10 Anime Tsundere Fans Love More Than Iruma-Kun!’s Azazel Ameri

10 Anime Tsundere Fans Love More Than Iruma-Kun!’s Azazel Ameri

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-Kun! is a colorful, lovable isekai anime that’s actually more about the power of friendship and My Hero Academia-style school antics than conventional power-trip isekai. The main characters may be young demons, but they’re all relatable as friendly, secretly vulnerable people trying to figure themselves out.

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A good example is the student council president of Babyls, the tall, beautiful and powerful Azazel Ameri. A kind-hearted tsundere with a hint of himedere, she is a confident and commanding girl who can keep rowdy students in line and set a good example for them. Azazel Ameri is a nice tsundere, but she can’t yet compete with anime’s best established and most popular tsundere.

10/10 Rukia Kuchiki had excellent chemistry with Ichigo


Rukia looks happy in bleach

Bleach in fact, it stars quite a few hot tsunderes with hearts of gold, including the protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki himself and his Quincy friend, Uryu Ishida. The fandom’s favorite tsundere is Rukia Kuchiki, and she is the first Soul Reaper like Ichigo and Bleach fans have ever met.

Rukia is the darling of the fandom because of her well-balanced personality between her tantrums, her heartfelt compassion, her humor, and her very vulnerable side. She also has amazing chemistry with Ichigo and that’s why Bleach fans send them so passionately in fan projects.

9/10 Edward Elric is the youngest state alchemist ever

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward Elric is a tsundere in Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodIts star, the petite Edward Elric, is known for many things, from his hot temper and brilliant scientific mind to his cool red jacket and golden eyes and hair. Like his younger brother Alphonse, Ed is determined to save people and restore his body somehow, but he is humble about it.

Ed stays humble as an alchemist after breaking the taboo, but he still gets hilariously defensive and talks big when people make fun of him. This tsundere thought it was just too rich when little May Chang said he was small, like a grain of rice.

8/10 Inosuke Hashibira secretly loves getting compliments from Tanjiro

Demon Slaughter

Inosuke from Demon Slayer in his fighting stance.

The wild Inosuke Hashibira is not used to the civilization of the Taisho era Demon Slaughterhis history, having been raised by animals, and he listens to his instinct more than other people. Yet the tough-talking Inosuke isn’t just a beast—he’s also Tanjiro’s good friend.

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Inosuke is brash, loud and short-tempered like a true tsundere, but he’s also more lonely than he thought, so he secretly values ​​his friendship with Tanjiro. He also loves getting compliments from Tanjiro and the kind words always make him fight harder.

7/10 Kyo Sohma has been through a lot

Fruit basket

Kyo Sohma in blue shirt

Fruit basket is a whirlwind shojo romance with supernatural elements, with the kind Tohru Honda meeting and emotionally supporting the many miserable Sohmas who need her help. Most of the -you-types are represented here, for example dandere Kisa and kuudere Yuki, and then there is Kyo.

Kyo Sohma is a lovable tsundere who has been through a lot, and Akito has an even worse fate in mind for him. Kyo was an insecure punk at first, but then he became close and protective of Tohru, vowing to fight hard for both of them.

6/10 Nino Nakano can’t help feeling something for Futaro

The Quintessential Quintuplets

Nino Nakano waves

A few of the Nakano quintuplets embody classic dereder types, such as Miku, the charming dander, and Yotsuba, the energetic dereder. Quintuplet #2, Nino Nakano, is The Quintessential Quintuplets‘ primary tsundere character, and she took a while to warm up to Futaro Uesugi.

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Nino was outright hostile to Futaro at first, but over time she couldn’t help but grow fond of him anyway. She even boldly announced her love for him seemingly in private, but Quint #1, Ichika, was secretly listening in the next room and was completely shocked.

5/10 Erina Nakiri is a secret insecure culinary princess

Food Warrior!

Erina Nakiri thinks in Food Wars!

Food Warrior! Protagonist Soma Yukihira is a carefree fellow who teases everyone, and annoys tsundere Erina Nakiri to no end throughout the series. At first, Erina didn’t like Soma and his reckless ways, but she couldn’t help but be impressed and later came to trust him as a true friend.

Fierce Erina acted like an exalted food princess, but that was just her escape from her problems. Later, with her new friends by her side, Erina first met her oppressive father, Azami, then her emotionally distant and haughty mother, Mana. The Nakiris made up, and Erina’s tsundere side was finally tempered.

4/10 Damian Desmond is just a kid trying to impress his father

Spy X family

Damian Desmond is a bit fond of Spy x Family.

In the beginning, young Damian Desmond was just a naughty little boy Spy x Family, and fans didn’t like how he treated his telepathic classmate Anya Forger. Then fans learned that for all his “boss-man” bravado, Damian is an insecure, lonely boy desperate for his father’s approval.

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All of this made Damian far more likable, especially considering his youth, and he even started partnering with Anya in gym class and art class. He won’t dare admit it, but Damian seems to be nursing an innocent little crush on Anya, much to the delight of romantic Becky.

3/10 Killua Zoldyck is Gon’s scariest best friend

hunter x hunter

Hunter X Hunter KIllua

While Hunter x hunterThe main character Gon Freess is a total deredere who can get along with anyone, his assassin friend Killua Zoldyck is more like a tsundere. Killua came from a reclusive family of assassins and suffered at their hands before escaping to find his own destiny.

Killua has a bad attitude and is quick to mock or intimidate others, but he is also staunchly loyal and views Gon as his first, and possibly only, true friend. They are also friendly rivals, competing to see who can master new Nen techniques faster with Biscuit and other mentors.

2/10 Lady Tsunade became the Fifth Hokage


Tsunade randomly poses in Naruto Shippuden.

Naruto‘s Fifth Hokage, the snail princess Tsunade, is a tough and smart lady who is quick to punish wrongdoers and protect all her friends. Tsunade also has a bad habit of gambling away all her money and drinking heavily, but it’s only to hide her deep sadness.

Tsunade was quite short-tempered and aggressive when Naruto and Jiraiya met her, but she wasn’t a bad person, just a lost kunoichi who needed new friends. Tsunade slowly warmed up to Naruto, helped drive Orochimaru away, and then assumed the mantle of Hokage.

1/10 Nami is Luffy’s treasure-seeking navigator

One Piece

Nami laughs and holds up three fingers in One Piece.

IN One Pieceall of Luffy’s crewmates are absolutely loyal to him and each other as true nakama, but they can still have an outwardly tough attitude, like Zoro the swordsman. Meanwhile, the navigator Nami is a classic tsundere who loved her foster mother and sister, but she also has a short fuse.

Nami loves treasure, drawing maps and protecting the innocent, making her a lovable vigilante pirate. She also formed deep and strong emotional bonds with her entire crew, although she often nags at them or criticizes them. Her old found family is lost, but among the Straw Hats she will always have a place.

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