10 Anime Heroes No One Roots For

10 Anime Heroes No One Roots For

Most fictional heroes inspire viewers to cheer them on and hope for their eventual success. The hero is probably fighting for a good cause that the viewer can sympathize with, or the hero is so compelling and cool that fans want to see them succeed in real style. Fans always cheer for shonen leads like Naruto, Goku, Tanjiro and Izuku.

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But other anime heroes aren’t worth rooting for, and some fans may even root for them. These heroes are either too repulsive to win over any fans, they don’t do enough for audience support to make any sense at all, or they simply aren’t interesting and memorable enough for fans to root for, even if they do fight for a good reason.

10/10 Neito Monoma must have very few fans

My Hero Academia

neito monoma makes funny faces

My Hero Academia features dozens of heroes any anime fan can root for, from the protagonist Izuku Midoriya himself to the brave Ochaco Uraraka and even icy Shoto Todoroki, among others. An exception is the obnoxious Neito Monoma from Class 1-B.

Neito is committed to his class and the heroic cause, but he is not likable otherwise. He is very antagonistic and petty towards Class 1-A, and he can rarely back up his big words in battle. In fact, he functions more as a villain in arcs such as the joint practice game and UA sports festival.

9/10 Motoyasu Kitamura is a twisted spear hero

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Motoyasu grits his teeth in anger

Relatively few heroes inside The Rising of the Shield Hero is worth rooting for, although most fans agree that Raphtalia is a top girl and a great champion of justice. Naofumi Iwatani is a mixed bag, while cardinal hero Motoyasu Kitamura is downright awful.

Motoyasu wants to fight to defeat the monstrous waves and save the country, but otherwise he’s a total sleazeball excuse for a hero. He easily fell for Princess Malty’s twisted lies and unnecessarily antagonized Naofumi many times. He also underperforms in the most important matches.

8/10 No one cares what Corkus does


Corkus looks cocky in Berserk.

Some anime heroes fail to attract fans because they are horrible people, and other heroes fail to get fans to root for them simply because they are boring. Berserk‘s Golden Age arc is wonderfully exciting, and fans can root for Guts and even pre-eclipse Griffith, but not Corkus.

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Corkus has an interesting role to play, but otherwise isn’t worth rooting for or remembering. He has no distinct skills or weapons, and his attitude could be better. Maybe Berserk fans felt bad when Corkus died in the violent Eclipse, but otherwise he’s not worth any fan support.

7/10 Aqua Is A Gag Character & Little More


Aqua from Konosuba

Isekai fans don’t necessarily hate Aqua, the clumsy goddess i Konosuba, but they can’t find solid reasons to cheer her on either. Aqua is the famous “useless goddess” with a sassy attitude, weighing down her dysfunctional team with tantrums, bad spending habits and more.

Aqua is fun to watch and she actually shines in the rare scenes where her holy water magic comes in handy. Still, it’s not easy to root for Aqua when she misbehaves and causes trouble for everyone in her party. Only Megumin is worth rooting for as an ambitious, cool explosion witch.

6/10 Lieutenant Marechiyo Omaeda is irrelevant


Omaeda stares in Bleach

Some Bleach fan will root for the main character Ichigo Kurosaki and his group of friends, and many Soul Reapers are also worth rooting for. Fans can watch with great interest as Kenpachi, Byakuya and Toshiro take on the enemy. But fans won’t care nearly as much if Lt. Marechiyo Omeda fights.

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Marechiyo has few fans, due to his annoying attitude, his forgettable fighting style, and his lack of convincing dialogue or action scenes. He may have defeated Nirgge Parduoc and helped fight BG9, but they felt like drunk fights like no other Bleach fan wanted to feel invested in.

5/10 Sakura Haruno is curved, not anchored too


Naruto's Sakura Haruno.

Anime fans love to cheer for Naruto Uzumaki and pray for his success against the Akatsuki and other enemies. Fans may also root for the ultra-cool Kakashi Hatake and the kind dander Hinata Hyuga, but rarely will fans root for Sakura Haruno.

Sakura definitely puts up a good fight, but she’s not convincing enough to get the fans rooting for her. Most Narutofans quickly soured on this character for many reasons, and she rarely has any good matches that merit rooting for her anyway. More often she buys time for Naruto and Kakashi to finish their fight.

4/10 Kobeni Higashiyama can’t hack it


Kobeni makes peace signs

Kobeni is a minor supporting character in Chainsawman, and there’s not much to love about her. She’s a naturally meek person in a dangerous job, so it’s understandable if she feels overwhelmed, but fans will never root for her at this rate.

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Kobeni buckled under the strain as he fought the Eternity Devil and tried to offer Denji to a monster with a knife. She won’t do much to redeem herself later in the manga, either with her personality or action scenes. She feels like an anime redshirt if there ever was one, so rooting for her feels like a wasted effort.

3/10 Ginro is fun, but not worth rooting for

Dr. Stone

Ginro makes a funny face

Dr. StoneThe main characters are easy to root for with their charming personalities, fascinating skills and impressive projects and battles. Anyone would root for scientist Senku Ishigami as he rebuilds civilization, and any anime fan would root for Kohaku in a fight.

Meanwhile, the bridge guard Ginro is fun to watch but not worth rooting for. He’s comic relief, not a serious fighter, and he rarely affects the action in meaningful ways. Fans may enjoy seeing Ginro, but they’d rather have an invested interest in Senku, Kohaku, and Chrome.

2/10 Gabiru almost caused disaster with his arrogant ways

That time I was reincarnated as a slime

Gabiru gestures

Gabiru was supposed to be the next king of the lizard tribe, but he completely botched it. The conceited, reckless Gabiru was foolish and easily manipulated, leading him to rebel against his cautious royal father and lead an ill-advised counterattack against the orc army.

Gabiru was humbled when the isekai hero Rimuru rescued him and recruited him, but Gabiru was still not very likable after that in Reincarnate as a slime. He has also done very little for the fans to cheer him on. It is usually Benimaru, Milim and Shion who help Rimuru in battle.

1/10 Redeeming himself did not go down well with Yoki fans

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Best worst outfit yoki (10)

Early on, Yoki was a villainous, corrupt amestrian officer Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but then he lost absolutely everything. He wandered penniless across Amestris until he somehow ended up with Scar and later the Elric brothers as well.

Now an anti-hero and minor support hero, Yoki can redeem himself by helping everyone survive the homunculi’s attack. Yoki did well in driving the main heroes away from Pride on the promised day, but still, the fans are really rooting for Alphonse Elric, not Yoki.

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