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10 Anime characters who managed to achieve their dreams

10 Anime characters who managed to achieve their dreams

One of the great things about watching anime is that fans get to see their favorite characters grow. Just like any person who starts something new, fan-favorite characters must start as no-one without skills and become the strong characters they were meant to be.

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While many anime characters have not yet reached the end of the series, some have seen their dreams come true. Whether it was a specific task they wanted to perform for themselves or a person they wanted to save, some characters managed to reach the goal they always dreamed of achieving.

Although Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is a prodigy when it comes to alchemy, he has no intention of becoming a state alchemist. This changes when he and his brother attempt human transformation, causing Ed to lose an arm and a leg and his brother to lose his entire body.

From that day on, his only goal is to get his brother’s body back so they can live a normal life. It takes a long time, and they suffer a lot during their adventures, but towards the end of the series, both Ed and Al are able to live like normal people again.

9 Aang wanted to achieve balance (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Aang does not start Avatar The Last Airbender with a specific goal in mind. In fact, he wants to ignore his responsibilities completely and just have a carefree life. When he accepts the fact that he is the Avatar, his only real goal is to learn all the elements and defeat the Fire Nation, but once he learns about the coming Sozins comet, it becomes much more urgent to achieve them.

Like Avatar, Aang wants to bring balance back to the world, which is far from easy. He fails on many occasions and almost dies in the process, but when the series ends, he can safely say that he has managed to make the world a much better place for everyone.

8 Kenshin wanted to redeem himself (Rrouuni Kenshin)

Kenshin’s goal in Rurouni Kenshin is far from obvious. As a wandering swordsman, his life seems pretty goalless, but in reality it is something he hopes to achieve. Because of his actions during the Boshin War, in which he killed countless people as a member of Ishin Shishi, Kenshin has sworn he will never kill again.

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His goal is to achieve redemption, which is certainly a difficult goal to achieve, given that it is not tangible like many other dreams. But the amount of people Kenshin has helped through the series and his level of kindness shows how much he has changed. He may not believe it himself, but towards the end of the series he can probably say that he deserved his redemption.

7 Naruto wanted to be Hokage (Naruto)

From that moment Naruto appears, he talks about his dream of becoming Hokage. As a student at the ninja school, his dream seems rather far-fetched, considering that he is the class clown that everyone in his village hates. Then again, that’s exactly why he wants to be Hokage.

He wants everyone in his village to respect him. It takes a long time for Naruto to mature from an underdog to a village hero, and it certainly takes a lot of hard work for him to gain the village’s respect. When the series ends and Boruto begins, Naruto is not only Hokage, but one of the best.

6 Tyson wanted to be the best Beyblader (Beyblade)

Tyson from Beyblade loves the sport, so it makes sense that his only dream is to become the number one Beyblader. He is a beginner who can barely beat the bullies in the backyard when the series begins, but that does not stop him from joining a tournament and forming a team with friends and rivals.

Tyson and his other Bladebreakers travel all over the world and compete against some incredibly strong opponents, and on some occasions they almost lose. Fortunately, teamwork and training endure, and Tyson becomes one of the best Beybladers of all time. Not only does he win a tournament, but he even wins more after that.

5 Yatora wanted to enter Tokyo University (blue period)

Yatora from Blue period is a criminal high school student who finds himself unmotivated when he tries to figure out his future life goals. Although he has a negative reputation, he actually has excellent grades, but there is not a single thing he can come up with that he will do in the future. All of this changes when a classmate’s art inspires him to pursue art himself.

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His talents are bad to begin with, and not many people think he can do it, especially since his goal is to get into the prestigious Tokyo University. After months of hard work and lots of stress, Yatora passes the entrance exam at Tokyo University. Even though he does not believe it himself, he even manages to get into school, something many of his peers did not manage.

4 The Cursed Members Of The Zodiac Wanted Freedom (Fruit Basket)

The Sohma family from Fruit basket is not the type to say their goals out loud, especially when it involves a curse they can not talk about. Freedom is the main goal of many of them, especially Kyo, who is cursed to be the cat of the zodiac. While some members of the Sohma family, such as Isuzu, do everything they can to get rid of the curse, for many of them it is just something they have to deal with.

It all changes when Tohru enters their lives. Not only does she give many of them the courage to stand up for themselves, but she also acts as a catalyst to break their curse. None of them thought they would ever achieve their dreams, but thanks to Tohru, their dreams finally came true.

3 Kagome wanted to save the world (Inuyasha)

Before Kagome from Inuyasha stumbles into the feudal era, her only goal is to get good grades and have a normal life. Once thrown into a world full of demons, her goals change. Although she is not obligated to do so, her only goal will be to save the world and collect all the shards of the Shikon jewel.

This is especially because she knows she’s the only one who can do it. It is certainly not an easy task, but thanks to the help of Inuyasha and the rest of her friends, Kagome is not only able to stop Naraku, but is also able to collect all the jewels. She even manages to fall in love with the process.

2 Madoka wanted to save every magical girl (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

The only Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica wants to do is be a magical girl, and thanks to the cat-like creature Kyuubey, she achieves this goal very easily. However, there are disadvantages to being a magical girl in this universe, including fighting dangerous witches and getting their souls removed from their bodies.

Not to mention, magical girls who fall into despair even become witches. It is only natural that the kind Madoka wants to save all the magical girls, and that will be her only goal. Fortunately for magical girls everywhere, she gets Kyuubey to give her the opportunity to destroy witches before they appear, which helps her save magical girls everywhere.

1 Katarina wanted to avoid doom (My next life as a villain)

When Katarina from My next life as a villain finds himself reborn in his favorite otome game, Fortune lover, as the game’s villain, her goal quickly becomes to avoid all the canon bad endings. To do so, she must become friends with everyone, including the game’s main character, which ends up being much easier than most people would expect.

Then again, Katarina is far more kind-hearted and determined than any ordinary villain. It is very easy for her to become friends with everyone, including those who should be her enemies. Thanks to the constant support of her friends, Catarina avoids all the bad endings.

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