10 Anime Heroes Who Have an Amazing Sense of Smell

10 Anime Heroes Who Have an Amazing Sense of Smell

A strange trait that many anime heroes tend to have is their incredibly keen sense of smell. Why the sheer prevalence of this specific trait is unknown, some anime fans have taken it upon themselves to come up with their own theories.

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Some fans have suggested that the heightened sense of smell in the anime is nothing more than a metaphorical representation of the concept of having a heightened awareness. However, that explanation doesn’t seem to fully encompass the depth that the sense of smell really has in relation to some characters.

10/10 Goku grew out of his sense of smell

Dragon Ball

Goku gets warmed up in Dragon Ball GT

In the original Dragon Ball series, kid Goku was once well trained in the art of scent. Goku’s incredible sense of smell was likely due to his childhood spent in the wilderness, as well as his Saiyan heritage, which gives him heightened senses beyond that of a human.

Although he doesn’t trust his nose so much anymore Dragon Ball Super, Goku still has an appreciation for a pleasant smelling culinary dish. As his powers reach staggering new heights, it may only be a matter of time before Goku’s Ultra Instinct becomes Ultra In-Stinked.

9/10 Tanjiro tends to win his battles with a nose

Demon Slaughter

Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer.

Tanjiro was not blessed with superpowers or abilities Demon Slaughter. Instead, he has had to train extremely hard for the skills he developed, and his fighting ability is well deserved. However, there was one superhuman sense that Tanjiro was born with: his keen sense of smell.

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Not only has Tanjiro been able to smell a demon from afar, but he can even use his nose to sense the path of his enemy’s attack. Tanjiro has one of the most rounded uses of his nose in anime. While someone follows their heart, Tanjiro follows his nose.

8/10 Sanji’s nose has taken a beating over the years

One Piece

Sanji has a nosebleed in One Piece.

One Piece‘s Sanji is a world-class chef. As such, his nose is trained to pick up even the most subtle ingredients in any dish placed before him. Only the best ingredients will make for Sanji’s amazing cooking.

Surprisingly, Sanji’s penchant for nosebleeds didn’t seem to negatively affect his sense of smell. On top of that, his nose is so well trained that it has even bypassed the effects of long-term cigarette use, which has been shown to have inverse effects on a smoker’s sense of smell.

7/10 Inuyasha’s nose is a bit too strong at times


Inuyasha carries Kagome in Inuyasha's final act.

Dogs are known for their incredibly powerful noses that can pick up even the slightest trace of a scent. Being a dog demon, Inuyasha naturally adapting their sharp nose to hunt down other demons or save their friends.

As a dog, Inuyasha’s sense of smell is incredibly acute. He can smell approaching enemies from miles away and can even tell if someone is an enemy by their smell. However, this heightened sense of awareness can also backfire, as Inuyasha has been shown to experience sensory overload to the point of literally passing out from the smell of ink.

6/10 Joey could smell something off about Mai’s tire


Joey and Mai from Yu-Gi Oh!

Joey Wheeler is Yugi’s best friend, fellow duelist and owner of the infamous Red Eyes Black Dragon card in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Joey is known for his strong sense of justice, but he also has another sense that happens to be just as strong: smell.

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Although not much is made of Joey’s sense of smell in the series, Joey demonstrates his entire nose during his duel with Mai Valentine. Joey’s sense of smell is so strong that he could smell Mai Valentine’s deck from across the playing field, and realized that she used perfumes to keep track of the cards in her deck.

5/10 Kiba uses his nose as a weapon


kiba with akamaru

IN Naruto, Kiba is part of the Inuzuka clan. Like all Inuzuka, Kiba has strong animal instincts and dog-like loyalty. The similarities with canines don’t stop there; Kiba also has nails that can turn into claws, razor-sharp teeth and an unrivaled sense of smell.

One way Kiba utilizes his impeccable sense of smell in battle is by using smoke bombs to blind the enemy, then pinpointing their location by scent. Kiba can use his nose to track enemies at astonishing distances with an accuracy that allows him to sense their physical condition and identity just by scent alone.

4/10 Miche Zacharius’ nose when there’s trouble

Attack on Titan

Miche Zacharius in Attack On Titan.

Attack on Titan‘s Miche was the head of Squad Miche, and was also one of the best fighters in the scouts, second only to Levi. Aside from his fighting prowess, Miche’s most useful skill was the ability to smell a Titan coming from extremely long distances.

Miche was so in tune with his nose that he would even sniff people when he met them, which the other scouts thought was strange, but part of his personality. When he first meets Eren, Miche sniffs him and smiles, seemingly implying that his nose never lies.

3/10 Orihime will use every available sense to find Ichigo


Orihime from Bleach in the evening, smiling.

While Orihime’s use of smell in Bleach is more of a gag than anything else, it’s still an incredible feat of sheer nose power. Orihime has been shown to be able to track Ichigo by following his scent alone, even noticing when he is not himself, such as when Kon took over his body.

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As creepy and obsessive as Orihime’s familiarity with his smell may sound, some fans have speculated that it may simply have been her way of feeling his spiritual pressure before she fully understood it. Although the case is unknown, it is undeniable that Orihime and Ichigo have a strong connection.

2/10 Natsu can smell money from a mile away


Fairy Tail - Natsu Dragneel on fire

Known as the Salamander of Fairytale thanks to his ability to control fire, Natsu is a part-human, part-demon Dragon Slayer with incredible superhuman powers. Among these superhuman abilities is a powerful sense of smell, which Natsu uses in a number of unique situations.

Not only can Natsu use his sense of smell to track people over great distances, but he can also use it to sense some more specific characteristics about those around him. In a strange case, Natsu was even able to smell that Kabu was poor, even though he borrowed his friend’s mansion to trick Natsu into thinking he was rich.

1/10 Gon has never lost track of his father

hunter x hunter

Gon Waves Cheerfully (Hunter x Hunter)

From early on hunter x hunter, Gon was shown using his nose to track down enemies or detect when opponents were nearby. Gon could literally smell danger and he used that to his advantage long before he could sense and control Nen.

Because he lived in the wilderness for most of his young life, Gon was able to hone his senses to a much higher degree than the average human. As a result of this, Gon’s sense of smell became so powerful that he can pick up the scent of Leorio’s cologne from miles away.

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