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10 Anime villains who were not really villains

10 Anime villains who were not really villains

While anime produces some of the most cruel and heinous villains, there are also villains who do not make viewers look very evil at all. In fact, given the different circumstances, it feels as if some of these characters would have turned out to be strong protagonists.

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Ignorant helps the heroes win, minimizes unnecessary damage and pain, and lets their vulnerability through in the most necessary times, and these antagonists are often seen stealing the show. Fans can get caught up in wondering what the story of their favorite shows would look like if the antagonists had chosen a different path, and whether these characters can be considered villains at all.

10 Kagura just wanted her freedom (Inuyasha)

Like many of Naraku’s others appear in Inuyasha, Kagura was an enemy of Inuyasha because she had little choice not to be. Like his second reincarnation, Naraku incorporated part of the shikon jewel into Kagura’s body and was able to remove it at will to take her own life.

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While there were times when the role of a villain seemed to suit Kagura properly, she soon began helping Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and their allies. She reveals Naraku’s weaknesses to help the others in the hope of defeating him and eventually rescues Kohaku, who is also controlled by Naraku. By doing this, she pays with her life and dies as more of a hero than a villain.

9 Kyogai needed recognition (Demon Slayer)

As a former author in his human life, Kyogai from Demon butcher simply wanted any kind of recognition from the father for his talents, but was instead met with scorn and told that he was an absolute disappointment as a child. After having his spirit broken, Kyogai becomes a demon to please his new master Kubutsuji, and obtain the confirmation he could not receive from his father when he was a human.

Even as a demon, Kyogai is soft, and does not attack unless provoked. When Tanjiro and Kyogai fight and after Kyogai’s death, Tanjiro recognizes Kyogai’s talent without knowing about his past, and this allows Kyogai to release and die in peace.

8 Knuckle Is A Big Softy (Hunter X Hunter)

While not a villain at the end of Hunter x hunter, Knuckle proved to be a powerful and significant opponent when he was introduced to Gon and Killua. He was gracious with his strength, and Gon knew well that he could die if he had not given everything in the fight.

Still, during the fight between Knuckle and Gon, Knuckle gives Gon guidance by telling him how his rocking technique is wrong, and that this opens him up to attack. Because of this, Gon is able to adapt and grow his strength. After the battle, Knuckle becomes a dear friend and ally of the rest Hunter x hunter. Knuckle also has a soft spot for dogs, and they are innately attracted to him. Given their animal instincts, it is safe to say that this would not be the case if Knuckle were a real villain.

7 Korosensei is anything but a villain (assassination classroom)

Korosensei is introduced as the main antagonist of Assassin Classroom, but he is anything but. He is a teacher, a cheerleader, a photographer, a travel guide, a protector and a hired killer teacher. Korosensei changes the lives of each student in the E-Class, saves Nagisa from becoming a ruthless assassin, shows Karma what hope looks like again, and refines each of the students’ unique abilities and skills so that they can have a better future.

Korosensei even influences his fellow teachers to a great extent and manages to transform the true villain of history, Gakuho Asano. Korosensei may have been seen as a villain to the world, but he died as a legend and hero to those who knew him.

6 Tomoe showed Akura Ou Kindness & Love (Kamisama Kiss)

While Akura Ou fra Kamisama kiss was an arrogant, ruthless murderer who believed that people were weak and unworthy, his relationship with Tomoe showed his true nature. He was often attached to his best friend and played pranks with him in his childish nature.

Akura Ou matures when he is stuck in his new human body, begins to understand the endurance of humanity and is able to reflect on the misjudgments given from his former self. Although he often mocks Tomoe for his love for humans, he finds himself soft on Nanami and ironically falls in love with a human and gives his life for her.

5 Akito projected his own trauma (fruit basket)

While Akito from Fruit basket brought a tremendous amount of damage to those around her, and a few family members almost lost their lives, she was not exposed to many emotions other than disgust, jealousy and rage from an early age. Ren Sohma, Akito’s mother, shed tears of sadness when she discovered she was pregnant with Akito. After her father died, Akito grew up away from her mother out of her own protection against Ren’s hatred of her.

Akito was also told that she was a prodigy who would be loved by all. These mixed feelings, along with a false sense of power over others, encouraged Akito to vent his anger on the rest of the Sohma family members who were powerless against her. Had her father continued to live and been able to guide her with his loving hand, it is possible she would have made a completely different god than the accursed Zodiac family.

4 Team Rocket is more fun than villains (Pokémon)

While marked the main antagonists throughout the 24 seasons of Pokémon, Team Rocket’s scams and plans fall more on the side of pranks than real villains, such as fooling Misty and finding some excuse to wear outrageous costumes. They also rescued Pokémon despite their quest to capture them, and have even helped Ash and his team save the world.

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To understand the importance of friendship and perseverance, Team Rocket has proven to be more courageous than vicious traits that are quite different from a villain. It can be said that they enjoy the adventure and the hunt for Pikachu with their best friends, instead of actually stealing him from Ash.

3 Sesshomaru turns into an ally and hero (Inuyasha)

Sesshomaru was presented as the perfect antagonist in the beginning Inuyasha, almost like Inuyasha’s evil twin. But as the show continues and Naraku is introduced, a villain who could destroy the world as they knew it by acquiring and darkening the shikon jewel, Sesshomaru found himself in battle in pursuit of the same goal as Inuyasha.

After meeting Rin and developing feelings that Sesshomaru had not experienced before, his desire to protect those he cared about became deeper. If it were not for his help, Inuyasha and his friends could never have defeated Naraku in the end.

2 Bishamon was an Admirable Goddess (Noragami)

Bishamon is introduced for Noragami as a loyal and extremely ardent goddess seeking revenge for her fallen family. At first, rage and emotion blind her from all logic when it comes to Shinki, but when she discovers the truth, she is able to admit her misjudgment and move on.

In addition, Bishamon had many Shinki and kept his arms open to those who needed a home and family, and never rejected anyone. She never wanted any of her family members to worry about her and often found that she was overweight and made herself ill, and soon found out that this had the opposite effect on her Shinkie. She has an unwavering will and played an important role in becoming Yato’s ally and opposing their government and the struggle that followed.

1 Lady Eboshi: A Villain To Some & A Hero To Others (Princess Mononoke)

Lady Eboshi retained the qualities of both villain and hero Princess Mononoke. She brought suffering and despair to characters like Nago when she made him a wild demon, and Ashitaka when Nago’s curse was passed on to him. She also kills Forest Spirit in the name of her own self-perseverance and power.

However, the women of Irontown would have crowned Lady Eboshi a hero, considering that she rescued them from the brothels and the abuse that accompanied them. She was a representative of women, and knew well the behavior that most of society directed at them. She gave them work and cared deeply for their well-being, and eventually repented and was willing to change when she saw her city and the people fall.

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