10 Best Anime Like Classroom Of The Elite

10 Best Anime Like Classroom Of The Elite

Most high school anime films keep things light and laid back, but the psychological thriller of a lifetime The elite classroom presents a cruel environment where only the best can succeed. Kiyotaka has been infamous as one of the laziest yet most intelligent anime characters of all time due to his deadpan attitude yet masterful manipulations.

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As fans eagerly await Season 3, they may be looking for anime to fill the void left by The elite classroomits second season is over. The elite classroom won’t be back until sometime in 2023. Fortunately, there are plenty of great anime out there to scratch your head.

10/10 No Game No Life embellishes an exaggerated premise with fantastic animation

No game, no lifeits premise doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel. NEET sibling duo Sora and Shiro start a life in a brand new virtual world where they take over as the game’s best players. However, the anime’s amazing animation and likable characters make it feel unique.

Plus, The elite classroom fans will definitely enjoy the locked-in siblings that lead the series. Sora looks a lot like Kiyotaka. They are both deadly strategists who always think a few steps ahead. Shiro also looks a bit like Horikita.

9/10 The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’s Kyon is a cynical male lead

The elite classroom fans are all too familiar with Kiyotaka’s signature deadpan commentary throughout the series. It’s not particularly humorous, but fans can’t help but be amused by some of his comments. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya‘s Kyon is very similar to Kiyotaka.

As one of anime’s sassiest male leads, Kyon is a classic example of a male tsundere. He’s surrounded by weirdos who do everything they can to annoy him, so it only makes sense that he’d make similar sarcastic comments. There is never a dull moment The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiyaprimarily because Kyon is such a strong male lead.

8/10 The death note has a similar psychological element

Although they may not initially appear that way, Death note and The elite classroom are actually quite similar. The elite classroomThe drama seems much more chill than other slice-of-life series, while Death note is more dramatic and exaggerated to drive the action.

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Death note gives The elite classroom fans the character-driven plot they’re looking for. Unlike Light, Kiyotaka remained passive for most of the series and let the narration tell the story for him. Death note is a classic shonen staple that every anime fan should watch at least once, and it’s still relevant today.

7/10 Komi Can’t Communicate is another high school drama with a unique twist

Most slice-of-life high school anime series are pretty predictable and don’t stand out as anything too unique. Komi cannot communicatehowever, has brilliant animation, a unique art style, and a character-driven plot to truly secure it as a standout series among others in the genre.

Komi cannot communicate follows Shoko Komi, a girl with terrible social anxiety who wants to make 100 friends by the end of high school. Tadano, the first person to realize that writing to her was an effective method of communication, offered to help her with it. Came in is considerably more chaotic and comical than The elite classroombut it’s definitely worth seeing.

6/10 Hyouka’s main character is another apathetic genius

Hyouka‘s Houtarou comes off as a total slacker who only cares about sleeping, but he’s actually a genius. He just never uses himself because he prefers to conserve energy. About like The elite classroom‘s Kiyotaka, Houtarou is apathetic to his surroundings but has impressive powers of deduction.

They both purposefully keep average grades to avoid standing out and try to blend into the background as much as possible. Unlike Kiyotaka, Houtarou does not bother to use his deductive abilities to read other people like a book and use certain information against them. Houtarou prefers to solve mysteries with the rest of the Classics Club.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War has significantly more energy than The elite classroom. However, both series seem to divide fans. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War stars two brilliant high school students who serve as president and vice president of the elite Shuuichin High School student council.

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Kaguya and Miyuki are madly in love with each other, but instead of confessing, they use a series of bizarre mind games to trick the other into spilling their guts first. As the title suggests, love is war, and whoever confesses first loses. The series would be much shorter if Kaguya and Miyuki would just let go of their pride, but that takes all the fun out of it.

4/10 Assassination Classroom is an emotional rollercoaster with a similar premise

Assassin’s Classroom stars grade 3-E, a group of underachieving students ostracized by the rest of the school unless they can improve their grades by the end of the year. It is also full of the school’s most eccentric personalities. Right off the bat, it has a similar premise to it The elite classroom.

However, unlike Class D, Class 3-E is tasked with assassinating their yellow octopus-like teacher, Koro-Sensei, before he destroys the planet. Countless assassination attempts follow. By the end of the series, fans realize that assassination is not something to be taken lightly.

3/10 My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU has a cynical edge to its comedy

The elite classroom fans will definitely enjoy My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. Most of the characters are actually light, but like Kiyotaka, Hachiman is an apathetic protagonist with a sarcastic remark for every situation. Hachiman has no friends, takes no initiative to make any, and is a total pessimist.

He believes that youth is just a waste of time, and that anyone who romanticizes it is lying to themselves to make themselves feel better. He wrote an essay criticizing how people interact, and his teacher punished him by forcing him to join the Volunteer Service Club. Hachiman eventually opened up more to others throughout the series, but remains rather cynical and introverted.

2/10 Prison School is a rough, twisted Seinen series with exciting humor

One of the most polarizing aspects of The elite classroom is the large amount of fan service. Fans who don’t like it generally avoid other anime that include it. But fans who didn’t care for it will definitely enjoy it The prison school. The series takes place at Hachimitsu Academy, which has a prison for unruly students.

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The main character, Kiyoshi, was caught looking at the girls and was banished to the school’s prison. There he endured humiliation and torture and tries to escape with his fellow prisoners. The prison school is an uncensored, raunchy, twisted freak show not for the faint of heart.

1/10 Kakegurui is the ultimate high school psychological nightmare

Equal The elite classroom, Cake guru takes place at a unique academy where students can gamble their way to the top. In contrast to i The elite classroombut the students at Hyakkaou Private Academy don’t earn their stripes through hard work and good grades.

Cake guru is about gambling. Instead of just focusing on the basics, the students at Hyakkaou Private Academy also learn how money can be used to manipulate and destroy others. With disturbing images, terrifying circumstances and plenty of fan service mixed with horror, Cake guru is an edgelord’s dream.

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