10 anime to watch if you like Mob Psycho 100

10 anime to watch if you like Mob Psycho 100

Since Mob Psycho 100its producers Studio Bones revealed season 3 to be the anime’s finale, with the final episode set to premiere on December 22, 2022, many fans have been looking for anime to fill the void left by Mob Psycho 100.

The adventures of Mob and his rise to power have been declared to be great “anti-shonen” type stories where an overwhelmed protagonist navigates everyday life. Given that the creator, One, is responsible for One Punch Man following a similar story, the outpouring of positivity for this type of story makes too much sense.

To fill the void left Mob Psycho 100This article has compiled a list of ten anime to watch if you enjoy the often bizarre escapades of Mob and friends.

Disclaimer: This list will contain spoilers for not only Mob Psycho 100, but the other anime listed here. The opinions also only reflect the opinions of the author.

10 anime similar to Mob Psycho 100

1) One Punch Man

Saitama and Genos (Image via Studio Madhouse/JC Staff)
Saitama and Genos (Image via Studio Madhouse/JC Staff)

As previously mentioned, One Punch Man was created by the same mangaka who created Mob Psycho 100. It’s also incredibly similar Mob Psycho 100 in that it stars an overwhelmed protagonist who trained his hardest to become the strongest, but is unhappy with life afterward since absolutely nothing is challenging for him.

Although their power sets are oceans apart, both Saitama and Mob provide the series with well-timed dry humor when confronting threats. Both series poke fun at shonen anime conventions, particularly overpowered villains, destruction, and exaggerated personalities of characters. If you like action and comedy, One Punch Man more than fills the void left Mob Psycho 100.

2) The Disastrous Life of Saiki K!

Kusuo Saiki and all his classmates in one "Holy Communion"  type of party (Image via JC Staff)
Kusuo Saiki and all his classmates in a “Last Supper” type party (Image via JC Staff)

Kusuo Saiki is a lot closer to Mob as a character than Saitama was, considering they both have psychic powers. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K! Is also a look at how not to use psychic powers, including the difficulties of having them since childhood. Unlike Mob, Kusuo Saiki chooses being alone and able to control his powers.

About as in Mob Psycho 100, However, both Kusuo and Mob are forced into difficult situations and can’t exactly escape the limelight. Kusuo has a lot of friends who are just as crazy as he is, much like Mob, and they both have to use their powers to get them out of weird hijinks and save people every now and then.

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3) Hinamatsuri

youtube cover

A slightly more innocent take on things is anime Hinamatsuri, which is about a yakuza member named Yoshifumi Nitta, who suddenly finds himself with a group of girls with supernatural powers. This follows an incident when someone named Hina appears by literally falling on his head.

Despite dealing with Yakuza issues, this series focuses heavily on the coming-of-age aspect along with the rather surreal comedy of suddenly dealing with psychic powers. Nitta suddenly has to be responsible with a group of strange girls can sound more like Tenchi Muyo’s Tenchi Masaki’s style, but the animation focuses on Nitta and Hina both maturing as people, much like Mob did over his series.

4) Jujutsu Kaisen

New Jujutsu Kaisen illustration featuring the characters in the anime’s second ending theme

While psychic powers are present in Jujutsu Kaisen, the comparison comes more in terms of cursed energy being formed out of negativity gone out of control like how Mob’s powers explode. Similarly, Yuji and Gojo’s relationship is similar to Mob and Arataka’s relationship, especially with the strange training the two undergo.

Now the other similarity is the fluid animation that looks clean as fresh snow. As Mob Psycho 100, the animation seems excessively lifelike without hitting the uncanny valley. It also excels in fight choreography by making full use of supernatural themes. Jujutsu Kaisen is anime to watch if you want to see more other world conflicts.


FLCL's main cast (image via Studio Gainax and Production IG)
FLCL’s main cast (Image via Studio Gainax and Production IG)

About like Hinamatsuri, FLCL is extremely bizarre and often cited as one of the most nonsensical anime of all time. So it’s naturally perfect for Mob Psycho 100 fans who might love that kind of humor. It has a wonderful concept of what it means to be popular and mature, but most fans will not understand it at first.

FLCLThe comedy ranges from slapstick to one-off jokes, and the absurdity of it all is entertaining. Its sequels also expand the world into something similar Mob Psycho 100, with several characters involved in supernatural shenanigans besides Naota. If you love absurd humor, then FLCL will do the trick.

