10 Anime Heroes Who Love No One

10 Anime Heroes Who Love No One

It is common for anime heroes to fight for the ones they love. Of any protagonist motivation, having loved ones they are willing to do anything for is perhaps the most understandable and realistic. In many cases, their friendliness is their most iconic quality.

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However, there are a handful of anime heroes who are not so benevolent. They actually love no one, which means they are much more unpredictable than many of their constituents. While such characters’ lack of companionship isn’t always their fault, it does mean others should tread lightly as they won’t be held back if crossed.

10/10 Kuma is unable to love anymore

One Piece

Bartholomew Kuma with his paw extended in One Piece.

Despite debuting as a One Piece villain Kuma proved to be anything but. He saved the heroes at Sabaody Archipelago and was once a ranking member of the revolutionary army.

Unfortunately, the world government caught wind of his heroics, captured him, and further lobotomized him. What remained was an empty shell of his former self who quietly obeyed the heavenly dragons. Kuma may still be a hero at heart, even if he is no longer able to express his love in a meaningful way.

9/10 Zaraki’s ideals were too radical for many


Zaraki Kenpachi Flexing on Yuha Bleach

Zaraki was one of the most recognized captains in Bleach. Ruthless and strategic, his love of battle became well known throughout Soul Society and was instrumental in defeating Aizen’s Espada. Despite Zaraki’s loyalty to his organization, he has never shown much compassion for anyone.

Granted, he has a small number of followers who espouse his strength-based ideas, though they would not describe their relationship with their master as “loving”. On the contrary, it was a pact of mutual respect that could only be maintained through their actions on the battlefield.

8/10 Giorno lost everyone he could have loved

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Giorno Giovanna in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

Giorno’s origins made him less lovable than anyone else JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure main character. Having grown up alone in the rough streets of Italy, there was never anyone he meaningfully fought to protect. It could be argued that Giorno loved Team Bucciarati.

But since practically the entire squad was killed, the only people he could have claimed to love were no longer in his life. Giorno may have achieved his dream of replacing Diavolo as crime boss, though it came at a price almost too severe to bear.

7/10 Sai’s time in the foundation made love difficult


Sai from Naruto.

Sai’s troubled childhood was unlike most Naruto signs’. Raised by the Foundation, emotions were trained out of him to such an extent that he had to actively learn human behavior through a manual.

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Despite Sai’s attempts to fit in, he stood out from the Konoha 11 as a detached and emotionally devoid shinobi. Still, Ino found him charming, resulting in their marriage once in a while Shippuden and Boruto. Sai may still struggle to love others, though he doesn’t use his past as an excuse not to try.

6/10 Integra was the Hellsing organization’s cold leader


Sir Integra sits quietly in Hellsing.

Integra was one of Hellsing’s main characters. As the head of the anime’s titular organization, there was no one she was particularly fond of. Alucard may have been an asset to her endeavors, but she considered him more of a living weapon than a close friend.

This was seen when Integra was reunited with him thirty years after he disappeared in the fight against the Millennium Organization. Integra was not moved to tears; on the contrary, she was both surprised that he returned and annoyed that it took him so long.

5/10 Nighteye didn’t have other pros’ attachments

My Hero Academia

Sir Nighteye sees the future in My Hero Academia

Nighteye was one of the most enigmatic characters in My Hero Academia. Despite being a pro, his premonition of All Might’s demise caused a wedge between the two and made him emotionally distant. Nighteye appreciated spending time with his assistant, but they were never particularly close.

He may have been willing to give his life in the line of duty, although such diligence reflected the strength of his convictions rather than deep sentimentality. Nighteye’s death was tragic, but it would have been worse if it was someone he was actually close to.

4/10 Kurapika’s desire for revenge made him distant

hunter x hunter

Kurapika's scarlet eyes glow

hunter x hunter‘s Kurapika was fixated on destroying the Phantom Troupe. Although he befriended the heroes during their time in the Hunter Exam, he grew distant from them over time.

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Since Gon and Killua convinced him to spare Chrollo to disband the villains, Kurapika felt resentful that his heart was not yet at peace. This was seen through the fact that he did not visit Gon in the hospital after the brutal events of NGL. He was too busy with his own hatred to visit.

3/10 Merlin saw the sins as means to an end

Seven Deadly Sins

Merlin - Seven Deadly Sins

Merlin was one of the most powerful characters in the Seven Deadly Sins. Her intimate knowledge of the arcane made her a welcome addition to Sins’ ranks and provided advantages that her comrades would not otherwise have. Despite Merlin’s efforts against the Demon Clan, she didn’t actually love Britannia or anyone in it.

Since the beginning, she has worked as an agent of chaos to carry out their whims. This ruse was maintained until the moment of Escanor’s death, he kissed her without ever knowing her true intentions.

2/10 Scar cooperated with the heroes out of convenience

Full metal alchemist

Scar in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

The only person Fullmetal Alchemist’s Scar loved was his brother. When he died, the man went into a dark quest for revenge that almost destroyed his own soul. After realizing that not all of Amestris was corrupt, Scar showed a willingness to work with the heroes to take down King Bradley.

Despite taking up alchemy and using his brother’s hand of creation, there was no one in Edward’s ranks that he actually liked. He simply tolerated them since their goals matched his own.

1/10 Spike was lost after Julia’s death

Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop.

Spike Spiegel was Cowboy Bebopits main character. In the past, his love for Julia was his most defining motivation. However, after she was murdered by the Syndicate, he lost all will to live.

Faye Valentine caught him as he prepared to retaliate and told him not to do anything drastic. Despite how she saved him, his lack of love for her forced him to complete his crude mission anyway. Jet Black didn’t even try to stop him because of their mutual respect for each other.

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