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10 Anime villains who have no honor

10 Anime villains who have no honor

Besides the main characters, villains are often some of the most significant characters in an anime. They initiate the character growth of heroes and are sometimes even related and sympathetic. Even the most ruthless villains can experience transformations that make fans almost sad to see them go, as Meruem from Hunter x hunter.

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In comparison, there are as many anime villains without sympathetic qualities as the fans are ready to see defeated. These characters can be significant villains like Naraku from Inuyasha which is present throughout the series or annoying and obstructive as Tonka from Hunter x hunter. Fans can thank characters like these for making the main characters look so good.

This article discusses abuse and sexual assault.

10 Naraku uses others as dolls (Inuyasha)

From the beginning of Inuyasha, Naraku is introduced as a puppet master. Part of the reason he is such a challenging antagonist is that he is rarely present in battle and instead pulls the strings with live dolls from a safe place nearby. He also exploits others by using shards of the shikon jewel to keep characters alive who would otherwise be on their last breath, such as Sango and Kohaku.

Similarly, Naraku uses Kagura all the way Inuyasha for his own dark command and quickly throws away both her jewel and her life when she is no longer of use to him. Although it is common for villains to have little or no remorse for the main characters and opposing characters, Naraku’s disposal of his fellow villains and relatives as Haukodoshi in recent seasons is symbolic of an antagonist without honor.

9 Shiapouf is disloyal to his own king (Hunter X Hunter)

Among the three royal guards in Hunter x hunter, the talent and strength shared between Neferpitou and Menthuthuyoupi is hard to match. Shaiapouf, however, is solely dependent on psychological games and manipulation for the benefit of the Royal Guard and, first and foremost, himself. His idealized views and expectations of the king make him go against the logic and be controlled by child-like emotions that weaken the growth of the royal guard as a whole.

When Meruem begins to feel a connection with Komugi and begins to change, Shiapouf goes to extreme measures to eliminate her completely. He deceives and betrays his king and sole purpose of existence, even though full transformation from Meruem could have saved the entire human race before.

8 Enmu is manipulative in both lives (Demon Slayer)

Before he was turned into a demon by Muzan, Enmu from Demon butcher used their hypnotic talents to deceive dying patients for their own purposes. His twisted personality translates into life after death when he is transformed into a demon and sees his comrades slaughtered by his leader. Instead of overcoming fear, Enmu enjoys the blood of his allies.

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Enmus power is also quite dishonorable. Too many of the characters in Demon butcher who have experienced traumas and tragedies, their dreams and subconscious are the only places to find comfort. Enmu uses this vulnerability to make their last moments in the dream kingdom as painful as possible.

7 Nora uses her innocence to hide her greed (Noragami)

Nora from Noragami is first seen as an innocent child who wants to help his god Yato. But fans quickly find out that her insecurity leads to irrational and harmful actions such as trying to kill other shinkies like Yukine because he threatens the attention and space left for her.

Nora’s greed and desire for Yato begin to spill over into dangerous territory. She tries to kill Hiyori to catch Yato’s attention and soften his hardened exterior created by his past. Her character flaws reflect her appearance as an emotional child in need of validation. But unlike a small child, Nora’s gifts provide great power that can bring destruction and pain, something she is well aware of.

6 Tora is a high school girl’s worst nightmare (Maid Sama!)

Tora Igarashi from Maid Same! is the type of guy most teenage girls are warned about. He is introduced as deceptively charming, but he has hidden intentions that are soon revealed. Tora uses her influence as president of a private elite high school to offer a false educational opportunity to Misaki and trick her into her maid uniform and try to sexually assault her.

Tora’s arrogance and wealth give him a sense of entitlement that encourages his irrational and aggressive behavior. While Misaki and Usui are powerful protagonists who are barely shaken, Tora is a consistently annoying male chauvinist who creates problems for everyone involved in him.

5 Akira is obsessed with power (Assassination Classroom)

Akira Takaoka from Assassin Classroom is the kind of villain that is written so well that viewers get furious from seeing him on screen. Akira is a power-hungry and insecure former military member who is so threatened by the assassination skills of middle school students that he tries to gain respect and control by physically abusing his students and using fear to control them. Of course, this backfires and creates a more sinister villain after revenge and blood.

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Akira enjoys making the E-Class so full of rage that they become something of his hateful creation. Fortunately, Korosensei is an unsurpassed mentor who has given his students the tools to face Akiras in the world.

4 Pure Sohma’s hatred creates a new villain (fruit basket)

While Akito’s terrible treatment of family members has no justification, it becomes clearer that Fruit basket develops where her behavior originates from. Pure Sohma is a bitter villain filled with jealousy from the beginning of his pregnancy with Akito. Fans first see her cry over the existence of her and Akira’s children while he is overwhelmed by the joy of bringing life to a world that mixes the two and their love.

After Akira’s death, Ren’s treatment of Akito becomes even more torturing and unbearable to watch when viewers see an insecure orphan turn into a villain himself. The way Pure hatred bleeds into every member of the Sohma family is very clear for its strength.

3 Tonka’s consistency is annoying (Hunter X Hunter)

The fact that Tonka lives as long as he does in Hunter x hunter tells fans how insignificant he is, but this does not stop him from trying his obstructive plans. While he is largely harmless – especially compared to a character like Neferpitou who risks his life for the king – Tonka lacks any sense of honor.

Tonka’s only goal is to get her competitors down, even though they are children like Gon and Killua when they first enter the hunter exam. It becomes clear that Tonka does not even necessarily want to win or excel in something, but rather just wants others to lose. There is not an ounce of honor found in this character.

2 Soo Woon betrays her childhood friends (Yona Of The Dawn)

IN Yona of the Dawn, Soo Woon is introduced as Yona and Hak’s best friend and Yona’s love interest. Not only is he well-liked, but he is also respected and admired for his innate kindness, gentleness and vulnerable nature. However, the season does not last long before viewers see Soo Woon’s true colors when he murders Yona’s father, a king who is also loved for his kind and gentle nature.

Fans see the effects Soo Woon’s actions have on both Yona and Hak as they struggle with the trauma of losing their best friend and the feelings of betrayal and betrayal. Soo Woon continues to conquer the kingdom at the expense of all who stand in his way.

1 Master Swan is the most beatable (Spy X Family)

IN Spy x Family, Twilight expects his family to be thoroughly tested for the Eden Academy entrance exams. However, he does not expect Master Swan’s verbal abuse instead of asking relevant questions. Anya quickly discovers telepathically that Swan despises happy families in light of her own envious nature, and the blows continue to come.

The family is able to tolerate Master Swan’s abuse until he fires assumptions against Anya about her mother, resulting in tears. While Twilight barely sits in the rest of the calm and hits a table instead of Master Swan, fans are thrilled to see the main chairman sweep it to him behind closed doors.

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