10 Anime Characters Who Would Survive Upside Down in Stranger Things

10 Anime Characters Who Would Survive Upside Down in Stranger Things

The cruel kingdom the children are in Stranger Things called the Upside Down is a sort of alternate portal world full of ancient flora and fauna. Few who enter this world escape it. Only characters who are strong, adaptable, lucky and smart can survive. Will Byers survived because he knew how to hide well, and he was resourceful enough to find a way to communicate from top to bottom.

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Many anime characters from the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy genres would be familiar with demonic creatures and be able to figure out and navigate through the Upside Down effectively. There are also some who have never encountered such creatures and corrosive landscapes, but they may still have a good fighting chance of making it out alive.

10/10 Denji’s chainsaws can take on a demogorgon


denji chainsawman still from bat devil fight

As long as Denji off Chainsawman is not first attacked by a Demogorgon, he can pull a cord on his chest and transform his head into a demonic figure with a jaw and chainsaw appendage. His one limitation is that he can only transform if he has enough blood, so if he were to get bitten or beaten up too much in upside down, his chainsaws would be of little help.

While chainsaws may only be good for offensive and close range maneuvers, Denji has a certain talent for strategic thinking. It is likely that he could protect himself long enough to find a way back out of the upside down.

9/10 Shino is calm and not afraid of crawling insects


Shino Aburame has a defect in his body, Naruto

Shino Aburame’s insect techniques make him one of the more unique Naruto signs. A big part of surviving upside down is staying calm long enough to find good shelter immediately. Shino’s insect technique can even be a good natural barrier to the Upside Down’s infecting vines.

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Will Byers ran to a good hiding spot, but Barb was understandably too disoriented and scared to make it long before she was hunted. Shino lives in symbiosis with the insects that live inside him; perhaps the insect’s gifts would help Shino take the creepy crawlies in stride.

8/10 Joseph Joestar has fox-like smarts in a fight

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Jostar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar faces the diverse supernatural threats in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with confidence and creativity. The Upside Down is known for being freezing cold, so his skimpy tank top and fitted pants might not be the most useful outfit for keeping warm, but odds are he probably wouldn’t be stuck in the Upside Down for long.

Joseph doesn’t hesitate when someone threatens him, which is key when a person faces a swarm of Demobats or a rampaging Demodog. Just as Joseph is known to anticipate his enemies’ taunts, his natural cunning that puts him one step ahead of everyone else can help him anticipate what threat the Upside Down has in store.

7/10 Yuta can withstand deadly poison

The Mermaid Forest

Mermaid-Saga-Anime Characters (1)

Although The Mermaid Forest‘s Yuta was not immortal, his years of experience wandering the world rescuing humans from demonic mermaids and their affiliates would prepare him well to endure the carnivorous world of Stranger Things. Yuta survived eating mermaid meat and became immortal instead of succumbing to its deadly poison, which is what happens to most.

Yuta’s physical resilience will hopefully come to his aid when he breathes in the ash-like spores from the Upside Down, which are poisonous to humans. The tracks caused Hopper to chill and throw up when he was stuck upside down, and they were part of what reduced Will Byers to such a fragile state when he was rescued.

6/10 Bulma has strong analytical skills

Dragon Ball Z

Anime Dragon Ball Bulma Repairs Saiyan Scouter

Bulma’s cute and cheerful appearance i Dragon Ball Z may cause some to underestimate her at first, but she repeatedly shows how resourceful and intelligent she is. Although the dirt, slime and dust of the Upside Down would drive her up the wall, she has roughed it in the wilderness enough to know what to do to persevere.

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Bulma defends herself when the situation calls for it, but she is not much of a fighter by nature. Her sharp intellect would enable her to avoid the dangers of the Upside Down entirely rather than risk taking on a Demogorgon in a fight. Her law-breaking engineering skills would lead her to find a way to tear a hole through the worlds to find her own way back.

5/10 Levi Ackerman’s scouting skills would serve him well

Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman fights in Attack on Titan

A star member of the scout regiment, Attack on Titan‘s Levi Ackerman would do just fine in upside down, with or without his Omni-directional mobility gear. He is a quick study of terrain and threats, exploiting any advantage he can find in a difficult or near-impossible situation. As a scout, he is used to being sent into strange and treacherous situations with creatures almost as terrifying and all-encompassing as the Mind Flayer.

The physical strength that allows Levi to control the ODM equipment so well will also help him free himself from snarling vines. As a soldier, he also has the knowledge base to make good weapons from whatever he can find should he need to defend himself.

4/10 Sailor Mercury has Super Smarts and a handheld supercomputer

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury looks at a personal computer

Widely known as the most intelligent and analytical of the scouts in the Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury would collect her stocks quickly if she ever fell through a portal into the Upside Down. Her Sailor Scout powers are inherent to her, so as long as she has the transformation pen on her person, she can defend herself using her Mercury powers.

In an ideal situation, Sailor Mercury would also have her supercomputer, which she has used in the past to identify locations in alien realms and planets. The supercomputer could identify dangerous life forms, allowing her to avoid enemies from a distance and avoid combat altogether while searching for a way out.

3/10 Yoriichi Tsugikuni is a born demon slayer

Demon Slaughter

Yoriichi in Demon Slayer.

Yoriichi Tsugikuni has one of the sharpest minds in Demon Slaughter. As a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, he is no stranger to going up against terrifying entities. Few, if any, are a match for the Mind Flayer, but the lesser creatures probably wouldn’t give Yoriichi pause.

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Yoriichi believes he was born to destroy demons, and this gives him courage and a sense of determination in the face of danger and the unknown. That determination alone would help keep him alive in the upside down.

2/10 Meruem would thrive in upside down

hunter x hunter

Meruem tries to negotiate

Meruem off hunter x hunter can survive upside down a little too well. Part of a hive mind, the vines want to bring other beings into their world for sustenance and power. Meruem can do so well there that you can imagine him teaming up with the eldritch beings in Upside Down.

Meruem is proud, incredibly intelligent, and likes to solve puzzles, so the world Stranger Things could fascinate him enough that he might want to learn all its secrets. As the human-insect hybrid King of the Chimera Ants, he would no doubt find Demogorgons and their ilk very interesting, indeed.

1/10 Kusanagi would adapt and overcome

Ghost in the shell

Motoko looks over Niihama town in the Ghost in the Shell movie

Major Motoko Kusanagi by Ghost in the shell is a highly skilled cyborg with incredibly refined shooting, hacking and combat skills. One of her greatest strengths is her versatility, which makes her adaptable in bad situations.

Even if she had no ammo, Kusanagi would probably find a good high place where she could safely craft a long-range weapon like a bow and arrow or arrows. Kusanagi could then pick up upside down creatures from the perch until she finds a portal out.

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