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10 Anime To Watch If You Love John Wick

10 Anime To Watch If You Love John Wick

John Wick is a popular action film series starring actor Keanu Reeves as the titular hero, the vengeful, costumed action star who wants revenge on the men who killed his beloved puppy. The whole premise may sound like something from a clichéd B-movie, but the movies are genuinely good action, and fans always want more.

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In between installments of John Wick movies, action fans can not only turn to Quentin Tarantino or Jonn Woo movies, but also cool, action-packed Japanese anime series or movies. After all, itoriginal John Wick was partly inspired by anime, so John Wick fans should also find a lot to love about action anime.

10 Black Lagoon is all about guns, explosions and mayhem

Any action fan who loves John Wick or Quentin Tarantino movies are sure to enjoy the seinen anime series Black Lagoon. It has everything from gunfights and cool military vehicles to a life of crime, tough-talking villains, pretty scenery and more.

The reluctant hero is the mild-mannered businessman turned rogue, Rock. He now runs with the Black Lagoon mercenary gang operating in Southeast Asia, taking odd jobs for shady types. Mercenaries, private armies, deadly bandits and sinister villains are just the start, and almost every episode is packed with action.

9 Love Of Kill is a more romantic John Wick

Love to Kill is proof that not all shojo anime are created equal Fruit basket and Sailor Moon. They are fantastic shojo anime in their own right, but some fans want some cross-genre mixes with wider appeal, so this is where anime series like Love to Kill come in.

Love to Kill features two gun-toting heroes battling a variety of deadly foes while waging an emotional battle with each other. It’s going to be tough for them to truly trust each other when Ryang-Ha explains so little about his origins, and fans are eager to find out if Chateau will reciprocate his romantic advances.

8 Tokyo Revengers let their fists fly

The main characters in Tokyo Revengers are young enough to be John Wick’s own children, but that doesn’t mean they’re cute or innocent. The boys to Tokyo Revengers are tough-talking criminals who fully embrace the punk life, and they love living in Tokyo’s seedy underworld of lost youth.

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Takemichi, Draken, and Mikey don’t really engage in gun fu or gunfights, but they make up for it with their sheer brutality of amateur martial arts and bloody beatdowns. Some of the battles are personal, pitting two rivals against each other, or they are large-scale brawls involving entire gangs at a time.

7 Ghost In The Shell Is Peak Cyberpunk Action

The Cyberpunk Ghost in the shell anime will appeal to fans of sci-fi series such as The matrix and Blade Runnerbut it also has a lot to offer John Wick fans. Although the character John Wick doesn’t have much to do with futuristic cyborgs or hacker terrorists, he can appreciate all the weapons that GitS‘ heroes use.

Some episodes are more about philosophy and talking about computers. Other sequences, meanwhile, contain cringe-worthy gunfights, martial arts, car chases and explosions John Wick movie, all with a serious, cool seinen tone.

6 Spy X Family is like a comedy John Wick

If John Wick fans don’t mind trying lighter action, they can try Spy x Family. Both series involve a cool action star who dresses well and fights hard to protect the things most precious to him. John Wick got his puppy, and Loid Forger has his foster daughter, Anya.

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Haninker aside, Spy x Family should entertain some John Wick or James Bond fan with its exciting action sequences, spy missions and much more. Loid and Yor Forger are both deadly fighters that can clear out entire rooms of thugs, but they also love parents who will definitely fight to avenge a fallen pup as well.

5 Cowboy Bebop is exciting action in space

Cowboy Bebop is another western-style action anime that may appeal mostly to sci-fi fans, but any John Wick enthusiast should find a few things to like as well. This is the bittersweet story of Bebop’s crew, including legendary gunslinger hero Spike Spiegel, and their adventures in the solar system.

Sometimes, Cowboy Bebop is completely silly, and embraces classic light-hearted anime tropes. But it also finds plenty of time for intense shootouts, stylish martial arts and more than a little drama and heartache. Spike is more like John Wick than action movie fans might think at first.

4 Trigun brings the carnage

In many ways the anime of the 1990s Trigun is like Cowboy Bebop, a classic action anime title that is more serious than its comic relief and colorful visuals suggest. It’s not quite as gruesome as John Wickbut the eye-catching gunfights and nice weapons to Trigun should make up for that and then some.

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TrigunThe hero is Vash the Stampede, an elite gunslinger with a giant bounty on his head. He’s a nice guy who doesn’t want to take any lives, but he also won’t hesitate to pull the trigger and take out his enemies in non-lethal, creative ways. Fans of Westerns should try this too.

3 Requiem Of The Phantom Has All Guns Blazing

Late 2000s anime title Requiem of the Phantom is a bit unclear in relation to action series such as Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoonwhich makes it a hidden gem too John Wick fans who need something cool to watch this weekend. This anime features criminal gangs, bloody shootouts, hardcore action and more.

The main character, codenamed Zwei, got involved in organized crime in the United States, and the Inferno gang is after him. They have sent agents to deal with this problem, including the amnesiac girl named Ein. What follows next has to be seen to be believed.

2 Golden Kamuy is a Hokkaido western

The popular seinen title Golden Kamuy feels primarily like a western, just like Trigunalthough John Wick fans will also find a lot to love here. The story takes place around the year 1905, right after the Russo-Japanese War. In this anime, heavily armed men and criminals stalk Hokkaido, desperately searching for a lost treasure.

The protagonist, ex-soldier Sugimoto, also wants that treasure, and he has allied himself with an Ainu girl named Asirpa to find it before his vicious enemies do. And period Golden Kamuy has loads of humor and cooking scenes, it also has a lot of amazing gunfights and close combats that will appeal to everyone John Wick fan.

1 Hellsing is fantasy John Wick

Hellsing may feel a little off-beat for fans of traditional action movies, but if they don’t mind a little dark fantasy mixed in, they should love it Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate has to offer. At least both Hellsing and John Wick offering hardcore action anti-heroes who can slaughter enemies with impunity.

Alucard is the twisted main character in Hellsing, a hat-wearing vampire who can use part of his power to massacre anyone who gets in his way, including other vampires. He and his allies also use firearms and bladed weapons in the fight against the forces of darkness.

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