10 Anime Shows With The Most Useless Side Characters

10 Anime Shows With The Most Useless Side Characters

The more, the better – or so they say. Anime is no stranger to having large ensemble casts full of rich characters with their own stories, ideals, and goals that can complement or contrast with those of the main characters. When done right, the many side characters can make the series and the world feel more energetic and lived in, although that can be a difficult feat to pull off.

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While there are many anime supporting casts that are good, not all of them tend to have much of an impact on the main plot, and in some cases they are simply useless. There’s something to be said for quality over quantity when it comes to these supporting characters.

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10/10 Rin Okumura’s supporting cast is not as important as they are in the manga

Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist features a teenager who goes against his father, Satan.

After Rin Okumura finds out that he is the son of the devil, he decides to become an exorcist to defeat his demonic father. This leads him to True Cross Academy where he meets a colorful class of aspiring exorcists who will become his most trusted allies and friends, although the anime’s version of these characters is much less complex.

Because Blue Exorcistonly had two seasons – one of which opted for an original anime ending – most of the side characters end up contributing far less than their manga counterparts. Many character arcs were never adapted, making them much less plot relevant and even unhelpful at times.

9/10 The afterlife is far too bloated to remember everyone

Angel Beats!

Yuri leads her class in Angel Beats!

When Angel Beats! starts, Yuzuru Otonashi, as well as the audience, is surrounded by the various oddball members of Afterlife Battlefront who are trying to stay in the afterlife instead of disappearing. But fans could be forgiven if they had trouble keeping track of all these characters, their names and personalities since it’s a pretty bloated supporting cast.

With only 13 episodes to flesh out the anime’s story and characters, there wouldn’t have been enough time to satisfactorily develop each member of Battlefront. Only a few of them were actually important, and despite how armed to the teeth they all were, they tended to be beaten pretty easily at every opportunity.

8/10 The more characters are introduced, the less important the elderly become


Naruto and the allied Shinobi forces prepare to attack the Ten Tails

There is no doubt about that NarutoThe large cast is memorable and still much-loved to this day, and for good reason as many of them are not only likable, but get their time to shine at one point or another. Unfortunately, the longer the anime went on, the more side characters were introduced, to the point where older ones were practically forgotten.

Sure, a lot of the filler episodes and story arcs have given more time for the side characters to do more, but a lot of side characters that used to be relevant were left behind under the main plot of the anime. Some even spent the entire series contributing nothing. It is a problem that even persists in Boruto era for this franchise.

7/10 No one can do anything without Kirito

Sword art online

kirito and 'harem' sword art online

While Sword art online‘s Kirito may have spent a lot of time as a loner, he slowly but surely built a band of friends and allies that he would do anything to protect. That said, it seems like they and pretty much every non-enemy that crosses paths with Kirito is pretty much out of whack without him; even Asuna has been put in this box at least once.

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Kirito being overpowered to the point where almost every side character becomes irrelevant would be one thing, but it also seems like the side characters that even manage to get the spotlight only develop to a certain point. From there, most people just wait for Kirito to save the day.

6/10 Many Dragon Ball cast members have disappeared for years

Dragon Ball Franchise

Dragon Ball Super Intro Chozetsu Dynamic Group Shot

Over the years, Dragon Ball has had many characters to make up its supporting cast, and seems to get bigger and bigger with each new series. Unfortunately, not all of them are going to be useful forever, and even some of those who are capable in a fight end up being sidelined, easily defeated, or simply forgotten.

The non-combatant characters have always been more comic relief anyway, but others have disappeared for years, becoming more useless over time. While some like Gohan and Piccolo may eventually be served justice, others like Chaotzu and Yamcha haven’t done anything of note since the Saiyan saga.

5/10 Even with their training, everyone in the IS Academy is incapacitated

infinite Stratos

infinite Stratos

Ichika Orimura comes to the IS Academy as the only known male capable of piloting the robotic IS units, so of course he would be behind his fellow students who have trained for years before him. Oddly, even with that in mind, pretty much every side character that surrounds Ichika is as useless as he is.

infinite Stratos has a habit of giving the spotlight to one character for a little while before more characters are introduced, overshadowing the previous ones and rendering them irrelevant. They’re mostly there to fool Ichika, and when they’re not, they’re either defeated or sidelined for the rest of the season.

4/10 Most of the people around Kazuma are useless, and that’s okay


Konosuba main friends Darkness, Kazuma, Megumin and Aqua

Whether he had it coming or not, Kazuma has the worst luck, even in another world. Despite becoming an adventurer and starting his own party straight out of a fantasy RPG, he’s stuck with the most frustrating allies, including a useless goddess, a mage with only one spell a day, and a masochistic paladin—not just the ideal adventure cast.

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As expected, KonoSubasees this batch of misfits unable to do anything right, with their “idiosyncrasies” often making the situation worse. However, the uselessness that Kazuma is surrounded by (and even contributes to) is part of the charm and humor of this anime.

3/10 Despite their potential, Shinra’s other cast members end up not doing much

Fire strength

Fire Company 8 from Fire Force

Fire strength‘s Company 8 has all the hallmarks of a fairly well-rounded action skinned support role for Shinra – at least on the surface. From the fat Arthur to the tough Captain Obi, they definitely had potential. Unfortunately, this potential was squandered by the crew not really doing much or being that helpful in the main plot outside of Shinra himself.

Some of these characters have arcs, and even some characters Company 8 meets along the way do too. Some who seem pretty important at the start either barely do anything, are reduced to comedy relief, or are completely helpless in a real fight, making them seem like bit players in their own story.

2/10 Charlotte’s supporting characters end up being overshadowed as it goes on


The cast of Charlotte Anime

The first batch of episodes in the Charlotte sees a reluctant Yuu Otosaka join Hoshinoumi Academy’s student council to prevent others from abusing their special powers when he abused his ability to possess people’s bodies. However, as the series continues and more is revealed about Yuu, the student council becomes less and less important to the story.

As Yuu’s development as a character becomes the central focus, the colorful cast becomes useless, and even those new introduced to the story end up being a footnote themselves. With only 13 episodes to work with, the supporting characters of this anime are sadly underdeveloped.

1/10 Removing Diablo’s party members wouldn’t change anything

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Diablo's party meets Batutta

Isekai anime can already be quite guilty of the main character being so overpowered that the rest of the characters are overshadowed, but the supporting cast of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord is particularly quite useless. Diablo being strong from the start and everyone else being so far behind his power level means he can solo anything, and he pretty much does.

It would be one thing if the rest of the people around Diablo were at least capable in dangerous situations, but they’re not, and they have to be saved by him every time. Most of these characters could be removed from the story and not much about the plot would actually change.

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