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10 Anime Characters Who Think Quickly on Their Feet

10 Anime Characters Who Think Quickly on Their Feet

Some anime characters are so sharp and resourceful that even the most formidable challenges in their series are not enough to handle them. They have a backup plan for everything. If plan B doesn’t work, they have the entire alphabet of contingency plans behind them.

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They are natural problem solvers who always have something up their sleeves to outwit their enemies. Some are master strategists, while others have a high combat IQ that gives them the upper hand. Whether they’re fighting monsters or playing a sport, these characters think so quickly on their feet that it’s hard for their opponents to keep up.

10 Ryota Kise can learn a new move after seeing it once (Kuroko’s Basketball)

Ryota Kise’s Perfect Copy ability is one of the most unrealistic moves Kuroko’s Basketball. However, it is a testament to his mental acuity and proves that he is a quick learner.

Kise can perfectly mimic other people’s moves just by seeing them once. He can even combine some of the series’ most ridiculously overpowered moves, like when he copied Kuroko’s Phantom Shot and combined it with Midorima’s signature three-point shot that takes a dizzyingly high arc. Kise may seem like a happy-go-lucky airhead off the court, but he’s a total monster during a match.

9 L is always a few steps ahead (Death Note)

L from Death note may not look like it, but he is the world’s best detective. He has taken on some of the toughest cases in history and almost proved that Light was Kira. He is a mastermind who is always a few steps ahead of his goal.

His deductive reasoning skills are second to none and he will go to any lengths necessary to solve a case. L has mastered the art of asking someone a question to which he already knows the answer to see if the person he is asking will lie.

8 Joseph Joestar is always without a plan (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Joseph Joestar is always planning and trying to get the upper hand on his opponents. Whether he’s confronting over-aggressive cops or battling the Pillars, Joseph’s mind never stops thinking of clever ways to outwit his enemies. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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He likes to lure his opponents into traps by being as unpleasant as possible to distract them. Joseph has become so good at predicting his opponent’s next move that he can even guess what they will say next when they finish. Accurately predicting their next line is another way for Joseph to catch his opponent off guard before delivering the final blow.

7 Shoyo Hinata is not afraid to take risks (Haikyuu!)

Shoyo Hinata may be clumsy, impulsive and too short to have any sort of advantage in volleyball, but he has beaten the odds several times over Haikyuu!. Shoyo is never afraid to take risks and always believes there is a chance to win, no matter how small the odds.

His natural reflexes and agility shocked the rest of his team since he had no formal athletic experience before. Shoyo is not sharp minded, but he is always the first to jump on a new challenge in the face of adversity. Shoyo has led Karasuno to victory a few times, thanks to some of the riskier chances he’s taken.

6 Loid Forger is a brilliant spy (Spy X Family)

Spy X Family Loid Forger is a brilliant spy. He is one of the best spies in his organization. Loid’s mind is his strongest weapon. He can stay a few steps ahead of even some of the most cunning thugs thanks to his incredible memory, heightened senses and ability to stay rational no matter what.

He is extremely resourceful during every mission and always goes to great lengths to cover his tracks. Loid’s ingenuity is unmatched by many other anime characters. If an unexpected event derails his plan, he has a creative way to get it back on track. If he can’t, he will find a way to exploit what he has left.

5 Kakashi Hatake is a Shinobi whose skills are unmatched (Naruto)

Kakashi Hatake is the Copycat Ninja in Naruto. He is an outstanding shinobi whose skills are unmatched by many other characters in the series. He always responded to a new challenge with an innovative solution and outwitted many of his enemies.

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Kakashi takes full advantage of Naruto’s unique power system and constantly inventing new jutsu. He was unable to master the Rasengan, so he compensated by creating the flashy Lightning Blade technique. Kakashi has a large arsenal of skills, making him one of the most versatile ninja.

4 Tengen Uzui’s superhuman sense of hearing gives him a great advantage (Demon Slayer)

Tengen Uzui is Sound Hashira i Demon Slaughter. He grew up in a family of shinobi and was the only one to survive the brutal training everyone went through. Thanks to his experience, he has extraordinary senses and uses his superhuman hearing to his advantage during a battle.

Tengen faces situations that would paralyze others with fear with a brave smile. He continues to brawl with his enemies and never shows signs of weakness or injury. When Gyutaro poisoned him, Tengen continued to fight while observing the surrounding environment. He even pretended to be dead when he caused his heart to stop beating to trick Gyutaro, giving him the upper hand during their fight.

3 Yuji is a quick learner (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji from Jujutsu Kaisen is a willing learner who easily adapts to new situations. He literally swallowed Sukuna’s finger to save Megumi because it was the only thing he could have done at the time. After being forced into the world of jujutsu wizardry, Yuji continued to impress the audience with how quickly he mastered cursed energy.

He was just struggling a bit to maintain a steady flow of cursed energy while watching movies. After that it became like second nature to him. Yuji was also quick to master the Black Flash and even broke Nanami’s record.

2 Hawks Is The Man Who’s A Bit Too Fast (My Hero Academia)

Hawks is Wing Hero i My Hero Academia. He describes himself as “the man who is a little too fast”. Although he comes across as a slacker who’s a little too big for his Brits, there’s a lot more behind his cocky facade. He constantly keeps his head on a swivel during a mission and is good at gathering information for the other heroes. Hawks has what it takes to be a great spy.

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He infiltrated the League of Villains, recognized their plans, and did everything he could to send the message to Endeavor without blowing his cover. While he would probably lose in a battle of strength against some of the other pro heroes, no one will defeat Hawks in a battle of wits.

1 Levi Ackerman is fierce on the battlefield (Attack On Titan)

There is no doubt why Levi Ackerman is humanity’s strongest fighter in Attack on Titan. He is resourceful and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty to get home from a mission alive. Levi is good at reading a situation and planning accordingly.

Whether it’s a premeditated attack on the Titans or dealing with a surprise ambush from Kenny and the military police, Levi has a surefire trick up his sleeve to make it out alive. He is a fierce fighter whose ferocity on the battlefield made him one of the Corps’ most revered members.

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