10 Anime Characters Who Simply Hate Everyone Around Them

10 Anime Characters Who Simply Hate Everyone Around Them

Many Japanese anime protagonists are warm, caring characters who love and admire the people around them, which in turn makes these characters more likable, with Tohru Honda and Izuku Midoriya being two examples. They have a lot of love to give. Other anime characters, often anti-heroes or side characters, are the opposite.

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These anime characters dislike almost everyone around them, and they can even be misanthropes who dislike all other people by default. These characters don’t always feel true hatred towards the people around them, but at least these sour anime characters rarely like anyone around them and will often have a bad attitude. They may also look down on their co-workers for one reason or another.

10/10 Junpei Yoshino gave up on society

Jujutsu Kaisen

High school student Junpei Yoshini could have had a normal and comfortable life, but it was never meant to be. Junpei was constantly bullied and tormented at school or elsewhere, and he got used to everyone having hostile intentions towards him. His resentment and disgust continued to grow as a result.

In the end, all of this led Junpei to accept the Curse of Mahito as an ally, but it was all a ruse. Mahito took advantage of Junpei’s disgust with society and turned him into a monster, to the point that Junpei even briefly clashed with Yuji Itadori.

9/10 As a teenager, Kyoko Honda had none

Fruit basket

As a delinquent teenager, Kyoko Honda, then Kyoko Katsunuma, simply couldn’t stand the world or anyone else in it. She had cold, uncaring parents and no friends at all, and Kyoko vented her frustration as a violent punk who belonged to a street gang. She was known as the infamous Red Butterfly back then.

Kyoko acted tough and showed hostility and dislike towards everyone around her, but deep down she just needed love and acceptance. She tried to dismiss everyone as a loser who didn’t understand her, but all that changed when she met Katsuya Honda.

8/10 Chisame Hasegawa doesn’t like his classmates much

Mahou Sensei Negima!

Cosplaying tsundere Chisame Hasegawa doesn’t really hate anyone; she is not such a dark person. But she “hates” her classmates in a random way. Chisame has no enemies at Mahora School, but she also lacks friends.

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Chisame generally dislikes all of her classmates, finds all kinds of faults in them, and rarely praises or admires them for any reason. Given the choice, Chisame would rather be an external student and hole up in her bedroom all day long on her PC, where her clumsy classmates can’t bother her.

7/10 Thorfinn Karlsefni sees enemies everywhere

Vinland Saga

The blond Viking warrior Thorfinn is known for several things, from his agile knife-based fighting style to his intense love for his father Thor to his bitter quest to avenge Thor’s death. Askeladd and his men are to blame for it, and against all odds, Thorfinn is now a member of Askeladd’s band as well.

Understandably, Thorfinn loathes Askeladd and everyone in his group, so Thorfinn has to spend his days surrounded by people he’d rather see dead, which is sure to be stressful. Thorfinn didn’t really like Prince Knud and Knut’s bodyguard, Ragnar, either, but at least he didn’t want them dead.

6/10 Makt only lives for himself and Meowy


The horned devil known only as Power is a total outcast. She has no friends except her pet cat Meowy, and she doesn’t fit in anywhere, certainly not regular human society or the demonic underworld. So Power has learned to be a selfish and aggressive person, fighting anyone and everyone to defend what little she has.

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Makt has no particular affection for anyone around her, not even Denji himself, and she actually despises humans. Power has no friends, nor does she want any, and she’d rather go around making mental notes to herself about how miserable and weak all these people are.

5/10 Katsuki Bakugo has a serious attitude

My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo kind of sees Eijiro Kirishima as a friend, but aside from that, this badass blonde boy actively dislikes all of his classmates, most of all the upstart Izuku Midoriya, who he believes acts like a bigshot despite initially being Quirkless. Bakugo’s childhood friend is now enemy #1.

Bakugo thinks poorly of his Class 1-A peers, despite being the cream of the crop, just like him. Bakugo’s dislike for his classmates is evident whenever he lashes out at them or calls them rude names. In fact, he rarely remembers their real names, thinking it’s not worth the effort.

4/10 Leon Bartfort knows he has no friends

Trapped in a Dating Sim

Isekai anti-hero Leon Bartfort knows he was reborn as a third-rate nobody, and there is little he can do to change society’s view of him. Leon initially had no friends at the local school, and his classmates disliked him by default. So Leon had fun hating them all.

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Leon embraced his humble position and went on a rampage making enemies, knowing he had very little to lose. For example, he had complete contempt for the pompous Prince Julius and his friends, and he also disliked his own reincarnated sister, Marie. Only later did Leon find two people to like, they are Olivia and Angelica Redgrave.

3/10 Sawa Nakamura sees human insects everywhere

The flowers of evil

The flowers of evil is a psychological drama/horror anime series with experimental animation, while the source manga features high-quality artwork from author Shuzo Oshimi. In both cases, it’s clear that the antagonistic Sawa Nakamura thinks very poorly of everyone around her: her father, classmates, townspeople, and the rest.

Sawa uses coarse language to describe everyone as lowly insects, and she generally feels despair and contempt for human society as a whole. Due to her bitterly dark outlook, Sawa hates everyone around her by nature, and she only pretended to be the protagonist’s friend to torment him. She has no friends.

2/10 Naofumi Iwatani disliked everyone in the Melromarc Kingdom

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

For a few days or weeks, the protagonist Naofumi Iwatani had a truly terrible time as an isekai hero in the kingdom of Melromarc. He was accused of a terrible crime and was widely hated throughout the kingdom, meaning he had no friends or allies at all. Naofumi soon internalized everything.

Naofumi knew he was hated, so he strongly resented everyone right back, bitter that they never tried to give him a chance or hear his side of the story. Over time, all this changed, and Naofumi’s attitude towards everyone became more neutral after all.

1/10 Tatsumaki speaks ill of his fellow heroes

One Punch Man

The green-haired hero Tatsumaki, also known as the Tornado of Terror, is the number 2 hero in the Hero Association. She is incredibly proud of her own abilities and likes to have something to do with her time, but aside from that, Tatsumaki is a pretty negative person.

Tatsumaki has a low opinion of most other pro heroes, except for Blast herself, and she’s not afraid to show it either. She doesn’t hate those heroes, but she doesn’t like them either, and will treat them accordingly. Tatsumaki doesn’t have any real friends, but she seems to be just fine with that.

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