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6) My Hero Academia

Class 1-A and 1-B in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)
Class 1-A and 1-B in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

A more mainstream example of an anime that might otherwise fit Mob Psycho 100s niche is My Hero Academia. Aside from being a deconstruction, and reconstruction of superheroism and shonen anime tropes, My Hero Academia has plenty of super-powered people who could otherwise fit into a series of their own.

It helps that both Izuku and Mob fit the mold of protagonists struggling with newfound power sets, as both Izuku and Mob tend to overwork themselves and either injure themselves, others, or both when using their powers. The action is also a highlight, as hard punches, bangs and even city-destroying attacks are common.

My Hero Academia recommended for Mob Psycho 100 fans who love super-powered action and antics.

7) Noragami

Noragami's three central characters (Image via Studio Bones)
Noragami’s three central characters (Image via Studio Bones)

Faith is the name of the game Noragami, and it is won by a godly figure named Yato. If that sounds like the LOL cult i Mob Psycho 100, it is not. In fact, Yato is genuinely a good person, who wants to become a revered deity as he helps whoever he can, including a schoolgirl, who saved him from being hit by a truck. Together, the two along with a shinki help Yato get closer to his dream and the girl, Hyori, from having her soul escape from her body.

To hear it described like that, you might assume it’s a solemn animation with a religious theme. Well, they would be partially right. Noragami is half humor, half serious drama, and manages to balance them both quite well, given the concept. It doesn’t go over-the-top like that FLCL with humor at least, so it’s well worth watching for the laughs and tragedy along the way.

8) Shinsekai Yori/From the New World

youtube cover

A more obscure title that perfectly deals with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlearning to use psychic powers, Shinsekai Yori centers around a seemingly idyllic village where Saki Watanabe exists. Given the ability to use psychokinesis, Saki is joined by five other children at Zenjin Academy to train in using their powers. Fairly standard stuff Mob psycho 100 fans, right?

Well, the veil is lifted quite quickly, much like i The promised wonderland. The utopia is deconstructed in violent and often gruesome ways with death and violent acts everywhere. Hold onto this ride if you choose to take it, as the world is much darker than it appears in this particular anime.

9) Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect title and main cast (Image via Studio Silver Link)
Kokoro Connect title and main cast (Image via Studio Silver Link)

Another show with a more serious take on Esper-style powers is Kokoro Connect. Imagine if you were able to see the darkest and most vulnerable side of your best friend or randomly switched bodies or even just had all of your innermost desires unleashed without your consent. While some of these ideas are treated as comedy, others are not so much as each arc addresses the more serious side of these dilemmas.

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While it may be overshadowed by controversy for how the anime production company treated one of the voice actors, the anime itself is pretty funny. It follows five members of Yamaboshi High’s Student Cultural Society club as they investigate the mysterious phenomena caused by a malevolent entity known as “Heartseed.” If you like your psychological dramas, with a touch of silliness, Kokoro Connect by filling the void left behind Mob Psycho’s exit.

10) Akira

AKIRA (1988) Cinematography by Katsuji Misawa Directed by Katsuhiro Ohtomo Learn about how lights are animated in this film: ops.fyi/3aoEG1A

Without doubt the most famous and classic example of psychic powers going horribly wrong and the consequences of such a thing, Akira is a must-see for everyone including Mob Psycho 100 fans.

Set in an alternate version of 1998, Tokyo has been rebuilt as Neo Tokyo after the sudden outbreak of World War III. The protagonist Shotaro Kaneda must now survive the cruel streets of Neo-Tokyo together with friends such as an Esper named Tetsuo.

What starts as a good friendship turns sour when Tetsuo begins to use his powers recklessly, destroying people and himself as a result. While Mob has friends who help him control his own powers, Tetsuo actively pushes people away thanks to his inferiority complex and the trauma he went through. Akira Recommended for fans of Mob Psycho 100 who want that contrast in their life.

There you have it, these were 10 anime that can fill the void Mob Psycho 100 again in their lives. Anyone who wants additional recommendations can do so in the comments section below. It’s a shame Mob Psycho 100 ends, but here’s hoping these anime can help heal the hurt. To, that hope!

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