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10 Anime pacifists who refuse to fight anyone

10 Anime pacifists who refuse to fight anyone

Given how action-packed most anime movies tend to be, violence is almost always the only way to resolve conflicts and issues. These anime characters know that this is the reality, but that does not mean that they agree with it.

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Whether it was because of their morals or for fear of the harm they might inflict, these characters became pacifists in the face of death and destruction. Undoubtedly, their choice to maintain peace made them the strongest people on the battlefield.

10 Neon Genesis Evangelion – Maya Ibuki was too innocent for the darkness of the Gospel

Whether they were piloting an Evangelion or not, almost everyone living in Tokyo-3 was emotionally troubled. Maya was the rare exception since, outside of her infatuation with Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, she had no debilitating anxiety. However, this was not good, since it meant that she would not survive a world as gloomy as Evangelions.

Maya was just too nice to Neon GenesisEvangelions world, she was almost always the first to crack under the pressure of an angelic attack, and she could not even pick up a gun to defend herself during the JSSDF’s invasion of NERV. It is not so surprising that she looked more relieved than anything else when Instrumentality came after her.

9 Baccano! – Jacuzzi space is too nice to start a match

It goes without saying that Jacuzzi was the cowardiest and most invertebrate character in Baccano! That said, Jacuzzi’s high anxiety, excessive apology and crying and lack of physical strength are not bad things. Instead, they are in fact his most famous possessions and the very reasons why his gang are fiercely loyal to and protective of him.

Jacuzzi is unable to summon his bravery to stand up for himself or others (especially his girlfriend, Nice Holystone), but he needs a lot of pressure to get to that point. If he could choose, Jacuzzi would rather not fight, especially when the mere threat of violence was more than enough to reduce him to a rumbling, crying mess.

8 Bleach – Orihime Inoue used only his powers for defense and healing

Almost everyone in Bleach is ready or itching for a fight, with Orihime as the rare exception. Like her friends, Orihime has supernatural powers, but she uses them exclusively to summon barriers or heal damage. In short, Orihime is so kind-hearted that she would rather heal her enemies than think about hurting them.

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It does not help the case is the fact that Orihime’s powers are strengthened by her desires. To know that her defensive and healing abilities are immensely powerful, but her violations are virtually non-existent. Orihime is not unable to apply some injury, but the fights are better left to Ichigo or her longtime friend and defender, Tatsuki.

7 Durarara !! – Simon left his story of violence behind

Little is known about Semyon Berzhnev’s past, except that he worked for the KGB and Russian organized crime before migrating to Japan. What is clear, however, is that Semyon wanted to get away from this dark past and started a new, peaceful life in Ikebukuro as Simon, the friendly chef and co-owner of the Russian Sushi restaurant.

Simon is so pacifist that he dislikes even just mentioning violence, and this stems from his guilt for his bloody past. The few times Simon broke his oath were in self-defense, or to teach Izaya Orihara a lesson.

6 Re: Creators – Mamika Kirameki realized how dangerous her powers really were

In her child-friendly anime, “Magical Slayer Mamika”, Mamika was a typical magical girl who easily defeated evil with the power of love and colorful spells. IN Re: Creators’ reverse isekai world, but Mamika was a dangerous spellcaster whose sweet powers leveled entire city blocks. When she realized this, Mamika swore never to use her powers again.

The rest of her time in Re: Creators, Mamika avoided using magic and tried her best to end the battles through compassion and diplomacy. It was only when her efforts for peacekeeping failed and in the last moments she used Magical Splash Flare against Altair in a last-ditch attempt to stop her.

5 Mob Psycho 100 – Shigeo Kageyama will not lose his temper again

The mob always had enormous psychic powers, but he chose to keep them in check. Many years ago, Mob lost control of its forces and attacked high school students who bullied him and his brother Ritsu. Unfortunately, Ritsu was caught in the chaos. From then on, the Mob swore never to use its powers unless his mentor, Reigen, gave him permission to do so.

The mob only used its power to either expel ghosts that he and Reigen were paid to get rid of, or as a last resort if diplomacy failed. On most days, the Mob kept his emotions in check to avoid the risk of losing control again, or he ignored his powers since Reigen wisely (if unintentionally) taught the Mob that being a psychic did not make him superior to others.

4 Black Lagoon – Rock believes committing violence is under him

Rock really stands out in Roanapur’s scary abdomen, mainly because of his refusal to hold a gun. Although this was initially because he was too scared to think straight, Rock gradually became so cynical and exhausted that even the idea of ​​killing or injuring someone even seemed beneath him.

Rock’s best weapon was his cunning business acumen, which he used to manipulate Roanapur’s residents into making his bids without them even realizing it. As for Rock, it was he who did the least evil. That, and getting others to do the dirty work was more efficient and gratifying than getting your hands bloody.

3 Psycho-Pass – Akane Tsunemori always upheld people’s right to live

When Akane joined the Public Safety Bureau, she vowed to protect the innocent and bring the guilty to justice. But unlike his weary colleagues and especially Enforcers, Akane chose to make it immortal. Even when she had legal and personal reasons to do so, Akane chose to protect the sanctity of life anyway.

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Whenever she could, Akane negotiated with the suspect or used a taser to bring them in safely. Akane’s actions entertained and irritated the Sibyl system, which wanted to turn her into a useful farmer, but always failed to do so. Of Psycho-Pass’ third season, it is said that Akane killed someone, but given Sibyl’s unreliability, it is difficult to believe this dubious claim.

2 Mobile Suit Gundam SEED – The Orb Union chose self-destruction over war

As the war between Earth Alliance and PLANT dragged on, the few remaining neutral nations were forced to choose sides or risk retaliation. One nation that both Naturals and coordinators wanted, for their part, was the technologically advanced and self-sustaining Orb, known for its space catapult and unwavering neutrality.

When the Alliance demanded that Orb lend their catapult and join the Earth’s war effort, Orb and their leader Uzumi Athha chose death. Uzumi knew that joining either the Alliance or PLANT would endanger the people of Orb and benefit an aggressor, so he and his countrymen chose to destroy their prized space catapult and beloved homeland instead.

1 Attack On Titan – King Karl Fritz deleted The Eldians’ Instinct For War

A millennium ago, the Eldians were a powerful empire whose conquest was made possible by the power of the Titans. However, not everyone was proud of this story. King Karl Fritz, the 145th King of Eldian, disliked the bloody legacy of his ancestors, thinking of the fall of the empire as atonement. He also erased the descendants’ ability to commit violence.

With the powers of the basic titan, King Fritz Eldians rewrote the memories and renounced war in the place of the people. As such, not all Eldians could use the power of the Titans as a weapon, and they would accept their total annihilation as payment for the sins of their ancestors. Before Eren Yeager broke it, King Fritz kept his promise for countless generations.

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