10 Anime Villains Who Got Stronger After Defeat

10 Anime Villains Who Got Stronger After Defeat

Generally speaking, an anime villain’s defeat signals the end of their role in the story. As a result, heroes are not forced to make a major moral decision about whether to kill or not, which prevents controversy among the audience.

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However, there are many cases where one win is not enough. Instead of being satisfied with their failure, the anime villain in question will become stronger so that they can once again pose a threat to the hero. Such characters are particularly dangerous for their stamina, meaning that killing them may be the only way to stop their plans for good.

10/10 Crocodile was more menacing than his Alabasta debut

One Piece

Despite being among the first major villains Luffy defeated One Piece, Crocodile was quite strong. He may not have been able to put Luffy down too well on Alabasta, though he clearly grew stronger during his time in Impel Down.

This was seen in the Battle of Marineford, where Crocodile collided with large figures such as Doflamingo and Akainu without taking significant damage. His resilience and tenacity proved that he can be a problem again as one of the Cross Guild’s primary members.

9/10 Sasuke wouldn’t let Naruto’s first victory hold him back


Sasuke Uchiha had better incentive than most Naruto villains to be completely demoralized. After the Chunin Exams, his chidori was significantly weaker than Naruto’s rasengan, meaning he quickly fell behind in power. However, Sasuke didn’t let inadequacies on the hospital roof discourage him.

Instead, he joined Orochimaru to fully embrace his potential and exact the revenge he desperately wanted. By the end of the series, Sasuke fought Naruto to a standstill, illustrating that they were equals once and for all.

8/10 Naraku has been gradually collecting pieces of the Shikon Jewel


Naraku was a demon of untold power Inuyasha’s main antagonist. At first, he was constantly thwarted by the heroes, usually relying on his miasma to make clean getaways. However, Naraku gradually grew stronger throughout the story.

Whether you were obtaining pieces of the Shikon Jewel or gathering more demonic servants, there came a point where the heroes were pushed to the limit. At the time of their last meeting, they were so desperate that they even allied themselves with Sesshomaru to save the kingdom.

7/10 Kaiba’s deck improved over time


Kaiba’s strongest card was Blue-Eyes White Dragon at the beginning of Yu-Gi-Oh!. While formidable, it was nowhere near enough to stop Yugi. Time and time again, his rival outwitted him with a combination of strategy and luck. It became so embarrassing that Kaiba threatened to take his own life just so he would win a duel.

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Still, Kaiba was hard at work improving his deck so that he would be recognized as the world’s best duelist. The Tormentor Obelisk became his new trump card, a god-like monster with 4000 attack points and resistance to spells and traps.

6/10 DIO became almost unbeatable with a new body

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

When DIO was first defeated in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, his body was torn in two. Now a talking, decapitated head, he and his minions were forced underground to plot from the shadows. Fortunately for them, they managed to ambush Jonathan Joestar during their honeymoon.

The cruiser may have gone down in flames, though DIO grabbed Jonathan’s body and claimed it as his own. After developing the World Stand, he was both feared and loved from Japan to Cairo and even beyond. DIO’s superior physiology was complimented by his time warping abilities.

5/10 Shigaraki overcame his trauma and unlocked the potential of his uniqueness

My Hero Academia

When they first debuted in My Hero Academia, Shigaraki’s Quirk was not particularly strong. Just being able to partially decay things with prolonged physical contact made it a pretty underwhelming melee ability, and his lean physiology didn’t compliment it.

Shigaraki’s inhibitions were largely due to suppressing his own power. He felt guilt for accidentally disbanding his family as a child, which created a psychological barrier around his Quirk. During the fight against Re-Destro, he unleashed its full potential to spread from surfaces to its intended victim.

4/10 The Major got a superior robot body


First, Hellsing’s Major was not much to look at. A wretched Nazi without much knowledge of weapons, he died brutally during the advance of the Allied forces in Berlin. However, the Major had anticipated their invasion and created a robot body with his exact personality. This automaton would adopt his will decades after his death.

It terrified the people of London and was responsible for unleashing the dark hordes of the Millennium Organization. Unlike his original human form, this robotic vessel was completely fearless, did not need to sleep, and could take significantly more abuse. The Major might still not be a threat individually, but he was a brilliant commander.

3/10 Rod Reiss became a savage

Attack on Titan

Originally, Rod Reiss’ plan was to use Historia to reclaim the Founder. This would have effectively ended the action Attack on Titanreturning Paradise to its former inertia and neutralizing their ability to learn the truth.

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When Historia refused and turned on him, Reiss drank what was left of the titan serum and became a colossal monster himself. At a towering 120 meters tall, it took Eren and several military cores to prevent him from wiping out the island personally.

2/10 Gaara was reconciled with himself after fighting Naruto


After being defeated by Naruto, Gaara drew strength from the clarity he found. Instead of fighting or accepting Shukaku completely, he learned to work with him so that they became stronger as a cohesive unit. Like Killer Bee, their symbiosis kept them safe from mutual enemies.

This gave him the strength to become the Kazekage and rule the Sand Village for years. But when Deidara abducted and sucked Shukaku from him, Gaara was weakened once again.

1/10 Lucci rose through the ranks of the World Government

One Piece

Rob Lucci was the deadliest member of CP9. Personally responsible for protecting Spandam, he fought and nearly defeated Luffy in the Battle of Enies Lobby. Despite Lucci’s failure, his skills were recognized by his superiors in the World Government itself.

Over time, he became so powerful that they entrusted him with extremely important missions, such as protecting celestial dragons and murdering Doctor Vegapunk. Although the extent of Luffy’s transformation is not yet fully understood, the extent of his promotion strongly hinted at how formidable he has become.

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