10 Anime Heroes Who Are Not Morning People

10 Anime Heroes Who Are Not Morning People

Getting up bright and early to conquer the day is often considered the most productive and socially acceptable way to live life, even in anime. Even anime heroes strive for the ideal set of early risers, those who wake up with the first rays of the sun refreshed and fully open to whatever challenges life throws at them.

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Yet some protagonists feel nothing but resentment for waking up early, resembling villains or mindless zombies more than noble saviors of the world every morning. Relating to the love of sleeping in, these anime heroes are night owls who often can’t even think about attending to their heroic duties until 10am.

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10/10 Gintoki hates the sound of the morning alarm with a passion


Sakata Gintoki in bed in Gintama.

Sakata Gintoki, the overwhelmed hero of the gag shonen series Gintama, is the furthest thing from a conventional shonen protagonist. He is a slow, manipulative, irresponsible deadbeat with no grand goals or ambitions. Still, Gintoki is lovable for his faults, one of which includes his unprecedented laziness.

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Recovering from a night of heavy drinking and gambling or hiding from a boring job, Gintoki often neglects his morning duties to get some extra sleep. Constantly yearning for a good nap, Gintama’s idiosyncratic hero hates waking up early.

9/10 Galko starts the day slow and apathetic

Please tell me! Galko-Chan

An image from Please Tell Me!  Galko-Chan.

The titular heroine of Please tell me! Galko-chan can look like a party animal. But her struggle to wake up on time doesn’t come from being late. She starts each day slow and can’t focus, no matter what. Still, her energy gradually increases as the day goes on.

By noon, Galko is always back to his active and optimistic self. Surprisingly, her best friend, Otako, has the exact opposite approach to getting up early, and is constantly annoyed with her night owl classmate because of it.

8/10 Yuki sleepwalks early in the morning

Fruit basket

Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket.

Most people see Yuki Sohma from Fruit basket like a flawless, untouchable prince. Yet, on top of being a deeply troubled and insecure person beneath her facade of perfection, Yuki is a total badass behind closed doors. Just like his zodiac sign, the rat, Yuki loves peace and quiet and hates when it is disturbed.

Mornings are Yuki’s least favorite time of day, and he often sleepwalks when he gets out of bed. Still, he’s a much better fighter when he’s asleep, and doesn’t hold back in his unconscious stupor.

7/10 A cannon shot might be the only way to get Mako out of bed in the morning

Girls and bonnets

Mako from Girls Und Panzer.

Mako Reizei is the tactical genius of Girls and Panzers. Yet she is constantly late for class due to her inability to wake up in the morning. Her attendance issues caused Mako to join Senshadou in the first place so that she could continue to relax in the morning.

Mako struggles to stay awake due to low blood pressure and finds it impossible to wake up at In a dire situation, her teammates even had to drive their tank to her doorstep to wake Mako with a cannon shot.

6/10 Aizawa looks constantly lethargic and sleep-deprived during the morning classes

My Hero Academia

Shota Aizawa in his sleeping bag in My Hero Academia.

Class 1-A homeroom teacher Shota Aizawa is My Hero Academia’s the laziest hero, always with big eye bags and rolling around the classroom in a sleeping bag. Being a night owl who hates disruption is an unorthodox personality trait for a high school teacher.

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Still, Aizawa’s sincere care for his students helps him earn their love and respect. The apathetic teacher continues to compromise his love of sleep in order to be a reliable role model for young heroes, even as he shows up to class notoriously sleep-deprived.

5/10 Eiko never wakes up early enough to get to school on time

Project A-Ko

Eiko Magami in Project A-ko.

Project A-ko the heroine, Eiko Magami, is a very strong magic user. Yet her vices are relatable to all ordinary people. Eiko is a glutton with a fiery temper, and is also always fashionably late due to oversleeping most school days.

Eiko rarely opens her eyes until her best friend, Shiiko Kotobuki, knocks on her door and doesn’t let the girl get ready. To avoid being late, A-ko must use her super speed to get to school. But even that doesn’t stop her from being late every time.

4/10 Nights of partying leave Ayaka exhausted most mornings

Phantom Quest Corp.

Ayaka Kisaragi of Phantom Quest Corp.

As head of Phantom Quest Corp. agency, Ayaka Kisaragi exorcizes spirits, demons and ghouls. Despite the company’s mesley earnings and the heavy responsibility of being an independent exorcist, Ayaka indulges in binge drinking and partying into the early hours of the morning too often to reliably wake up for work.

Suffering from a hangover, the woman consistently oversleeps, preferring to be active when the sun goes down. It’s up to Ayaka’s co-worker, Mamoru Shimesu, to get his unreliable boss out of bed on a daily basis.

3/10 Being a vampire makes Hikari sensitive to the early morning light

Interviews with monster girls

Hikari Takanashi in Interviews with Monster Girls.

The vampire demi-human Hikari Takanashi from Interviews with Monster Girls have a legitimate excuse for hating mornings. Despite being far more cheerful and outgoing than most media incarnations of vampires, Hikari remains a creature of the night.

Sunlight is not directly fatal to Hikari. However, direct, bright light causes Hikari great discomfort, making mornings her least favorite time of day. Unlike most anime night owls, the half-human heroine has a legitimate reason for her morning laziness, which literally runs in her blood.

2/10 Tanaka would sleep all day if he could

Tanaka-Kun is always dull

Tanaka is bored in class in Tanaka-kun Is Always Listless.

The titular hero of Tanaka-kun is always dull would love to sleep all day long and his sleepiness is not exclusive to early mornings. Unsurprisingly, Tanaka refuses to get up with the first rays of sun. Even when awake, the boy acts apathetic and uninterested in making any effort.

Tanaka fights sleep day and night and even dozes off during class, preferring to lie in bed at all times. His whole lifestyle revolves around conserving energy, so he’s never happy to start a new day.

1/10 Misato’s laziness gets the best of her in the morning

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In stark contrast to her professional work persona, Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion is comically incompetent to take basic care of himself at home. Misato is messy, noisy and slow with housework, and sleeps too much even on days she hasn’t drunk all night.

Absurdly, a can of beer seems to be the only substance that increases Misato’s energy. Later in the series, she switches to coffee as her preferred supplement, drinking it in large quantities to stay awake throughout the day.

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