10 Anime Villains Who Are Bad At Being Villains

10 Anime Villains Who Are Bad At Being Villains

Villains are characters whose evil actions are intended to challenge the heroes in some way. The challenge may be physical, but villains can often test heroes’ faith and resolve. Effective villains help the heroes grow as people, and there’s no better way to make a villain look like a threat than when they actually do some of their dastardly deeds.

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The worst villains are easily defeated, forgotten, or actually fail so spectacularly that it’s impossible for anyone to take them seriously. Some anime series may intentionally make their villains incompetent for a few laughs, but terrible villains can be frustrating for some audiences.

10/10 Team Rocket’s victories are temporary


Pokemon's Team Rocket.

When it comes to hysterically awful villains, Team Rocket is one of the first groups that comes to mind. Their focus is primarily on capturing Ash’s Pikachu, but despite pursuing it for so long, they were never able to achieve anything more than a temporary victory.

This is part of Pokémon Series formula: Team Rocket catches a Pokémon, they are defeated by Ash Ketchum and his friends, and they fire off again. Although there are some exceptions to this, Team Rocket is always punished for any crimes they try to commit.

9/10 The Witch Of The Waste brought howl and Sophie together

Howl’s Moving Castle

Witch of the Waste

The Witch of the Waste was a powerful witch in the Howl’s Moving Castle who was possessed by Howl. After seeing him with Sophie, the witch was so jealous that she placed a curse on Sophie. Ironically, making Sophie an old woman brought the heroine closer to Howl.

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The Witch of the Waste would lose her powers soon after, as they were stolen from her after she was weakened from climbing a flight of stairs. Despite being older, Sophie had a much easier time climbing the stairs than the mighty witch.

8/10 Emperor Pilaf was weak and incompetent

Dragon Ball

Emperor Pilaf in Dragon Ball Super

Emperor Pilaf is one of the most incompetent villains in the land Dragon Ball franchise. He sought out the Dragon Balls so that he could wish to rule the world. However, Emperor Pilaf was physically no match for Goku, despite Goku being just a child at the time. When he managed to collect the Dragon Balls, his wish was interrupted by Oolong, who wanted underwear.

His worst attempt at world domination was to free King Piccolo in exchange for ruling a small part of the world. King Piccolo was far more powerful than he was, and never had any intentions of fulfilling his end of the bargain.

7/10 The Sea Cucumber Devil was as scary as the name suggests


Sea Cucumber Devil In Chainsaw Man-1

The Sea Cucumber Devil was one of the many devils that appeared in Chainsawman, as well as one of the weakest. Devils are born with a name, and grow stronger if humanity fears the thing they are named after. For example, the Gun Devil is so powerful because people fear guns, but the Marshmallow Devil was incredibly small and weak because few people fear marshmallows.

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The Sea Cucumber Devil was a large mass that smelled of blood, but Power was able to defeat it in a single blow. It made sense that it was so weak, since some people didn’t even know what a sea cucumber was.

6/10 The underground people were quickly on the run

One-Puch Man

Underground people in One-Punch Man

IN One Punch Man, Saitama had a dream where he had an amazing battle against the underground people, which is why he was so disappointed to see how small and weak they were in reality. He took out their leader by landing on his head, and the rest of the underground fled at the sight of him.

Despite their big talk about being the true earthlings who planned to take over the surface world, they were quick to give up their hostile takeover. They fled back underground, leaving behind a white flag apologizing for the trouble.

5/10 Lilynette Gingerbuck couldn’t fight anyone on her own


Lilynette Gingerbuck In Bleach

Lilynette was one of the Arrancars who went to the fake Karakura Town to fight the Gotei 13 in Bleach. Despite this, no one took her seriously because she was a child. Shunsui Kyoraku suggested that she leave before he fought Starrk.

Even Jushiro Ukitake did not want to fight her, but she continuously attacked him with her sword. Ukitake easily knocked her back each time, stealing her sword and causing her to burst into tears. On her own, Lilynette is actually weaker than a Menos.

4/10 Gentle Criminal commits petty crime for popularity

My Hero Academia

Gentle Criminal from My Hero Academia

Gentle Criminal is a minor villain in My Hero Academia, who wanted fame. Since he couldn’t become a pro hero, he wanted to inspire people through his villainous actions. Gentle Criminal tried to learn valuable lessons through his crime, such as targeting a store that hid expiration dates.

Despite wanting people to notice him, the videos he uploaded of his crimes were either ignored or simply not well received. His last crime was trying to break into UA, but he was thwarted by Deku, who was only a student.

3/10 Kaigaku remained weak despite becoming a demon

Demon Slaughter

Kaigaku in Demon Slayer

Kaigaku was training with Zenitsu Agatsuma before the events of Demon Slaughter. He resented Zenitsu for being Jigoro Kuwajima’s successor next to him, as he considered Zenitsu beneath him. Despite this inflated ego, Kaigaku was a coward willing to do anything to survive.

To prevent Kokushibo from killing him, he willingly transformed into a demon and ate people to become stronger. His arrogance grew after becoming a demon, but despite his knowledge of Thunder Breathing and his new Blood Demon Art, Zenitsu quickly defeated him. His decisions did not keep him alive very long.

2/10 Queen Beryl was too passive

Sailor Moon

Queen Beryl in Sailor Moon

IN Sailor Moon, Queen Beryl was the type to spend most of her time giving orders to her subordinates. When the Sailor Scouts appeared, she gave her subordinates several chances to defeat them, but never went to take care of the problem herself.

When Jadeite failed enough times, Queen Beryl froze him, despite knowing the true identities of the Sailor Scouts. Like many villains, she gave the heroes more than enough time to get used to her powers and gather more members.

1/10 Eclair Eklair Eklare believes his butler duties will help him conquer Nazarick


Eclair Eclair Eclair In Overlord

Eclair resides in Nazarick In Overlord. His goal is to become the leader of Nazarick, despite knowing that this would be treason. Eclair’s creator, Ankoro Mocchi Mochi programmed his personality this way as a joke, since Eclair appears to be a harmless penguin.

Eclair works as a butler, and assumes that performing his typical butler duties will help him get closer to his ultimate goal. He even tries to recruit other members of Nazarick, but they either fail to take him seriously or view him with disdain.

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