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10 Anime Heroes Destroyed by Power

10 Anime Heroes Destroyed by Power

In the world of fiction, writers love to play with the mantra “power corrupts”. Mangaka is no exception to this rule and proves this by writing stories about heroes who gain incredible power just to make it break down their moral compass and destroy their soul.

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While there is reason to question the validity of this mantra, the anime genre has its fair share of incorruptible best boys to satisfy readers who refuse to accept that power is what changes people. On the other hand, it has become increasingly popular to test a hero’s beliefs by giving them unlimited power and letting them run wild through their respective anime worlds.

10 Light Yagami lost all redeeming properties after using the Death Note (Death Note)

While there is some debate as to whether Light Yagami was really destroyed by Death Note, it is safe to assume that his evil tendencies were at least amplified by the presence of Ryuk and his super-powered notebook.

After finding the mysterious notebook at his school and revealing its supernatural power, Light completely leaned into his god complex and threw himself out as a judge, jury and world executioner. Although his mission may have seemed altruistic when it began, when he began to write down the names of the family members, it became clear that the power of Death Notes had gone to his head.

9 Eren Yeager let a vision of the future destroy his heart (Attack On Titan)

The main character in Attack on Titan is the best example in anime of the way power corrupts. Since joining Survey Corps in the first season of the anime, Eren has allowed his moral compass to continue to deteriorate with each new revelation of power he experiences.

Before unveiling the combined strength of Attack Titan and Founding Titan, Eren was a loyal recruit. After touching History’s hand, Eren refused to carry his moral compass into battle, making him more of a villain than a hero.

8 Lelouch Vi Britannia was destroyed by his Geass (Code Geass)

The power of absolute obedience is a power that can destroy even the purest hearts. This is especially true if the power is unleashed on the world through something as simple as eye contact.

Lelouch We Britannia are experiencing this corruption the moment he receives Geass. When approached by a group of armored soldiers, Lelouch orders them to kill themselves without hesitation. One would think that such a clever character as Lelouch would be able to get out of this situation without murdering a handful of loyal soldiers.

7 Izuku Midoriya refused to listen to his peers after taking to the streets as a vigilant (My Hero Academia)

Fans have not yet seen what an unhinged Deku looks like in the anime world My Hero Academia. Up to this point in the anime, Deku still keeps a close eye on the unwritten rules of heroism that were put in place by All Might.

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It is not until Tomura Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front unleash chaos in the country of Japan that Deku takes to the streets as a vigilant and begins to make his own rules. While Dekus’ actions are still heroic, he refused to acknowledge the strength of his allies and even tried to fight them when they called him out.

6 Ken Kaneki was forced to break his moral code (Tokyo Ghoul)

Before joining Rize, Ken Kaneki was nothing more than a kind young student and an avid reader. After Rize was murdered and her Kagune was transplanted into Kaneki, his normal life as a book nerd was turned upside down.

To cope with his new life as a ghoul, Kaneki had to rewrite his moral code to include the consumption of human flesh. In doing so, Kaneki’s morale eroded and shattered into a million pieces as he continued to explore what it meant to lead both humans and ghouls into a better future.

5 Suguru Geto once served as Gojo’s moral backbone (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The latest addition to Jujutsu Kaisen anime canon introduced Suguru Geto as an antagonistic wizard with incredible power, but Geto was not always an agent of chaos. When he was a student at Tokyou Jujutsu High, Suguru was actually the foundation that prevented Satoru Gojo from slipping into the dark.

With the power of his Cursed Spirit Manipulation Technique, Suguru Geto was forced to express his power by inviting cursed spirits into his body. This backbreaking experience and the misdeeds of the leaders of the jujutsu world pushed Geto against a superiority complex that corrupted his heart and put him at odds with the pure-hearted Yuta Okkotsu.

Allowing the personification of greed into your body is bound to destroy your soul. Ling proved this when he let Greed take over his body and go to war with the series’ main character and little brother.

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Eventually, Ling would form a bond of greed and negotiate a peace between their two souls. Nevertheless, the bond between them made it impossible for Ling Yao to eradicate greed from his life, and effectively corrupted the prince to the end of time.

3 Sasuke embraced the power of Orochimaru and became a villain (Naruto Shippuden)

Although Sasuke has always made dubious moral decisions, his descent into the villain was not fully realized until he was destroyed by the promise of Orochimaru’s power. Before this, the worst things Sasuke had done was to verbally abuse Sakura and challenge Naruto to a fight.

As soon as he embraced the power of Orochimaru, Sasuke threw his moral compass out the window and acted like a villain until Naruto became strong enough to strike some sense into him. His corruption allowed for an epic battle between best friends and rivals.

2 Amon was once a loving older brother (The Legend of Korra)

The first season of The legend of Korra introduced the fans to a villain with enormous power. Amon’s ability to redirect the masses and take down the Avatar in a battle to bend supremacy is undeniably impressive. Of course, every manic terrorist has a tragic backstory, and Amons is a classic “power corrupt” plot line.

Before discovering his blood-curdling abilities, Amon was just a loving older brother who cared deeply for his family. After training under his sociopathic father, the loving side of Amon died out, leaving nothing but a boy who worked tirelessly to gain his father’s approval by taking control of Republic City.

1 After choosing the path of a hero, Vegeta was destroyed by Babadi’s power (Dragon Ball Z)

Despite always being blessed with power, there is a goodness in Vegeta that comes to light when faced with the overwhelming goodness found in Goku. Of course, when one becomes addicted to power, it is just as likely that newfound strengths and abilities will destroy as old habits and titles.

Through Dragon Ball ZVegeta experienced an identity crisis that forced him to acknowledge that his obsession with strength had broken his heart. This was made quite clear when he gave in to Babadi’s power and almost ruined his newly discovered relationship with Goku and Bulma.

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