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10 best English dubbed anime, according to Ranker

10 best English dubbed anime, according to Ranker

Many anime fans prefer to watch with subtitles, but huge series such as Attack on Titan offer a dubbed version not long after the program airs so that those who prefer English dubbing can also watch. Great voice actors, an accurate translation and a good understanding of what makes a show good in the first place are all important aspects of a good English dub, and this applies to both comedy and drama.

Shows such as The devil is a part-time employee! stands out as comedies with outstanding English dubs, which is part of the reason why the second season is so long awaited. But it’s not the only anime series with a great English language version, and that’s why anime fans on Ranker voted for the best English dubbed anime of all time.


10 The devil is a part-time employee! (2013)

The devil is a part-time employee

The devil is a part-time employee Season 2 has the potential to be one of the summer programs when it starts airing next month, and it will help if the dub is close to as good as the first season. With his clever writing and funny premise – a demon master is forced to start working a regular fast food job – it was always likely that the show became a winner.

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The crew is excellent with Josh Grelle, who also plays Armin in Attack on Titan, takes on the role of the devil. Dubbed dialogue can sometimes sound difficult, but everything flows remarkably well The devil is a part-time employee. With a high joke-per-minute rate throughout, the dub can also make the show easier to keep up with.

9 Haikyuu !! (2014)

Tanaka and Nishinoya scream excitedly while Hinata grins in. A smiling Asahi puts his hand on Nishinoya's shoulder in Haikyuu !!

Passion and great personalities are the core of sports, and that means they are just as important for sports anime. The Haikyuu !! dub had to go all-out, and luckily that was exactly what it did. By taking advantage of the talents of veteran voice actors like Chris Patton and Bryson Baugus Haikyuu !! dub has a sense of humor that even surpasses the subtitled version.

Of course, Haikyuu !! is full of iconic scenes and good dramatic voice acting is as important as the comedy. Fortunately, it Haikyuu !! dub does not disappoint in this area either. The dubbing does a good job of making the main characters distinctive, and especially Greg Cote’s characterization of Tanaka shines.

8 Overlord (2015)

Satoshi Hino voices Ainz Ooal Gown / Momonga in the anime Overlord

For many actors, there is nothing more fun than playing a villain. While it can be a powerful thing to portray a hero, there is something gratifying about being rude and doing it in the most exaggerated way possible. Chris Guerrero takes advantage of the opportunity to play Momonga Overlordan unscrupulous high-level wizard in a new world ready for shooting, with a memorable evil appearance.

The sub is full of great voice actors, many of whom nail their roles, but they Overlord dub is really dominated by Momonga and Guerrero’s excellent voice acting. With a long-awaited fourth season of the show on the way next month, there should not be too long a wait for the anime’s most iconic villainous protagonist to return.

7 My Hero Academia (2016)

My Hero Academia All Might

Dubbing anime som My Hero Academia is a unique double-edged sword for having a fantastic and established show to work with, but also a huge pressure to do justice. Many English dubs do not live up to the task, but when they do, as is the case My Hero Academia dub, it’s a gift for anime fans.

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Highlights from a large cast include Christopher Sabbat, an icon since his work Dragon Ball Z dub, almost steals the show as All Might, but everyone has their chance to shine. Other than that, the dub is very true to the original, and the only downside is that the sixth season, not even starting to air until October, will feel like a long wait for more.

6 Noragami (2014)


Adapted from one of the best manga made by a woman, Noragami has a unique premise involving a down-to-happiness god, a girl whose soul can leave her body, and a whole world of invisible evil spirits who hunt for negative emotions. As a result, the show is full of fun and emotional moments as well as action.

Fortunately, the dub kills it in this area, and brings out the huge characters that give the show its heart and even add some fun new lines. A submarine playing Hiroshi Kamiya, Captain Levi Attack on Titanas the central character is difficult to live up to, but the dub is a fantastic attempt.

5 The Rising Of The Shield Hero (2019)

The cast with characters from the anime series The Rising of a Shield Hero.

The Rising of the Shield Heroits unique underdog story set in a fantasy world already made it one of the best fantasy anime of all time, and the dub succeeded in opening up a new way of enjoying it. With a cast that includes Billy Kametz, best known for voicing Josuke JoJos bizarre adventurelike the main character Naofumi and a bunch of other famous voices, the dub has a prestigious touch.

On top of that, the voices are perfectly suited to each of the characters. With some captivating character arcs, one of the series’ biggest selling points, the dub translates them perfectly, and small but noticeable script changes also add a little spice.

4 How not to summon a demon lord (2018)

A screenshot from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Usually, the job of an anime dub is to try to do justice to a show and try to match the original sound. In rare cases such as How not to summon a demon lordHowever, the stud can give new life to a show and make it even better. Set in an alternative fantasy world full of fan service where the trapped player Takuma Sakamoto is summoned, the show did not take itself so seriously.

The dub simply took this point and ran with it, making a dub that is over-the-top, self-aware and downright funny with some of the choices it makes. While the script gives respect to the original, it is very clear that the team behind it had fun with it, and it only makes things better.

3 The Seven Deadly Sins (2014)

Diane and The Seven Deadly Sins

Although there has been some debate about sub- or dub off The seven deadly sins is better, with both sides having some strengths, this points to how good an alternative the stud is. The Sin of Wrath, Meliodas, is the heart of the show, featuring Yuki Kaji, the voice actor of Eren in Attack on Titanplaying him in the submarine is hard to top.

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But with six other Sins and a whole host of demons and human characters rounding off the show, there are plenty of appearances in the dub that stand out beyond the sub-legs. Diane and Ban are just two of the characters that the dub gets the best out of with fantastic voice acting.

2 Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon (2015)

The main characters from the anime series Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon.

An action comedy about a guy named Bell Cranel who wants to be the greatest adventurer in the country, Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon is full of distinctiveness. Dubben manages to hit all the comic and dramatic beats of the show well, but its real strength is in voices that match its great personalities.

Fortunately, there is a fantastic cast that plays the voices of the various gods and heroes in the show in the dub that includes Bryson Baugus, the voice of Hinata in Haikyuu !!. Although it does not do anything too spectacular, the dub is just a perfect translation of what makes the show great.

1 The time I was reincarnated as a slime (2018)

That time I was reincarnated as a slim Shizue Izawa

With the funny premise of a man being thrown into a fantasy world in the form of, just as the title suggests, a slime, That time I was reincarnated as a slime keeps the promise of being an infinitely creative action fantasy. The main character, Satoru Mikami, is confidently played by veteran Jason Liebrecht as part of an impressive cast.

Equally important is that the script is full of wit and even deviates from the sub to make certain jokes and references tailored to the English-speaking audience. Somehow the stud manages to get just about everything right.

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