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10 benefits of a restart of Naruto Anime

10 benefits of a restart of Naruto Anime

The momentum to Naruto fandom has been going on for years, proving that viewers can not get enough of the show. Fans never get tired of discussing their favorite characters, scenes and other aspects of the anime. Boruto came out to continue the story in a world where the Otsutsuki clan poses the greatest threat.

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But, Boruto not only does it differ from the ninja theme that made Naruto so popular, but it also makes Boruto Uzumaki the main character, not Naruto. Consequently, fans miss Naruto’s original story, so a restart of the anime will satisfy their desire for more Naruto contents.

10 Fans could watch matches they never got to see

Naruto had the potential to show viewers fight scenes that were reported to have happened, but they were never shown. For example, Kakuzu’s fight with Hashirama is an integral part of Kakuzu’s backstory. Still, there are no scenes depicting how this match unfolds.

In addition, matches that could easily have happened, but which never happened, can also appear in a restart. Viewers expected a sparring match between Might Guy and Kakashi, but the two friends only participate in friendly, junk competitions such as playing rock-paper-scissors.

9 It can explore underdeveloped characters in greater depth

It would be difficult to explore the history of each side character. However, more Naruto side characters that get significantly less screen time despite their importance to the plot can serve as one of the main focal points for a reboot.

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For example, a sequence of critical events culminates in the Uchiha massacre, which involves a series of side characters whose narratives remain unexplored. Although Naruto illustrates how Shisui’s story plays an integral role in Uchiha’s downfall, fans do not know how Shisui awakens Mangekyo Sharingan and acquires Kotoamatsukami.

8 Naruto and Hinata’s relationship may develop more

The Last: the movie Naruto begins to illustrate Naruto and Hinata’s relationship in greater depth. However, Naruto shows no sign of reciprocating Hinata’s love before the film.

The abrupt transition from Naruto not expressing love below Naruto Shippuden suddenly falling in love with the movie does not show how their relationship builds. Thus, a restart can smooth the transition from the conclusion of Naruto Shippuden to the film by letting Naruto and Hinata share more experiences to build camaraderie.

7 It may show Sasuke’s journey to rediscover his life purpose after the war

Vengeance drives most of Sasuke’s decisions all the way Naruto. He finally reaches a point where he is no longer obsessed with revenge after fighting Naruto. Sasuke decides to leave the village to spend time thinking about his past and what course he will follow for the rest of his life.

Naruto Shippuden ends before the viewers get to see how Sasuke reconciles with his past and sets new goals. Boruto does not cover this gap in his story either, so a reboot may depict Sasuke’s journey to rediscover what kind of ninja he really wants to be.

6 It can explore how the story would change without plot armor

Naruto sin the plot involves a multitude of crucial moments that have the power to swing the story in completely different directions. The rest of the story can change drastically depending on the choices the characters make.

For example, Sasuke Orochimaru resists taking over his body, but if Orochimaru succeeds, how the rest of the story will unfold can fascinate viewers. Plot armor tends to save the most essential characters from falling out of the picture, so removing it can keep viewers on the edge of the seat since they can never predict what happens next.

5 It can show how Naruto and Sasuke train to learn more about their new powers

Hagoromo gives power to the six paths of Naruto and Sasuke towards the end of the fourth great ninja war. Thus, Naruto and Sasuke have little time to adapt to their new abilities. Kurama tells Naruto that Sasuke has not yet mastered how to use Rinnegan during the last match.

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In the same way, Madara and Kaguya are forcing Naruto to learn to use his new abilities on the go. Training bows include large parts of each character’s growth as ninjas, so it would be important to incorporate them as they get stronger.

4 It could bring back Ninja elements that made the show special

The world full of villages with ninjas on missions impresses viewers with a whole new universe they can look forward to discovering. However, consistently Naruto Shippudenan increasing number of characters rely on massive power-ups instead of the tactics, ninja tools and hand characters that made the show special in the first place.

In other words, the characters become so powerful that their abilities have little or no relevance to ninjas. ONE Naruto reboot can move the action away from alien-like villains like Kaguya to the series’ original thematic elements.

3 It can give the power increase Sakura deserves

Sakura deserves to be stronger because everyone else except her on Team Seven gets some kind of power boost towards the end Naruto Shippuden. Her abilities generally remain the same, as the show limits her to healing and hitting hard while teammates and sensei gradually diversify their arsenals.

It would only be fair for Sakura to receive the same treatment as her comrades, especially since she presents herself as one of the main characters. Thus, a restart can allow her to be on par with Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi.

2 It can show how powerful some characters can be with different Dojutsu

Naruto Fans love to wonder how strong characters can be with different eye forces. Since the way the characters’ eye forces develop is related to the plot, it would not be out of the question for certain ninjas to gain new ocular abilities depending on how the story changes.

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For example, Itachi could get hold of the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan if he steals Sasuke’s eyes. A reboot could change the course of events to allow Itachi to awaken the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and consequently give viewers a glimpse of how the story would unfold differently.

1 It can be more consistent with the messages

The story aims to portray Naruto Uzumaki as an underdog who believes that people can change their destiny if they never give up. Although Naruto consistently does not give up his comrades and himself, he suddenly becomes the chosen one during the fourth great ninja war.

Naruto also has access to incredible power from Nine-Tails ever since he was born, so he does not appear to be the weaker underdog that the show claims he is. However, a theme like Naruto touching consistently is the battle between love and hate in the ninja’s world. Therefore, a reboot can either focus exclusively on this theme or make the intended theme of destiny more in tune with the story.

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