10 Best Isekai Anime No One Expected to Succeed

10 Best Isekai Anime No One Expected to Succeed

Given the never-ending rise in popularity of isekai anime, it can be hard for fans to believe that an isekai series can fail. However, the oversaturated nature of isekai is a breeding ground for shows that fail to pique viewers’ interests. With generic isekai concepts at an all-time high, there are many series that fans just wouldn’t expect to succeed due to their questionable subject matter.

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However, it is precisely that strangeness that brings in an audience that would normally avoid isekai altogether. Often, a series that seems like it’s most out of the ordinary or strange is exactly what isekai fans who are tired of seeing more of the same need to see.

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10/10 Even a slime can build up to success

That time I was reincarnated as a slime

The story of a man who is reincarnated as a slime may not sound like your typical blockbuster. But, That time I was reincarnated as a slime was exactly that. The show was a breakout hit, winning Anime of the Season in the summer 2021 anime awards.

For those familiar with the light novel scene, Mucusthe success shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering the light novel the anime is based on is also a huge success. Still, to fans who had no prior knowledge of Rimuru and his adventures, the whole premise of the show comes across as an unlikely success story.

9/10 Sometimes the stakes are too great for even the strongest hero

Cautious Hero: The hero is overwhelmed, but far too cautious

Being both excessive and overly cautious is not something fans see every day in isekai. However, some of the most successful series know how to weave in ironic elements to add a comedic quality to the story. Careful completelyIts characters are quirky enough to make them likable and add emotional weight to their adventures.

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Careful completelyIts uniqueness is what made it stand out, and it has become an integral part of the isekai genre since its release. Careful completely was even included in the popular crossover comedy series, Isekai Quartet,a display of the level of popularity it has achieved.

8/10 Kumoko doesn’t let becoming a spider stop her

So I’m a spider, so what?

It may seem ridiculous to the uninitiated, but being reincarnated as a strange monster is just another day at the office for isekai fans. In Kumoko’s case, learning to live with her new normal as a spider is very rewarding for fans of her show.

SpiderThe strange plot premise isn’t the first of the “reincarnated as a random monster” series, and it probably won’t be the last. Still, the main character has enough personality to help the show stand out in the sea of ​​reincarnated monster protagonists.

I’ve been killing slime for 300 years and max

I have been killing Slimes for 300 years and reached my level combines two popular anime subgenres – slice-of-life comedy and isekai – to create an unlikely success. Instead of the action-packed adventures most overpowered isekai protagonists have, Azusa just wanted to live a quiet and relaxing life.

Killing slimes for 300 years follows the daily activities of the Witch of the Highlands as she does her best to relax regardless of the fact that everyone is seeking help from her special powers. Despite the mundanity of Azusa’s life as the Witch of the Highlands, her daily routine has somehow provided enough excitement to keep fans interested.

6/10 Pharmacists are heroes in their own way

Parallel World Pharmacy

When isekai fans think of an intriguing character for their favorite show, it’s likely that not many will think of a pharmacist. However, Falma directly challenges the preconceived notion Parallel World Pharmacy.

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While the idea of ​​working in a pharmacy may seem uninteresting to some, fans have found much to look forward to in Falma’s life as a pharmaceutical genius. Unfortunately for the fans, since Parallel World Pharmacyits first season was only completed in September 2022, they will probably have a while to wait for season 2.

5/10 Diablo shows how not to fail as an Isekai series

How not to resurrect a demon lord

Shameless harem is perhaps second in popularity only to the isekai genre even today. Instead of the same old obvious isekai trope leading to another botched, creepy series, How not to resurrect a demon lord somehow made it work in a way that other programs only wish they had.

Diablo has the same difficult personality as most isekai protagonists in the harem flavor, although he takes things far enough to at least make him a more realistic character. Demon Lord is certainly not for everyone, but fans who were able to look past the show’s more gruesome aspects have discovered a unique take on isekai.

4/10 Being trapped in a video game is the recipe for success in Isekai

Sword art online

The “trapped in a video game” trope in isekai was nothing terribly new back then Sword art online‘s anime was released in 2013. Popular series like Log the horizon and .hack//SIGN had already implemented the video game concept to popular reception years earlier. But, Sword art Online took the isekai genre to new heights and changed its reputation in the anime community forever.

Although Sword art online seemed like a winning formula from the start, the sheer popularity it would achieve exceeded anyone’s expectations. Sword art online has had several media spin-offs and video games and has continued for 4 seasons with the fifth announced in early November 2022.

3/10 Isekai wouldn’t be the same without the clichés


Isekai is known for its overused tropes and very similar plot lines, so when most isekai fans hear that Konosuba consists of pretty much all of the most generic isekai concepts, they’ll probably stay away. At least that would be their initial reaction, but everyone who has actually given the show a chance has come to find that Konosuba is more than the generic isekai clichés.

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Actual, Konosuba takes everything isekai fans have grown to hate about the genre and makes them love it again. Instead of using the same old basic ideas to boring effect, the series takes these basic building blocks and turns them into a parody that takes itself seriously enough to be worth watching.

2/10 The devil is much more successful than a part-time employee

The devil is a part-time employee

The devil is a part-time employee enjoying the irony in the characters. The devil is an all-powerful being who is sent to present-day Tokyo with no powers or money in his pocket.

Reverse isekai is always a difficult game to play, but placing the stereotypical fantasy Villain and Hero in the modern world made their characters even more relatable. Seeing these stark opposite personalities forced to interact in a world much the same as viewers proved the winning formula for creating The devil is a part-time employee‘ssecond season one of the most anticipated anime of 2022.

1/10 Trying something new for a change wouldn’t hurt

I don’t want to get hurt, so I will defend myself as much as possible

I I don’t want to get hurt, so I will defend myself as much as possibleThe oddly specific title explains it all: Maple spends all the skill points in her MMORPG build on her defense stat because she’s afraid of getting hurt. Humorously, this seemingly naïve choice actually causes her character to become almost indestructible.

Unexpected success is really the name of Maple’s game, as she seems to become the classic overpowered isekai protagonist completely by accident. I don’t want to get hurt’The silly concept and likable characters resulted in great success and a loyal fandom eagerly awaiting its second season.

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