10 Anime Characters Who Put Friends Before Family

10 Anime Characters Who Put Friends Before Family

Anime has often highlighted the importance of family as one of its core values. Often a character will be so dedicated to blood relatives that they will even compromise everything else to ensure their safety. Heroes are particularly guilty of this, with their sense of victimhood often exploited.

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However, there have been many cases where a person places friends before family. Whether through betrayal, tension with their relatives, or the relationships they’ve established with comrades through trials and tribulations, these characters are proof that blood isn’t the only way to form meaningful bonds with others.

10/10 Killua Cut ties with Zoldycks For Gon

hunter x hunter

Killua is an incredible friend in hunter x hunter. He risked everything for Gon, whether cutting off his abusive family or fighting dangerous opponents at NGL. Together, the duo even fought a number of serial killers, such as Johness and Binolt.

After Gon’s perilous battle against Neferpitou, Killua had the chance to save him through Alluka’s mystical powers. However, doing so would cut any remaining ties with his parents and siblings. Despite knowing he would be targeted, Killua still used Alluka to save his friend from the brink of death.

9/10 Greed discovered friendship through Ling Yao

Full metal alchemist

Greed has always placed friends before family Full metal alchemist. For example, he shirked the responsibility of being with his chimeras, much to his father’s frustration. After being captured and forced into Ling Yao’s body, the homunculus hoped that Greed would become more cooperative.

Instead, Greed befriended his new host and took on his father as a unit even stronger than before. At the conclusion of the series, Greed sacrificed his own life to defeat Father so that the friends he made would be safe.

8/10 Meliodas was the demon clan’s worst enemy

Seven Deadly Sins

The Demon Clan were the main antagonists of Seven Deadly Sins series. Although the son of the Demon King and an heir to the throne, Meliodas defied his father for the sake of love. He found more value in Elizabeth than in his own kind, and eventually helped remove them from Britannia altogether.

It’s true that when the demons returned, Melioda sided with Chandler over his comrades. However, his motives were solely to keep them safe and break the curse placed on Elizabeth. At the time, Meliodas figured that the demon clan could only be subdued with him at the helm.

7/10 Inuyasha protected his friends from his brother


The titular protagonist in Inuyasha traveled with a large group of friends in their quest to find the Shikon Jewel. However, Inuyasha’s adventure was more difficult than expected. In addition to dealing with Naraku, he was constantly forced to fight with his brother, Sesshomaru.

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Instead of letting Sesshomaru do as he pleased, Inuyasha fought him on behalf of his comrades. His strength illustrated that his demon lineage was of little importance, contrasting Sesshomaru’s feelings of being born greater than others.

6/10 Itachi killed his family to save everyone else


Naruto‘s Itachi was placed in an impossible situation. Although he loved his parents and clan, he knew that their rebellion would cause a global upheaval among the Five Nations. To quell an unprecedented disaster and save his remaining friends, Itachi murdered his own people in the middle of the night.

Although he convinced Sasuke that he was simply an insidious monster, his actions were ultimately to preserve as many innocent lives as possible for him to do so. In this regard, Itachi was the series’ most divisive and morally questionable anti-hero.

5/10 Historia defeated her father to save the Scouts

Attack on Titan

When Rod Reiss reappeared Attack on Titan, Historia had a difficult choice. As a descendant of the royal family, she had an obligation to eat Eren and catch up with the basic titan. However, Eren was a close friend and killing him would mean losing her free will.

Not only did Historia ultimately defy Rod’s wishes, but she also delivered the final blow when he attacked the city, putting those she held dear in danger. For her heroism, Historia was recognized as the true Queen of Paradise in the eyes of the public and nobles.

4/10 Dabi hates attempts at past abuse

My Hero Academia

Dabi is the embodiment of Endeavor’s flaws My Hero Academia. Openly malevolent and extremely powerful, he is among the League of Villains’ most impressive members. Despite being Endeavor’s son, Dabi had good reason to prioritize his despicable comrades over his biological family.

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Endeavor subjected him to so much abuse throughout his childhood that his body began to fall apart. Unlike Todoroki, Dabi was not quick to forgive his father, instead hoping to take everything he had left from him.

3/10 Maki prioritizes company eight over the family’s wishes

Fire strength

Maki was one of Fire strengththeir mightiest heroes. Her ignition ability allowed her to manipulate sentient flames, using them to enforce her will and supplement her considerable physical strength. Unfortunately, Maki came from an overprotective family that didn’t want her to help Company Eight in their efforts to dismantle the Whites.

Maki’s brother was particularly at odds with Captain Obi, ready to blame him if anything happened to her. Regardless, Maki eventually ignored her family’s concerns for the sake of the friends she had made in Tokyo’s service.

2/10 Ryuko protected the innocent from wayward family members

Kill La Kill

As the main character in Kill La Kill, Ryuko Matoi has repeatedly placed her friends and society above family members. For example, she fought against Satsuki’s corrupt Honnoji Academy to avenge her father and for the sake of Mako’s family. This required courage as the entire establishment was working against her.

When Ragyo appeared, Ryuko was just as implacable. She took on her own mother, using the academy’s combined enhancements to permanently end the life fiber threat. In the end, Ryuko’s priorities were what saved the world from certain doom.

1/10 Sanji values ​​the Straw Hats over the Germa 66

One Piece

Sanji placed One Piece‘s straw hats over the Vinsmoke family for a number of reasons. Most importantly, they were a violent dynasty of conquerors who ostracized him for being too weak as a child.

Additionally, Luffy’s crew better facilitated Sanji’s dream of traveling the world and finding All Blue. Considering Vinsmoke Judge laughed in Sanji’s face when he first shared his ambitions to become a chef, it makes sense why he would pursue a group of people whose priorities and goals are more in line with his own.

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