10 Anime Villains Who Really Need A Partner

10 Anime Villains Who Really Need A Partner

Anime villains are among the most diabolical characters on television. They are notoriously ruthless and care little for the destruction they cause. However, some anime villains deserve to have a partner in crime. Whether to curb their bravado or to aid in the destruction, these anime characters would wreak havoc if they had anyone else on their side.

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Many of these anime villains were so close to victory. If they had had a partner on their side, the outcome could have been different. While fans love to see their favorite heroes conquer sinister characters, some are curious about the havoc the villains would wreak if given a little help.

10/10 Shishio Tsukasa needs a confidant

Dr. Stone

Shishio Tsukasa and Ishigami Senku- Dr Stone

Shishio Tsukasa believes that the Stone World should be populated with only the strongest people in it Dr. Stone. Although he tries to sabotage Senku Ishigami’s efforts to bring everyone back, many feel that Tsukasa would have succeeded more if he had another person to rely on.

Although he has many followers, Tsukasa lacks a true equal at his side. If he had a trusted confidant at his right hand, the two of them could be more effective in learning Senku’s next move. Although fans know that Tsukasa is on the Kingdom of Science team now, there is no doubt that he would have dropped the collective if he had a more reliable person by his side.

9/10 Queen Beryl is too focused on one man

Sailor Moon

Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon Crystal.

Queen Beryl’s biggest mistake i Sailor Moon was that she was too focused on making Prince Endymion hers. Blinded by jealousy, Queen Beryl launches an attack on the Moon Kingdom after she discovers the relationship between the Moon Princess, Serenity and her beloved Prince Endymion. Nevertheless, Endymion is mortally wounded in the altercation.

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If Beryl had a partner, she could have kept better track of her beloved, while also having the power to bring the Moon Kingdom to its knees. Prince Endymion is nice, but Queen Beryl deserves someone who doesn’t need to be mind-controlled to stay by her side.

8/10 Su-Won should have hired someone else to do his dirty work

Yona of dawn

Su-Won and Yona from Yona of the Dawn

Su-Won’s biggest mistake i Yona of dawn does not depend on a partner to do the dirty work for him. When Su-Won decides to usurp the throne of Koka Kingdom from his uncle, the young man murders him in cold blood. Unfortunately for Sun-Won, his longtime friend, Yona (the king’s daughter), happens to walk in and witness his father’s assassination.

However, if Su-Won had trusted a partner, he could have had the other person carry out the assassination, thus keeping his hands clean and ascending the throne without a ruined reputation. Su-Won would likely be more accepted as the new ruler if various other tribes were unaware of how he inherited the throne.

7/10 Ozai lets his pride rule him

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Fire Lord Ozai is a powerful man who would stop at nothing if it meant he could gain more power Avatar: The Last Airbender. Unfortunately, this eventually leads to his downfall. His desire for power is so great that he loses control, allowing Avatar Aang the opening he needs to take Ozai’s bending away.

If Ozai had a partner, many fans believe the entire world would become Fire Nation territory. Ozai’s hot temper and desire for showmanship can be tempered by a gentler demeanor. The partner would give Ozai the self-control he needs to make better decisions, thus leading to more fights won across continents.

6/10 Riz could have ended the match much sooner


rice from beasts

Riz could have caused a lot more havoc if he had a reliable partner Beastars. As the Cherryton killer, Riz gained a reputation for being a dangerous individual. The fact that he did not take his muscle relaxant medication highlights his desire for unbridled power. Unfortunately, desire became his weakness.

Although Riz is incredibly strong, Legoshi has enough stamina and determination to finally defeat Riz. But if Riz had a partner, the two of them would have easily finished off Legoshi before he even threw a single punch, allowing them to escape before anyone showed up. Ultimately, though, it’s Riz’s hubris and bravado that cost him.

5/10 Enmu wanted to prove himself

Demon Slaughter

Enmu from Demon Slayer

Enmu’s one chance to prove himself to Muzan Kibutsuji failed due to overestimating his abilities in Demon Slaughter. Lower Rank One Kizuki commanded an entire train, putting everyone to sleep, while he stayed on the engine and waited for the Demon Slayers. Unfortunately for Enmu, Tanjiro and his friends proved to be too much for him.

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Still, if Enmu had another demon that could keep a close eye on the demon slayers, he could have easily taken out anyone who came his way. Unfortunately, his pride prevented him from asking another demon to accompany him, resulting in his eventual death. Enmu needed a partner if only to deal with Tanjiro and his friends while he focused on the train.

4/10 Eren Yeager needs to temper his anger

Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan.

Although he used to be the hero of Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager has since evolved into a destructive and indifferent beast. Eren begins the devastating Rumbling and is determined to kill anyone who gets in his way. If Eren had teamed up with one of the other titans, he might have kept some of his credibility among his friends.

Unfortunately, Eren’s single-minded determination alienates him even from his supporters. If Eren felt he had a true equal by his side, the two of them could have discovered a more sensible way to attack Marley without harming other Eldians in the process.

3/10 Mahito needs guidance

Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito is already a strong cursed spirit on his own. But if a more mature Spirit cooperated with him, there is no telling what destruction, fear and anguish they would cause in Jujutsu Kaisen. Mahito may be young, but having a partner can help him finally put an end to the wizards for good.

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In addition, a partner can help restrain many of the Mahito’s baser instincts. Instead of randomly getting into fights and randomly murdering people, a partner can help Mahito become even stronger by teaching him restraint. Not only would this help him avoid detection, but it would make him an even more sinister cursed spirit, as he would be harder to find.

2/10 Akito Sohma demands attention

Fruit basket

Akito Sohma in fruit basket.

Fruit basket follows the Sohma family and their struggle with a Zodiac Curse that has passed down to them for generations. At the head of it all is Akito. Although she is technically Shigure’s girlfriend, Akito could use a partner who would more consistently stick around.

Akito’s extreme jealousy and possessiveness causes a lot of anxiety for the other Zodiac members, all in the name of making Shigure jealous. Still, if Akito had a consistent partner by her side who actually loved her, she could eventually turn her attention to repairing the relationships she damaged by her actions, which could help her achieve her goal in the long run.

1/10 Light Yagami got in his own way

Death note

Light Yagami writing in Death Note.

Light Yagami becomes a corrupt vigilante when he comes into possession of the Death Note. With the supernatural book, Light terrorizes Japan, as he alone decides who lives and who dies. His reach is so wide that he even manages to thwart the greatest detective in the world, L in Death note. However, Light’s hubris catches up with him and he is ultimately undone by the very Death Note he misused.

Light was so caught up in his power that he made small oversights that cost him his life. Had Light been trusting enough and had less hubris, he could have had a real partner in crime. With two equally intelligent people having a single death note, there is no doubting the chaos Light would bring to the world with his warped sense of justice.

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