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10 bedrooms in Anime that tell you all about the character

10 bedrooms in Anime that tell you all about the character

Anime is well regarded for its expressive animation, characters and scenographies. Scenography is the environments created for characters to explore. Anime uses lively worlds and places that communicate the characters’ key features, which is a fantastic narrative tool. A common scenography in anime is the bedroom, a place that is usually a home within a home.

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Bedrooms are some of the most private places where people can express themselves through furniture, posters and various other design elements. Many people use bedrooms to show off the characters’ personalities, from fantasy to slice-of-life anime. Thanks to the conscious design of the characters’ bedrooms, the audience can get a good grasp of how the characters are.

10 Naruto is alone (Naruto)

Narutohis art style are very expressive and the designs effectively inform the audience about character traits and personality. The title character’s bedroom is quite spacious, but sparse in decoration. All that is there is Naruto’s dressers, bed, clock, mirror and a noodle poster. Naruto will probably get paid to live, but he can not spend too much money, otherwise he can not cover his cost of living.

In Naruto’s words, “No one is waiting for me anyway.” His bedroom is empty room conveys that Naruto has no family or friends. Every time he wakes up, he is all alone. Despite this, the room’s bright colors and poster remind the audience that Naruto is not just doom and gloom. Even though he is lonely, Naruto is still very playful, energetic and eager to be a ninja.

9 Boruto is better than Naruto was (Boruto)

Boruto shows that the title character is both similar and different from the father. While Naruto’s room shows that he is poor and alone, Boruto’s room shows that he is spoiled. Boruto’s rooms have many more decorations and modern technology, including a computer. Boruto also has family photos because he actually has a family to return to.

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Although different, Naruto’s and Boruto’s rooms have similar decorations, including the Hidden Leaf Village symbol. They both love Konoha and want to be good shinobi. Their rooms are also very expressive, reflecting the boys’ playfulness and high energy. Boruto and Naruto have their differences, but they are equal people.

8 Taiga is like a doll (Toradora!)

Toradora!‘s Taiga Aisaka is spoiled and raw, and never worries about money or tidying up her apartment. She is also quite short and pretty, with Ryuuji even comparing her to a doll in the light novel. When Ryuuji first sees Taiga’s bedroom, it’s a big mess. Her rubbish and clothes are all over the floor, juxtaposed with her princess-like bed.

Although Ryuuji is nauseous from the mess, he is captivated by Taiga sleeping in bed. Taiga and her big bed really stand out because she looks cute and doll-like. She would probably be a little girl’s favorite toy, and the bedroom would be the girl’s favorite part of a dollhouse. Taiga can act uncomfortable and childish, but there was also a sense of beauty that always struck Ryuuji.

7 Masamune is possessed (Masamune art revenge)

IN Masamune-kuns revenge, the title character’s room strikes one as both deficient and crowded at the same time. Masamune has a childhood photograph, a mirror, lots of weights and an absurd amount of shojo manga. Every day, Masamune trains in his bedroom, which looks more like a gym. Then he admires himself in the mirror.

After a hurtful rejection lately, Masamune became obsessed with taking revenge on the girl who hurt him. He plans to make her fall in love with him so he can reject her as she had done to him. He reads shojo manga to repeat the tropics in comic attempts to win her heart. The picture is of Masamune and the girl when they were children. Everything in Masamune’s room reflects his one-track, vengeful mind.

6 Kazuya needs to reconsider his life (Rent-A-Girlfriend)

Kazuya inn Rent-a-boyfriend is obsessed with having a boyfriend, but has low self-esteem and behaves very childishly. He often gets into trouble and asks others to help clean up his mess. He also spends irresponsible money his parents give him, especially on hired boyfriends.

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Kazuya’s room is supposed to be a nice place, but the giant clutter of clothes and rubbish really makes it go downhill. His clutter basically reflects how he causes problems for other people and brings them down to his level. In the first episode, he rolls over in his room with the lights off, and cries that his girlfriend dumped him. Kazuya’s room represents his irresponsibility and infantile behavior. He’s really like a child whose parents do not get him to clean his room.

5 Mashiro will be a mangaka (Bakuman)

IN Bakuman, Mashiro has a dream of becoming a mangaka. When he was little, he used to watch his uncle make manga. When the audience first sees Mashiro’s bedroom, the lights are on and there is a desk with a lot of manga. The room shows young Mashiro’s hopeful ambitions to make manga while he is not familiar with the tougher realities of being a mangaka.

After Mashiro’s uncle dies, the audience sees Mashiro’s bedroom again. It looks exactly the same, except that Mashiro is now 15 and the lights are off. The only light is from outside the window. Mashiro has long given up on the dream of becoming a mangaka, knowing how difficult it is to become one. Yet not everything is gloomy for him. Part of him thinks he still has a chance to achieve the dream.

4 Sato is a Hikikomori (Welcome to NHK)

A hikikomori is someone who does not work or go to school and isolates himself socially from society to an extreme degree. IN Welcome to NHK, Sato spends most of his time in his room and does not communicate with anyone. He does not work at all and receives free money from his parents.

Satos bedroom is filled with rubbish and rubbish. The lights are always off, except for his computer, which he spends most of his time on. Characters who enter his room immediately understand that Sato is a hikikomori, as does the audience. It is painfully clear that he does not take care of himself and does not try to change.

3 Shoya’s mind worsens (a quiet voice)

IN A quiet voice, Shoya’s childhood starts out as quite light-hearted and funny, which is reflected through his colorful bedroom. Inside his room is a bunch of room decorations, stickers and games he plays with his best friends. Shoya’s room expresses the playfulness and the high energy he likes as a child.

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As a teenager, Shoya has the same bedroom, but he has sold all his possessions. The only thing left from childhood are the room stickers on the wall. Other than that, everything Shoya has is a futon and a calendar, with the rest of the months torn off. Shoya has reached his lowest point in life, which is in contrast to how happy he used to feel as a child.

2 Akasaka Isn’t Friendly (The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou)

Akasaka fra The Pet Girl of Sakurasou is a hikikomori because he limits social interaction to email and spends almost every hour in his room. Akasaka is also a genius who is effective in computers and programming and ignores the emotions of people.

Akasaka’s bedroom is always dark, with the only lights coming from his several screens and devices. There is also an AI he made called “Maid-chan”. While the room does a good job of showing Akasaka’s intelligence and withdrawn nature, Maid-chan helps to show that Akasaka still wants human interaction. Due to problems from his past, he is afraid of becoming friends with others. He developed Maid-chan because he still wanted a friend.

1 Deku is a total geek (My Hero Academia)

When Deku was four years old, he was in his bedroom and eagerly watching All Might save people on his computer. His bedroom also has two posters of the superhero. My Hero Academia states that Deku worships All Might and dreams of being a hero just like him.

Years later, Deku All Mights gains strength and moves into a new bedroom. He decorates it from head to toe with All-Might posters, figurines and other memorabilia. As Ochacho notes, Deku is “such a fanboy.” Still, Deku’s bedroom shows that he shares All Might’s philosophy of helping others.

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