10 Anime Characters Who Will Always Keep Their Words

10 Anime Characters Who Will Always Keep Their Words

Trust, reliability and honesty are key qualities for any anime hero to possess. The most inspiring and respectable anime protagonists and side characters will always keep their word, and try their best to honor every promise they ever make. When these characters say they want to do something, they can be counted on to do exactly that and not go back on their word.

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These characters can push themselves to the limit so they can keep their promises and get the job done, and if they end up failing, they’ll feel terrible about it. Often honest anime characters are seen keeping their word by defeating their enemies or protecting someone, or they at least strike anime fans as someone who will always keep a promise once made.

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10/10 Ichigo Kurosaki will save everyone by himself if he promises


Ichigo moderately satisfied

Bleach Protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki may be a punkish tsundere with an attitude, but at least he has incredible willpower and values ​​honesty, especially with his friends. Ichigo is very reliable as a replacement Soul Reaper hero, and when he promises to save someone, he will do anything to follow through.

Ichigo often boldly declares his intention to save or defeat someone in Bleach, and he will not let even death stop him from honoring his word. Even when facing impossible odds against Ulquiorra’s release form, Ichigo stated, “I don’t fight because I think I can win. I fight because I have to win!”

9/10 Naruto Uzumaki made Sakura his lifelong promise


Naruto smiles happily in Shippuden

Like most shonen heroes, the famous ninja Naruto Uzumaki is all about honesty, trust and sheer willpower, which means he will fight hard to keep his word. Narutoits history. The best example was when he promised Sakura Haruno with a thumbs up that he would definitely bring back the traitorous Sasuke Uchiha somehow.

Naruto fought to the bitter end to keep his word and he was heartbroken when he couldn’t keep that promise. But in the long run, Naruto actually kept his word after he fought Sasuke to a standstill at the end of the story and finally rebuilt their friendship.

8/10 Kyojuro Rengoku is the type who always keeps his promises

Demon Slaughter

Rengoku The Fire Hashira Smiles from Demon Slayer

Many Demon Slaughter characters keep their word, both on honor as demon slayers and as good, responsible people that others can trust. An example is Kyokuro Rengoku, the flame Hashira, who clearly would rather give his life than break his word.

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Rengoku didn’t last long enough Demon Slaughter to make and keep many promises, but even with the little time he was given, he showed his glory. He is even more reliable than the water Hashira Giyu Tomioka, and far more than Sanemi so far.

7/10 Tohru Honda will not give up on anyone

Fruit basket

Tohru Honda is fond of a room in Fruits Basket.

Fruit basket Protagonist Tohru Honda prides herself on being a reliable, generous and self-sufficient person, although she would never brag about it. Instead, Tohru lets her actions and outward kindness speak for her, including how she will never break a promise once made.

Tohru vowed to help the Sohmas end the zodiac curse and help them overcome their inner demons, and she stubbornly stuck to it until the end. Tohru assured the Sohmas that she would help them rebuild their lives and find happiness, and she didn’t relent until Kyo and the others were finally free.

6/10 Toru Kirishima knows that the boss is counting on him as a babysitter

Yakuza’s guide to babysitting

Toru Kirishima fond of The Yakuza's Guide To Babysitting.

Yakuza’s guide to babysitting is a gap moe comedy anime in which hard-hitting gangster Toru Kirishima is assigned to babysit the boss’s young daughter, Yaeka Sakuragi. In previous years, Toru was unreliable and unpredictable as a mob enforcer, but this babysitting job will change things.

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Now, Toru is very reliable as a dedicated babysitter, and that’s good for him personally. Toru is now a reliable fellow who will always keep a promise to a friend, and the boss can definitely count on him to look after Yaeka without ever faltering in this duty.

5/10 Soichiro Yagami never compromises his sense of justice

Death note

Soichiro Yagami speaks

Light Yagami’s father is a policeman, and is a strict NPA officer who will not bend his vision of justice for any reason. Soichiro is known for his stubborn streak throughout Death noteand even Light realized that he can’t talk his father out of a decision.

Soichiro’s stubborn manner can be confusing at times, but this also makes him very reliable. He swore to take down Kira and defend the law, and he doggedly fought for that cause until the end. When Soichiro declares his intention to do something, there is no stopping him.

4/10 Misaki Ayuzawa knows everyone is counting on her


misaki ayuzawa happy maid-sama

Maid-Sama!The heroine Misaki Ayuzawa is a tough but fair tsundere who is used to carrying many burdens and responsibilities. She works hard to support her mother and little sister Suzuna, and at school, Misaki works even harder as student council president.

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Misaki can scare some people and burn out at times, but she definitely keeps her word in all matters. When Misaki promises her classmates or colleagues that something will be done, Misaki will push herself to get it done anyway.

3/10 Senku Ishigami keeps all his promises

Dr. Stone

Senkuu from Dr. Stone

Dr. Stonethe scientist hero, Senku Ishigami, may have iffy social skills, but is certainly no liar. Senku will only make promises that he’s sure he can keep, and he’s not the type to comfort people with false hope or just tell them what they want to hear.

Senku swore to everyone that he would rebuild human civilization with the power of friendship and science, and he was ready to give up his life for the cause. He is tough and demanding, but Senku is also fair and always does what he promises for his friends and the natives of Ishigami Village.

2/10 Mirio Togata stands for truth and justice

My Hero Academia

mirio togata gives the thumbs up

All pro-heroes are expected to serve as role models to society in terms of courage, reliability, honor and compassion. The same goes for trainee heroes throughout My Hero Academiaits history, and that includes the famous Mirio Togata, a UA third year.

Mirio is the very model of a tough, wholesome hero who will risk everything to save one million people and uphold justice no matter what. When Mirio vowed to save Eri, he was ready to die to save her from Overhaul’s clutches and win the day against the villain.

1/10 Miyuki Shirogane is Shuchiin’s most trusted student

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

Miyuki Shirogane from Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Student Council President Miyuki Shirogane is not proud of her background, but her reliability as a hard-working student who makes life better for all Shuchiin students in Kaguya-Sama. Miyuki can’t fall back on a family fortune, so he compensates with his work ethic and sincere personality.

That includes Miyuki’s habit of always keeping her word and always getting the job done no matter what. This made him popular as Shuchiin’s student council president, as he is known to keep all of his campaign promises. That made it easy for him to win re-election against Miko Iino.

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