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10 Anime pacifists who were forced to kill their opponents

10 Anime pacifists who were forced to kill their opponents

In a genre that is as action-packed as anime, it is rare to encounter a pacifist. Yet no world would be complete without those who question the status quo and stand up for non-violent solutions. For example, the war-torn world of Attack on Titan would be incomplete without Armin Arlert.

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Due to the nature of the most popular anime series, those who fight for non-violent solutions are often forced to do so by violent means. This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but for characters like Armin, Shanks and Tanjiro, it’s a way of life.

10 Despite his lineage, Gohan fights only when absolutely necessary (Dragon Ball)

Given the way Goku approaches violence, it’s really incredible that Gohan grew up prioritizing his education over his martial arts. Still, thanks to the strong influence of characters like Chi Chi and Bulma, Gohan learned a valuable lesson: not all problems can be solved with violence.

Of course, Goku’s method of solving problems and various intergalactic threats with his fists made it so that Gohan could only ever be a pacifist in theory. When confronted with the inherently violent nature of Cell, Gohan was forced to enter his inner Saiyan and destroy the android before he could destroy the planet.

9 Naruto changed after seeing the destruction created by pain (Naruto Shippuden)

Calling Naruto a pacifist in the original anime series may be a misnomer, but after witnessing the devastation created by Pain and the naturally violent nature of the shinobi world, Naruto went through a change of heart.

After Akatsuki was defeated and Pain was killed by Naruto’s Rasengan, the young shinobi made it a part of his ninja way to fight for peace. This does not mean that Naruto believed that all the problems he faced could be solved without violence, but it was his mission to create a world where the next generation did not have to rely on violent means to solve their disputes.

8 Euphemia Li Britannias was forced into violence by her brother (Code Geass)

Unlike his sadistic older brother Lelouch, Euphemia is committed to finding peaceful solutions. To prove this point, she came up with a plan that would allow the people of Japan to govern themselves as an alternative to being kept under the iron thumb of the Britannia family.

Unfortunately, on the day she was to give a speech and announce her peaceful resolution, Lelouch used Geass to force her to murder all the Japanese citizens she came in contact with. Lelouch’s actions would lead to Euphemia’s death and fortunately mark a significant transition in his own character arc.

7 Kirito sacrificed his own moral code to save the lives of other innocent players (Sword Art Online)

Kirito is one of the most innocent and altruistic characters in the world Sword art online. After finding out that the death of characters in the game could result in the death of the players’ physical bodies, Kirito refused to take a life before coming face to face with Kuradeel.

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As a member of Laughing Coffin, a group notoriously known as the Player Killers Guild, Kuradeel made it a habit to torture and kill his teammates. Although he tried his best to change Kuradeel’s behavior, Kirito came to the conclusion that empathy and compassion would not be enough to stop the killer from continuing the killing spree.

6 Kira Yamato went to war without a murderous bone in her body (Gundam SEED)

The main character in Mobile suit Gundam SEED has inspired Gundam fandom to personify him with some incredibly peaceful historical figures. Although this comparison may be considered excessive, it says a lot about Kira’s character.

Unlike his other Gundam pilots, Kira hates war and conflict. In fact, he despises the idea of ​​using violence as a solution so much that he goes out of his way to disarm enemy pilots when killing them would be significantly safer and easier. Of course, no Gundam pilot can go to war without incurring injuries, regardless of their philosophy or intentions.

5 Tanjiro’s mission is designed to prevent him from having to kill (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro’s gentle nature is such a fundamental part of his personality that he is able to feel empathy for the demons he goes to war with. Every demon that Tanjiro encounters has taken innocent lives with the aim of gaining more strength and avoiding death, but Tanjiro is still able to see the good in them.

To emphasize his pacifism even more, the whole of Tanjiro’s motivation for joining the Demon Slayer Corps was never to kill demons. Instead, Tanjiro hoped to find a cure for demons, so he did not have to cut off their heads with the Nichirin blade.

4 Itachi murders his family to ward off war (Naruto)

It may be hard to believe that the man who slaughtered his entire family is a pacifist at heart, but the truth about Itachi’s nature was revealed after his fight with Sasuke. What many originally thought was the cold murderous act of an evil teenager was in fact a desperate prayer for peace.

Instead of wiping out his entire clan or starting a war between shinobi families, Itachi decided to bury his own moral compass and choose the violent path that would result in the least number of deaths.

3 Armin continues to fight for diplomatic solutions (Attack On Titan)

Like many other shonen anime, the world of Attack on Titan is no place for a pacifist. It does not matter how powerful or intelligent a character is; without the will to pull the metaphorical trigger, characters are forced to lose their own lives in AoT.

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Even Armin, who willingly put himself within reach of Bertholdt’s explosive Titan shift capability to test the waters of diplomacy, was forced to take innocent lives as he followed Eren into Marley.

2 Vash The Stampede only broke his rule to save his friends (Trigun)

The relationship between Vash the Stampede and Legato Bluesummers has much in common with the antithetical relationship between Batman and the Joker from DC Universe. While Vash takes every precaution to avoid killing his enemies, Legato does his best to turn Vash into a killer.

This conflict is at the heart of it Trigunhis plot, and it is not until Legato threatens Meryl and Milly’s lives that Vash is forced to press the trigger and put an end to his pacifism. It’s an iconic but heartbreaking moment that highlights Vash’s dedication to protecting others.

1 The Gorosei confirmed that Shanks is a pacifist by nature (One Piece)

According to Gorosei who serves as the leaders of the world government in One Piece, Shanks is a pacifist by nature. While this may surprise fans who have come to see Shanks as one of the most powerful characters of all One Piecethat is the only reason he is respected by the world government despite his lifestyle.

As a pirate, Shanks has been surrounded by killers like Buggy the Clown all his life. In this setting, it is impossible to choose a pacifist lifestyle, but that does not mean that Shanks cannot hold on to this philosophy for future generations to embrace.

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