10 Anime Heroes That Were Never Rewarded

10 Anime Heroes That Were Never Rewarded

Although most anime heroes do not do their good deeds for any external reward, they usually receive a reward either in the form of praise from the people, or a tangible reward for their service. However, some anime heroes are never rewarded. These heroes often get the short end of the stick, either unrecognized, or actively looked down upon by others in the story.

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Despite being equally deserving of a reward, these characters tend to be ignored. But as heroes, they never let the lack of recognition get them down. These characters keep going and keep doing well despite everything. They can continue to move forward even without recognition.

10/10 Asta can’t catch a break

Black clover

Asta joins the Black Bulls

Asta from Black clover is constantly tested by the events of the series. Yet, each time, he manages to prevail and become stronger in the process. He is even able to stand up to powerful magic knights like Yuno and Luck.

However, Asta never gets the credit he deserves. Like the rest of the Black Bulls, he is often overlooked and ranked lower than his actual skill level. In fact, he is even accused of causing the great threat that he was responsible for stopping. Asta can’t seem to catch a break.

9/10 Deku gets reprimanded instead of rewarded

My Hero Academia

Deku defends Bakugo and fights back in My Hero Academia

Deku from My Hero Academia may have gained the power of One For All, but he still rarely gets the recognition he deserves. His struggle to become the greatest hero has suffered many setbacks and the things he achieves are barely mentioned by those around him.

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In fact, the first time Deku tried to save someone, he was instead chastised and reprimanded for intervening. Despite no one else coming to help, he was punished instead of praised. This pattern of being reprimanded, rather than acknowledged, follows him throughout the show.

8/10 Ash Lynx was only given tragedy after tragedy

Banana fish

Ash can only be vulnerable in front of Eiji in Banana Fish.

Ash Lynx from Banana fish worked incredibly hard to fight the people who had harmed him and subjugated those stuck in poverty. He tried his best to get out of the bad situation and make sure no one else would be treated like he was.

However, Ash always knew on some level that he couldn’t escape. Even after his abuser and main villain, Golzine, was killed, he was not recognized or rewarded. Instead, for his efforts, he was killed by a subordinate from another gang. Ash’s story ended in tragedy.

7/10 Wei Wuxian was never respected

Mo Dao Zu Shi

Wei Wuxian from Mo Dao Zu Shi.

Wei Wuxian from Mo Dao Zu Shi was reviled by his community. As a teenager, he was a violent rule breaker who didn’t really fit in with the other students in Lan Gusu. After he began demonic cultivation, almost everyone turned against him.

Even after Wei Wuxian died, and was then resurrected, he was not recognized. The people still saw Wei Wuxian as evil and demonic, and only those who truly knew him saw him in a good light. However, Wei Wuxian never needed the reward, enjoying his newly given life with his loving partner, Lan Wangji.

6/10 Korosensei was always going to be a villain in the eyes of the people

Assassin’s Classroom

Koro Sensei teaches English in the Assassination Classroom.

Korosensei from Assassin’s Classroom was never allowed to be more than an experiment gone wrong for the people who created him. Although he started out as a villainous killer, after turning into a tentacled monster, he made a vow to be a good teacher to his students.

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Despite turning his life around and helping his students reach their potential, Korosensei received no reward for it. From the moment he agreed to teach them, Korosensei knew that he would die and that the world would never accept him as anything but a monster.

5/10 Maki is constantly being pushed down

Jujutsu Kaisen

Maki speaks

Maki Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen was looked down upon in the Zenin clan both for being a woman, and for not having any cursed abilities. She and her twin sister Mai had to do everything they could simply to be recognized, with little result.

When Maki left the clan, she vowed to return and become the Zenin clan’s leader. However, her struggle for recognition had only just begun. Despite being incredibly powerful and strong thanks to her celestial limitation, the higher ups still refused to recognize her strength and talent and labeled her as the lowest grade of a sorcerer.

4/10 Iida is not recognized for her good deeds

My Hero Academia

Tenya Iida cries

Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia has done his share of rescuing others as well as acting as support for our main heroes. Yet Iida is rarely recognized or rewarded for this. His good deeds often go unrecognized, despite being a competent hero in his own right.

The Stain incident highlights this fact well. Iida, with the help of Deku and Todoroki, was able to take out a major villain who had targeted and killed other Pro Heroes. However, they were never given a reward due to breaking a law regarding Quirk use.

3/10 Rin Okumura is punished for doing good

Blue Exorcist

Rin Okumura glowing and scared in Blue Exorcist.

Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist is most often feared due to his powers coming from Satan. Upon learning that Rin was the son of Satan, his peers at first shunned him. The Order of the True Cross does not like him either and has threatened to exterminate him several times.

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Despite all of this, Rin remains steadfast in her goal of killing Satan. Even without the promise of a reward, he continues to do good and work to take out Satan. He may never be rewarded, and always looked down upon, but he won’t let that get to him.

2/10 Hideyoshi protected Kaneki without reward

Tokyo Ghoul

Nagachika Hideyoshi from Tokyo Ghoul

Hideyoshi Nagachika from Tokyo Ghoul has always looked out for his friend, Kaneki. After discovering that Kaneki had become a ghoul, Hide began taking steps to further care for him. He took a job at the CCG so he could monitor the whereabouts of the one-eyed ghoul.

Hide suffered a lot because of everything he did to keep Kaneki safe. For a time he was even presumed dead. When he returned, he was irreversibly scarred, and had to use an artificial voice box to speak. Hide was never given proper recognition for all he did to help Kaneki.

1/10 William James Moriarty has no desire to be rewarded

Moriarty The Patriot

William James Moriarty from The Patriot Moriarty is incredibly smart, has an intellect far beyond the general population. The only person who matches him wits-for-wits is Sherlock Holmes himself. William does his work of trying to change society in secret.

Despite his good intentions, Williams’ methods for improving society are unorthodox and will generally not go down well with the general public. He didn’t want to be rewarded even if the public knew who he was, and William didn’t want a reward anyway. His only goal is to improve society.

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