10 Anime With Overbearing Love Interests

10 Anime With Overbearing Love Interests

Not all anime have cute romances that the audience can get invested in, as some anime have love interests that are completely inept when it comes to showing their love. The most overbearing of these characters often lack awareness of what is socially acceptable, and invade the crush’s personal space. Their advances are often unwanted, but these love interests are either persistent or completely blind to the fact that their feelings are one-sided.

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The milder version of indulgent love interests will often cling to their crush or confess to them constantly in hopes of finally getting a positive response. The worst of these characters will actually threaten any rivals, act too possessive or even hurt the people they love.

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10/10 Tatewaki Kuno constantly confesses and embraces two different women

Ranma 1/2

Tatewaki Kuno is the captain of the Kendo Club and is in love with both Akane Tendo and Ranma Saotome. He is conflicted with his love for both of them, but neither Akane nor Ranma have any interest in him. He has giant pictures of them, which he hugs when he sleeps.

Tatewaki often confesses his love for both girls, but is always on the receiving end of a punch when he tries to embrace them. Although overly affectionate and familiar with the two, Tatewaki has no idea that Ranma Saotome is a man who transforms into a girl when splashed with cold water, and this ability is the reason the series is called Ranma 1/2.

9/10 Kagura Sohma’s passion for Kyo Sohma always leads to violence

Fruit basket

Kagura Sohma usually presents herself as a sweet girl, but when Kyo is involved, she shows a violent nature. While she carries the boar spirit inside Fruit basket, her mood can change in an instant. Kagura has intense feelings of love for Kyo, but displays them so aggressively that Kyo tries to avoid her.

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When he tells him that she missed him, Kagura punches, kicks and swings him around. But when she sees that he is injured from her own attacks, she can go back to being cute, embracing him and asking who could do such a thing.

8/10 Anna Nishikinomiya is a Yandere with no sense of boundaries


Anna Nishikinomiya lives in a society where anything obscene is illegal. Thanks to this, Anna grew up naive and ignorant of what it means to be indecent. Tanukichi Okuma once liked her for her purity and sincere nature as student council president.

When the two accidentally share a kiss, Anna changes completely, mistaking the desire for love. She shows a possessive yandere side and uses weapons to threaten any girl who comes near Tanukichi. To show her affection, Anna either clings to him or breaks into his apartment.

7/10 Esdeath is extremely possessive of Tatsumi

Akame Ga Kill!

Esdeath immediately fell in love with Tatsumi Akame Ga Kill! after seeing his prowess in battle and his warm smile. The first thing she did was snap a collar on him, then she dragged him away.

Esdeath wanted to hug him, draw pictures of them together, and was willing to look past the fact that he was part of the Night Raid if he chose to stay with her. Her obsession with him made her unwilling to look for other romantic candidates, and in the anime she chose to die holding him despite her feelings being unrequited.

6/10 Juvia Lockser follows Gray Everywhere


Juvia fell in love with Gray Fullbuster shortly after meeting him, and joined Fairy Tail just so she could be by his side. Any girl who talks to Gray is immediately perceived as a rival, and Juvia fiercely tries to prove her superiority to them.

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Juvia makes several attempts to show herself off to Gray, and likes to follow him around. Juvia makes her feelings for him known every second of the day, and is almost always by his side. Anyone who even threatens to harm him is always subject to Juvia’s wrath.

5/10 Himiko Toga loves seeing Deku hurt

My Hero Academia

My Hero AcademiaHimiko Toga fell in love with Deku because she liked the way he looked when he was badly injured after his fight against Muscular. She thinks about him all the time, and is obsessed with collecting the blood of people she loves.

Himiko justifies her desire for blood because her Quirk requires her to consume the blood of the people she transforms into, and she wants to be the people she loves. When Himiko is around Deku, she shows a genuine interest in him and showers him with questions about himself. Unfortunately, she wants to see him hurt again.

4/10 Kish was extremely possessive of Ichigo Momomiya

Tokyo Mew Mew

Kish gave Ichigo Momomiya a kiss when he first met her Tokyo Mew Mew because he thought she was cute. He was an alien from another planet who wanted to conquer Earth, which made him seem like a sadistic love interest. When he sees her with Masaya, he was jealous since he claimed that Ichigo belonged to him.

Kish referred to Ichigo by various pet names and seemed to be just playing with her at first. However, he proved that he truly loved her when he died and fought Deep Blue to protect her.

3/10 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck likes to constantly cling to Ichigo Kurosaki


After traveling with Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach, Nel developed a strong attachment to him. When he is around, she clings to him constantly, although she is so strong that her hugs can often be painful.

Nel likes Ichigo because he hates unnecessary violence, and shows respect for his opponents even after defeating them. She hates fighting, but is only willing to do so if it means protecting Ichigo. During the Millennium Blood War, Nel bemoans the fact that she can’t be by Ichigo’s side all the time.

2/10 Meroko Yui had a long string of failed love confessions

Full Moon Wo Sagashite

During her time as a Shinigami in Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Meroko Yui partners with Takuto Kira. She consistently confesses to him, but Takuto always brushes it off. Takuto cannot take her confessions seriously because he discovered that Meroko had residual feelings for her previous partner, Izumi Rio.

Meroko was serious enough about Takuto that she was willing to confess to him over 58 times. At Christmas, she knitted him a scarf and told him that no matter how many times he rejected her, she would continue to confess to him.

1/10 Tsubasa Shibahime acted like an angel around her crush, but bullied her boyfriend

Kare Kano

Tsubasa Shibahime had been in love with Soichiro Arima for years before the events of Kare Kano, which is why she immediately hated his girlfriend Yukino Miwayawa. She wanted to break them apart no matter what. When Arima introduced Yukino to Tsubasa, Tsubasa gave her a painful handshake, causing Yukino to scream.

Tsubasa would accuse Yukino of bullying her while doing little things like biting and pushing Yukino. Tsubasa acted like an angel around Arima, constantly trying to confess to him in various ways. Unfortunately for her, Arima was too close and always treated her like a little sister instead.

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