10 Anime Villains Who Love Their Families

10 Anime Villains Who Love Their Families

Despite their bad reputation, villains are not all bad. Villains don’t always have to be so evil and calculating. Depending on who they’re with, some villains can be downright kind. For many villains, their soft spot can be their family. This is especially true in anime.

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While many villains have a fraught relationship with their family, there are those who love and cherish their families. Sometimes family can be their motivation to do evil things. Other times, having a family can endear them to the audience and show viewers their humanity. Whatever the reasons, these villains keep their enemies close and their families closer.

10/10 Louis Moriarty has a special relationship with his family

Moriarty The Patriot

Louis James Moriarty from Moriarty the Patriot

Louis James Moriarty from The Patriot Moriarty would do anything for his brothers, William and Albert. Through their shared crime, the brothers are bound together, looking out for each other and anyone who joins their cause.

Louis has chosen to follow his brothers wherever they go, even if it leads to his death. In the cruel society they live in, his only comfort was his brother William, and later Albert when he and William were adopted into the Moriarty family. Through thick and thin, Louis continues to have his back and they take turns taking care of him.

9/10 Twice loves his found family

My Hero Academia

Himiko Toga comforts Twice in My Hero Academia.

Though not bound by blood, League of Villains from My Hero Academia is Twice’s family. Although they initially started out as nothing more than partners, Twice quickly warmed up to the band of misfits.

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Twice spent many years alone, with only his own clones for company. He had no traditional family to turn to. The league quickly became the family he never had before. Through the league’s interactions, it’s clear that they care about him on their side, even if they don’t say it outright.

8/10 King Bradley’s love for his wife and children humanizes him

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

King Bradley

King Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood may be a homunculus, but he’s also a husband and father. From the interactions shown to the audience, it is clear that he truly loves his wife and children.

King Bradley’s son, Salim Bradley, is also a homunculus, though he does not have the same love that his father does. Even while he was the embodiment of wrath, King Bradley still had some humanity in him, shown in his love for his wife. There was one thing that set him apart from the other homunculi.

7/10 Akutagawa shows his caring side towards his sister

Bungou stray dogs

Akutagawa BSD

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa from Bungou stray dogs is a cruel, self-serious and antisocial member of the Port Mafia. He doesn’t seem to get along with anyone and has a deep distrust of people, as well as personal insecurities stemming from his cruel treatment of Osamu Dazai.

However, Akutagawa cares deeply for his sister, Gin, who is also in the Port Mafia. When Gin is in trouble, he doesn’t hesitate to help her. Although he can be antisocial and mean to others, he always shows kindness to his younger sister.

6/10 Eren becomes a villain to his family

Attack on Titan

Eren by the sea in Attack On Titan.

Eren Yeager didn’t start out as a villain. Over the course of the series, Eren continued to become corrupted as more and more secrets were revealed about the world Attack on Titan. By the end of the series, he became the very threat his friends had to fight against.

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But despite going through an arc of corruption, Eren still loves his friends and family. His mother’s words still inspire him and he still cares for his father, despite what Grisha did to him. He still fights for Armin and Mikasa, who are like family to him.

5/10 Gyutaro is Daki’s protector

Demon Slaughter

Gyutaro and Daki stare at each other in Demon Slayer

Although Daki and Gyutaro from Demon Slaughter can fight, they have an incredibly strong familial bond. Gyutaro is incredibly protective of his younger sister, and even as a demon, he acts as her main protector when she is in danger.

When the two were human, Gyutaro did everything he could to keep her safe and provide for her while they lived in poverty. Their lives were tough, but they had each other. Even after they are killed, Gyutaro and Daki choose to go together wherever their next life may take them.

4/10 Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald wants to make his family whole again

Bungou stray dogs

Scott Fitzgerald Bungo Stray Dogs

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald from Bungou stray dogs seems shallow and empty at first. However, it is later explained that Fitzgerald takes these actions to obtain the book so that he can heal his family and bring his daughter back from the dead.

Fitzgerald’s wife, Zelda, has deteriorated since the loss of their daughter, living in denial of the truth. Because of this, Fitzgerald will stop at nothing to get the book and make the family whole again. His love for his family continues to spur him on to his goal.

3/10 Lys respects his family

Death note

Death Note Light Smiling

Light Yagami from Death note doesn’t hesitate to take out anyone who gets in his way. He is willing to lie and scheme to get what he wants and use the Death Note to do it. However, he is shown to have a soft spot for his family.

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Despite knowing that his father is actively looking for his alter ego, Kira, he loves and cares for him. He respects his mother and father and helps take care of his little sister. His murderous tendencies do not extend to his family.

2/10 Annie Leonhart has a family to return to

Attack on Titan

Annie's father hugs her, Attack On Titan

Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan didn’t have the best relationship with her father growing up. He forced her to train from a young age to become a warrior so that they could both be honorary Marleyans and receive benefits and privileges.

Just before Annie left, however, the relationship changed. He apologized for all the abuse he put her through and she realized she had a home to return to and a father she loved. Annie made it her mission to survive and get back to him, against all odds.

1/10 Kayano tried to avenge his sister

Assassin’s Classroom

Kaede Kayano uses her tentacles in the Assassination Classroom.

Kaede Kayano from Assassin’s Classroom sneaked into the school to avenge his sister. Kayano loved his sister and had a very close relationship with her. Their bond was strong and both sisters enjoyed seeing each other whenever they could with their busy schedules.

When her sister was killed, it devastated Kayano. She immediately blamed Korosensei and took steps to get her revenge. She used her love to fuel anger and bloodlust and even gained the same experimental tentacles that Korosensei has. She became a villain to her sister.

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