10 Anime Kids Who Dress To Impress

10 Anime Kids Who Dress To Impress

Japanese anime characters wear all kinds of outfits, from military or school uniforms to shabby, casual outfits to sparkling prom dresses and elegant men’s tuxedos. There are usually adult and young adult anime characters who dress up to impress others, such as guests at a dinner ball, but sometimes children dress up as well.

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Young ladies and gentlemen usually dress to impress when their parents take them to a high-society event, for example, and young princes and princesses will also dress well. In the eyes of all anime fans, these little boys and girls are all great dressers, even if their outfits are considered ordinary in their own everyday lives.

10/10 Yuuri is a well-dressed boy at all times

The maid I hired recently is mysterious

Yuuri is surprised

The maid I hired recently is mysterious takes place in present-day Japan, but the main characters clearly live in a neighborhood modeled after Victorian England. The maids, like Lilith and Natsume, are all dressed accordingly, and young students like Yuuri and Tsukasa also dress well.

Born to fairly wealthy parents, Yuuri the tsundere orphan has the attire and attitude to match. He is a properly dressed boy both at school and at home, and he wouldn’t dare go out the door looking like a fool. Lilith might have fun dressing him up for an outing too.

9/10 As a child, Katarina Claes wore many dazzling outfits

My next life as a villain

Katarina Clae's bratty mode

Otome game villain Katarina Claes was born into a noble family, so she had everything she wanted growing up, including fancy outfits and headbands. The original Katarina was a spoiled brat, but the isekai version is more appreciative of everything she has My next life as a villain.

The new Katarina Claes was a well-dressed little girl, although she also didn’t mind dressing in work clothes to tinker with her garden. This annoyed her pretentious mother, Millidaiana, who wanted a delicate doll of a daughter. However, Katarina is defined by much more than evening dresses and money.

8/10 Negi Springfield wears striped suits and stylish glasses

Mahou Sensei Negima!

negi Springfield looks confident

The youthful one Mahou Sensei Negima! protagonist, Negi Springfield, is a polite and talented boy from Wales who accepted a teaching job in Japan. He was also a wizard who aimed to do good for others, so he warmed up by teaching Japanese junior high school students.

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As a teacher, Negi always dresses well in pinstripe suits tailored for his small frame, and he even has shoes and glasses to match. Negi doesn’t seem to actually need the fancy glasses to see, but he often wears them at work anyway.

7/10 Kisa Sohma is the author’s costume lover

Fruit basket

Kisa Sohma from Fruits Basket

Young Dandere Kisa Sohma did not live up to her tiger star spirit at all. Instead of being proud and cruel, she withdrew into her shell and even stopped going to school. Now Kisa has Tohru Honda to look up to as an inspirational older sister figure, and she’s happier than ever.

Kisa personally isn’t into frilly, girly clothes, but writer Natsuki Takaya is. Funnily enough, the author often drew Kisa like that in bonus Fruit basket illustrations and colored art that on a meta level make Kisa one of anime’s best-dressed youths of all.

6/10 Ciel Phantomhive is a pint-sized Victorian gentleman

Black Butler

ciel phantomhive from black butler

Black Butler set in Victorian England, the characters dress accordingly as members of Britain’s upper crust. Sebastian is “one hell of a butler” with a tuxedo and white gloves to match, while his young master, Ciel Phantomhive, is a sharply dressed boy.

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Ciel always looks best in different colored suits and tuxedos, usually darker colors. He also wears two rings, one on each hand, and wears a gauze eyepatch in most scenes. That eyepatch hides the Faustian contract on his right eye, making it one of anime’s most unique eyes.

5/10 Melty Melromarc dresses like the princess she is

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Princess Melty was happily surprised

More key characters in The Rising of the Shield Hero are royalty, mainly the Melromarc royal family. This family is a mixed bag in Naofumi’s eyes, but at least they look impressive with their high-quality outfits and flashy colors, including the younger princess, Melty.

Melty is a lovable tsundere with carefully styled violet hair, complete with headbands and dresses to match. She’s dressed for a dinner party, but she also doesn’t mind going over the rough road with Naofumi’s party, where mud and rain can mar her expensive outfit.

4/10 Pride poses as Selim Bradley, The Sharply Dressed Kid

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Proud of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

The shadowy homunculus Pride is actually the eldest of his father’s unnatural “children”, but in everyday Amestris society he assumes the identity of Selim Bradley in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This child-like persona never grows up or changes appearance, and only sharp-eyed characters realized that the same young boy has appeared throughout history.

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Selim Bradley is always well dressed in suits and other men’s clothing, tailored to fit him perfectly. He usually discards the suit jacket when fighting as his true self, but he tends to wear it when impersonating Selim Bradley, such as in the local libraries.

3/10 Kanna Kamui likes frilly, colorful outfits

Miss Kobayashi’s dragon girl

kanna and classmates from miss kobayashi's dragon girl

Miss Kobayashi’s dragon girl is a charming reverse isekai anime where the main characters vary widely in their outfits, starting with Tohru’s classic maid costume. Miss Kobayashi doesn’t dress very sharp, but Elma wears nice outfits at work, and Kanna dresses well too.

Kanna is a quiet but friendly young monster that looks like a cute little girl with a tail. She often dresses in what is referred to as a “tribal themed gothic lolita” outfit which always looks pretty. She also has large pearls in her hair and pink doll shoes to complete the outfit.

2/10 Mavis Vermillion favors colorful dresses minus the shoes


mavis fairy tail

In a flashback arc in Fairytale, anime fans got to know Mavis in the early years, before the Fairy Tail guild existed. Mavis won her freedom as a child, then spent years studying in an abandoned library before setting sail to explore the world beyond her home island.

Mavis was well dressed at the time, wearing a pale pink dress with ribbons, patterns and more, along with her wing-like hair accessory. However, Mavis didn’t wear any fancy stockings or shoes to match, choosing instead to walk around barefoot.

1/10 The Nakano quintiles dressed well as children

The Quintessential Quintuplets

the nakano sisters as children

During the main events in The Quintessential Quintuplets, the five Nakano sisters all have their own fashion sense and hairstyles, and tsundere Nino Nakano has arguably the best fashion. Years ago, the Nakano sisters dressed similarly.

The quintuplets were all well-dressed girls with charming outfits of bright colors, including ribbons and even stylish shoes and white socks. They also had their hair the same way, so it was difficult for outsiders to tell them apart. Yotsuba was the first to change her appearance, specifically with a hair band.

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