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10 Anime characters who win by confusing opponents

10 Anime characters who win by confusing opponents

Most anime characters are simple when it comes to fighting. A clean and honest fight is important, even if the characters try to save the world. Unlike villains, who mostly rely on underhanded tactics to win, heroes largely rely on their strength and determination.

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Even if anime heroes do not like to resort to subversive tactics, it does not mean that they are not able to deceive their enemies. Whether it’s their intelligence or their fighting method, there are many anime characters who win by getting one over the opponent.

10 Rock Lee is not always a simple fighter (Naruto)

Rock Lee has a reputation as the most uncomplicated ninja in Naruto, mainly because he is only able to use taijutsu. He cannot rely on replications or clones to fool opponents, so he must be as physically strong as possible to win.

But everything about his fighting style changes when he gets a sip of alcohol. While using drunken fights, Rock Lee becomes impossible to read. One moment he is asleep and the next he hits the opponent’s face, which must be incredibly confusing for anyone trying to fight him.

9 Gojo is stronger than he behaves (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Gojo is an unpretentious man who appears as just a bark and no bite to most people. However, this tends to backfire on anyone who fights him when they realize that he is actually incredibly strong. On top of that, he has abilities that are difficult to understand when opponents have never met him before.

Then again, it’s easy to get confused when Gojo is addicted to physics and the infinite space between himself and others to fight. The curse Jogo has a particularly bad time fighting Gojo. It is clear that he had no idea what he was getting himself into when he challenged him.

8 Luffy Is A Wild Card (One Piece)

Luffy is often seen as single-minded, which is why opponents tend to underestimate him. Usually, Luffy’s strength is good enough to prove that his enemies are wrong, but he can also be a bit of a wild card, which tends to leave his opponents surprised and confused.

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Luffy’s fight with Eneru is a good example of confusing an opponent. The god who saw himself as better than everyone else becomes completely blind when he realizes that Luffy is immune to his lightning attacks. When it comes to his other fights, Luffy has a habit of starting without thinking, but the absence of strategy serves him well considering that opponents never see it coming.

7 Chu is the best drunken fighter (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Chu is one of the anime’s best examples of drunken fighting because it’s not just a one-time gimmick, but his actual fighting style. Even his mental energy is coated with alcohol, which is great for him, but disgusting for everyone else. His uncontrollable personality often leads opponents into a false sense of security, and they never see their defeat come.

Chu may be wild, but he can sober up with a little hat, which is another useful trick when his full stumbling does not do the job. Chu did not win the match against Yusuke, but he certainly did a good job of being remembered.

6 Aang outsmarted everyone with air bending (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Although it’s a tragedy that Aang is the last bender, it definitely helps him when he fights Fire Nation. None of them have ever had to fight an air bender before, so Aang’s quick and fluid movements often make opponents dizzy and confused.

This is especially true for firebenders like Zhou and Zuko, who tend to let anger get the best out of them. Aang has tricked them both on many occasions, which has made them look less like worthy soldiers and more like giggling idiots.

Despite the fact that Usopp is a liar and a coward, he somehow manages to win some of his fights. Some fans may say that his tactics are underhanded, but he can not exactly be an honorable fighter like Zoro since Usopp is much weaker.

Usopp even manages to go toe to toe with Luffy by using all the tools available to him – even fake blood. His fight with Perona is probably the best example of Usopp’s deception. Usopp tricked her so thoroughly that she actually fainted.

4 Lelouch is an expert in both table and 4D chess (Code Geass)

Lelouch is the type of person who struggles with his brain and not with muscles. He may be a middle school student, but he is an expert strategist who can beat almost anyone he comes across in fighting and chess. Despite his imperfect victory record, he has still created some fantastic strategies that have helped him defeat Britania and inspired people to rummage for him.

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Lelouch may not be a soldier, but he knows how to use the manpower he has to outsmart and outsmart his opponents. The resistance would never have succeeded if Lelouch was not there to fool himself into victory.

3 Aizawa’s Quirk helps him gain the upper hand (My Hero Academia)

As an ambush hero, Aizawa can do every trick needed to jump on opponents, but what really helps him is his uniqueness. Since he is able to interrupt Quirk to everyone he stares at, it’s easy for him to surprise villains.

No one expects Quirk to stop suddenly, which often makes them vulnerable and open to attack. Aizawa was even able to use this tactic to take out a few villains under the USJ arc even though they could see him coming.

2 Light runs circles around the police (Death Note)

Light is another example of a character who depends on his brain to fight his enemies. Before L enters the picture, the police sit again and rob without any idea how to stop Kira.

Light is able to think ten steps ahead of everyone around him, not to mention his personality makes it easy for people to trust him. Even when it seems like Light is trapped in a corner, he knows exactly how to get out of it, and that’s why even L could not hit him.

1 Kiritsugu brings weapons to a magical battle (fate / zero)

While all other masters fighting for the Holy Grail depend on the servants and their magic to win, Kiritsugu likes to use simpler means. Given how often he brings a gun to a magical battle, it makes sense for his enemies to be taken on guard.

Kiritsugu is not afraid to blow up buildings if it means getting what he wants, and he has even gone so far as to trick Lancer into killing himself. Kiritsugu may have good intentions, but he is certainly not afraid to act in a subversive way to achieve his goals.

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