10 Anime Villains Who Always Resort to Violence

10 Anime Villains Who Always Resort to Violence

In the world of Japanese animation, antagonists and villains use every dirty trick and strategy in the book to defeat the heroes and achieve their goals. Depending on the villain’s personality or powers, they may rely on sabotage, threats, or sending minions to take down the heroes. These villains use violence as a last resort, while other villains use it as a first resort.

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These violent villains aren’t always the strongest, scariest antagonists, or even the most aggressive. Instead, these villains are defined by their eagerness to fight and rarely consider other options. If a problem arises, these villains would rather hit someone or use a magical attack than talk things out or use psychological pressure.

10/10 Captain Morgan executes anyone who defies him

One Piece

Captain Morgan was one of the first true villains that Monkey D. Luffy ever encountered One Piece’s history. Overall, he pales in comparison to later villains such as Captain Blackbeard, Doflamingo Quixote and Sir Crocodile. But still Captain Morgan ranks among One Piece’s most violent antagonists.

Other One Piece villains can verbally spar with or play with anyone who crosses them, but not Captain Morgan. Anyone who disobeys or disrespects him will immediately receive an ax attack without warning or hesitation. Morgan can also order his men to quickly execute troublemakers.

9/10 Muscular does not hesitate to crush his victims, like Kota Izumi

My Hero Academia

Most villains in the My Hero Academia will eventually use violence against Pro Heroes or civilians, such as All For One trading blows with All Might or Dabi roasting Hawks with his blue fire. Still, some villains will take hostages, capture heroes or students alive, or even use frightening words when encountering the heroes.

Muscular doesn’t bother with tricks or games. Violence is the first and only thing he uses against heroes, and he won’t even consider setting traps or tricking the heroes into splitting up. Attacking someone is all he knows, such as when he cornered Izuku and Kota.

8/10 Grimmjow Jaegerjaques attack everyone, including his allies


All ten Espadas inside Bleach are ready for battle, but even by their standards Grimmjow Jaegerjaques are unusually aggressive. In contrast, Barragan sent his minions to fight in his place, and Aarniero Arruruerie used tricks to get Rukia to lower her guard before attacking.

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The rude, impatient Grimmjow will not bother with such tricks. He recklessly runs straight towards his targets to fight them, usually Ichigo, and won’t give up. He even used extreme violence to save Orihime Inoue from Loly and Menoly instead of scaring them off or using a caja negacion.

7/10 Fighting is all Kimimaro Kaguya knows


IN Naruto, some villains prefer trickery or deception like true ninjas. An example is Itachi Uchiha using genjutsu to split Naruto and Jiraiya apart before making a move. Then there’s Orochimaru’s number 1 minion, the leg-swinging Kimimaro Kaguya, who has no need for deceitful tactics.

Brutal combat is all Kimimaro needs to enforce Orochimaru’s will. When he appeared in the Sasuke recovery story, Kimimaro was happy to fight Naruto, Rock Lee, the taijutsu specialist, then Gaara, in that order. Kimimaro never tried to chase them away or find a peaceful solution – instead, he fought everyone with his fearsome kekkei-genkai.

6/10 Yamori/Jason tortured and fought Ken Kaneki with great glee

Tokyo Ghoul

Many of Tokyo Ghoul’s the ugliest villains, like the ruthless Tatara or the “glutton” Rize Kamishiro, always use violence to get what they want. These ghouls embody the primal hunger and brutality of their kind, often using extreme force and kagune to slaughter their victims.

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When Yamori and his Aogiri Tree allies stormed Anteiku, Yamori used relentless violence to subdue Ken and capture him. Then pretending to be Ken’s ally, Yamori lured Ken into a chamber to torture him for several days. When Ken broke free, Yamori quickly readied himself for battle, preparing to fight to the death.

5/10 Thorkell gets bored easily unless he is fighting someone

Vinland Saga

The medieval anime Vinland Saga depicts Viking raiders for what they were, expert sailors who regularly raided and plundered Europe’s coastal settlements. Most of them used violence as a first resort in a meeting, with the diplomacy-oriented Prince Knud as an exception.

Thorkell, who for a time was Torfinn’s enemy, was the rule. Thorkell is one of those anime characters who lives solely to fight humans, and he loves mortal combat. Thorkell doesn’t want to waste time with traps or negotiations because that might delay or prevent a proper fight. Thorkell will even take on entire teams of men at a time if he has to.

4/10 Fighting is all that is good for Akaza

Demon Slaughter

All demons must feast on human flesh in order to survive Demon Slaughter, but not everyone uses violence. Rui and the spider demons can trap human prey in their webs, while the princess-like Daki uses tricks and traps to capture human prey alive. Meanwhile, Upper Moon 3, Akaza, is all about bare-knuckle combat.

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Akaza burst onto the scene as he challenged Kyokuro Rengoku to a death match, and surrender was not an option. Akaza would never bother trying to trap Kyojuro or use psychological warfare. Throwing a punch is the only way Akaza knows how to interact with demon slayers and other humans.

3/10 The Metro Poliman continued to kill with his white arrows

Platinum end

The death battle anime Platinum end depicts several God candidates who must use persuasion, trickery and/or force to win a heavenly battle royale. The rules allow the candidates to speak out, and Mirai Kakehashi prefers that. His nemesis, Metropoliman, feels the opposite.

For all his schemes and his elegant upbringing, the Metropoliman is shockingly prone to violence. Most encounters or conversations are just an excuse for him to attack everyone, and he will even sacrifice his allies in the process. Finally, Mukaido shoots and kills him with a machine gun, turning Metropoliman’s violent ways against him.

2/10 Acnologia will attack anyone who crosses him


Some Fairytale villains toy with their opponents first, taunting them or confusing them before finally launching an attack. The fearsome dragon Acnologia is the type to strike first and never ask questions as violence is all he ever wants. He even destroyed Tenrou Island without any provocation.

Acnologia returned in the final arc and quickly picked off a few fights without even bothering to speak. He struck down God Serena with ease, then took on the Seven Dragon Slayers. Acnologia would never stoop to human-style negotiations or surrender to his enemies – he’d rather win or go down fighting.

1/10 Hyoga loves to fight with his unique spears

Dr. Stone

The brutal Tsukasa Shishio often fought aggressively Dr. Stone, but even he was able to negotiate and diplomacy with Senku Ishigami, the teenage scientist. In contrast, some of Tsukasa’s subjects, most of all Hyoga, had only one thing on their minds – violence.

Hyoga had no time for games or talk. Whenever he encountered Senku’s allies, he wanted a fight and showed no mercy. Hyoga even attacked his former boss Tsukasa after a point. This caused Tsukasa and Senku to quickly unite and take Hyoga down by force since negotiations were not an option.

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