10 Anime You Didn’t Know Had Its Own Card Game

10 Anime You Didn’t Know Had Its Own Card Game

As the popularity of anime grows, more and more merchandise from fan favorite series and manga continues to flood the market. Among these products are board and card games based on various anime, giving fans a wonderful way to immerse themselves in their favorite stories after the action is over.

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Card games generally refer to any game that includes only cards – no boards, character symbols, or even dice. Their compact size and ease of play result in an incredibly accessible product. This, combined with the low production cost of each card, has led to several anime titles releasing accompanying card games, some of which are exceptionally notable.

10/10 The Attack on Titan Deck Building game forces players to turn against the Titans

IN Attack on Titan: Deck Building Game, players enter the brutal world of Attack on Titan and does his best to protect humanity from the ever-growing threat of titans. As Eren, Armin, Mikasa and more fan favorites, players must develop a strategy to guard life within the walls.

After building a deck to the best of their ability, players use their wits to defend against various Titan-related threats. Should they fail in their task, humanity could be lost forever. While the recent events in Attack on TitanLast season was exceptionally bleak, this game offers fans a way to fight back on their own.

9/10 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cardgame benefits from its amazing cast

Fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will be excited to hear that the anime also produced an accompanying trading card game, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Card Game. Using five different types of cards, Hero, Character, Stand, Event and Stage, players build a deck to face rival opponents.

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Each of these card types has a different role in the game, generating setting, characters, and special abilities/events that will be used throughout each match. A player loses when they reach zero health or the draw deck is empty.

8/10 Aggretsuko: Work/Rage Balance subverts expectations for an anime card game

For those who want to jump into the world of Aggretsukoits card game, Aggretsuko: Work/Rage Balance, is a fantastic alternative. The game has players racing to the end of the work week, with the winner determined by who has the fewest cards in their hand after five days.

IN Work/Rage Balance, players take turns playing cards. However, should they choose to “Rage” (available once per round), they can empty their current list of cards and speed up their progress throughout the week.

7/10 The Bleach Trading Card Game is a perfect way to celebrate the return of Anime

Bleachreturn to syndication helped the series make a resurgence in recent years, so it only makes sense that Bleach Trading Card Game would also have had a similar blessing. This game tasks players with building decks centered around specific ones Bleach characters, which are referred to in the game as “Guardian” cards.

The rest of each deck consists of energy, character, item, and battlefield cards, which players use against each other during three-stage rounds. Bleach Trading Card Games familiar faces, locations and attacks are a treat for longtime fans of the franchise.

6/10 The One-Punch Man card game leans into the series’ tropes

Fans of Saitama and his superheroes can play as some of Earth’s mightiest heroes One Punch Man card game. In the game, players are tasked with defending the Earth from various villains, while at the same time thwarting their opponents’ efforts.

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Perhaps the most interesting element of the One Punch Man the card game is that the friendly match is also a match against the clock. In addition to competing with each other, players must also take into account the fact that they will lose if they take too long, like Saitama, One Punch Manits overwhelmed hero, is set to appear after a certain time.

5/10 Steal more jewel shards than opponents in the InuYasha card game

The Inuyasha Trading Card Game should feel nostalgically familiar to fans of the popular anime. In the card game, players are tasked with obtaining 10 Shikon Jewel Shards before their opponents, at which point the game ends and a winner is crowned.

After building a deck of 60 cards, players must use the various characters, items, locations, and events to achieve the game’s goals. By battling the opposition, fans can put their own spin on some of the most memorable moments seen throughout Inuyasha.

4/10 Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game Pits Ghouls Against Their Own Kind

Tokyo Ghoul fans will be pleased to know that in addition to all the Kaneki Ken-themed merchandise on the market, a Tokyo Ghoul trading card games also exist. This deck-building game recreates the atmosphere of the popular series by letting players compete against each other to become Japan’s best ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game forces its players to be strategic as they build a deck of favorite ghouls to win battles on the streets of Tokyo. Only the fittest will survive in the conflict between carnivorous fan favorites.

Neon Genesis Evangelion may not produce more content through the medium of anime, but luckily for fans, they can bring a world of Neon Genesis Evangelion into their home with accompanying card games. Players use cards to fulfill a completion card, which is a specific goal associated with one of the series’ most popular characters.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Card Game have six phases per game round, allowing them to use six different types of cards to ensure success. Should they reach their completion goal, players can complete it and end the game in a two-stage event.

2/10 One Piece Trading Card Game is a great addition to Anime

An anime with as many characters as One Piece is ripe for the development of a trading card game. After 25 years of publication, the series has finally jumped into the trading card market, and by December 2022, One Piece TCGthe release will be in full swing.

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One Piece TCG will have players build decks around a leader card, each representing one of the most popular characters in One Piece. When a leader is defeated or a player reaches zero cards, the game ends, declaring the winner of the Pirates’ King and Card Game.

1/10 Superfight brings characters from a variety of anime to life

Although Super fight isn’t technically limited to one anime, it features a variety of popular anime characters, many of which have never appeared in their own card games. IN Superfight: Anime expansion, 100 cards from series like Pokémon and Dragon Ball are featured, as well as characters from the Studio Ghibli library.

This expansion pack even adds anime-themed scenarios and locations to further immerse players in different fictional worlds. Although this expansion is intended to be used in conjunction with other cards, it can function alone as a deck.

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