment district.

3 When Hunter X Hunter returns, viewers will be treated to one of the best anime games of all time

With the latest buzz around Yoshihiro Togashi’s return to hunter x hunter manga, fans do their best not to let expectations run wild. Still, if there was any time to dream of a new season of hunter x hunter make it a world of anime, it is now.

With Togashi back and in good health, the future to HxH franchise looks brighter than in a long time. As long as the anime remains faithful to the source material, viewers will have one of the best matches in anime history every time the series returns.

2 Keep your hands off the Eizouken surprised fans with its first season

One of the best animated shonen series ever made does not trace the adventures of a superhero or ninja. Instead, Keep your hands away from the Eizouken follows three young female animators as they work to prove why their animation club is a valuable part of the school’s ecosystem.

To accomplish this mission, Kanamori, Asakusa and Mizusaki work tirelessly to create animations that win the hearts of both students and staff. It’s a simple premise that gives anime fans a glimpse into the lives of the dedicated animators who work tirelessly to keep them entertained with new anime seasons.

1 Fans are already asking for more Spy X family

Is it too early to ask for a new season of The Spy X family? The new anime hit has not even finished its first season, and fans are already longing for more content. Fortunately, the dual cour anime will return with the last half of season 1 in October.

While the discussion of new The Spy X family the content is still on the table, now it’s time to petition Wit Studio for a second season. While it certainly takes time to animate Anya through all of her complex emotions, Forgers deserves more time in the spotlight after their five-star introductory arc.

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