10 Anime Characters Who Keep Fighting With Their Parents

10 Anime Characters Who Keep Fighting With Their Parents

Family is a common theme in Japanese anime, with many characters either being parents or frequently interacting with their own parents. Many healthy anime series show that the main character gets along well with their mothers and fathers, such as Komi cannot communicatebut other series offer some serious drama.

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Certain anime characters hold long-standing grudges against their parents, and this family drama will not be resolved easily. For example, the child may blame the parent for ruining their upbringing, or an external factor will cause the child to argue verbally or even physically with one or both parents.

10/10 Natsuo Todoroki will not forgive Endeavor so easily

My Hero Academia

Natsuo Todoroki shouts

My Hero Academia fans are used to kuudere Shoto Todoroki butting heads with his oppressive father Endeavor, but there’s still more family drama to explore. Later, Izuku and Bakugo meet Shoto’s older brother and sister Natsuo and Fuyumi. Fuyumi tried her best to get everyone to get along, but Natsuo didn’t.

Natsuo, also known as Natsu, was even more bitter than Shoto on their father. He was prone to yelling and storming off, but eventually Endeavor convinced his third-born to see the real him and give him a chance. Natsuo complied, hoping that things would change for Todorokis for real.

9/10 Jolyne Cujoh was not happy to see Jotaro again

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

jolyne cujoh powers up Stone Ocean

Jolyne Cujoh, the Joestar heroine, did not see much of her father growing up, and in her teens her parents divorced. Then Jolyne ended up in a prison in Florida, and she felt all alone in there. Then her tsundere father Jotaro Kujo came to see her.

This led to one of JoJotheir most tense family moments. Jolyne was in no mood to deal with her absent father, and she made it clear with her harsh words. But when Pucci and other Stand users attacked, father and daughter finally banded together to survive.

8/10 Ichigo Kurosaki humorously clashes with Isshin


Ichigo butts heads with Isshin

BleachThe main character Ichigo Kurosaki often got into stupid fights with his father Isshin, which Ichigo’s little sister Yuzu found worrying and Karin found annoying. Isshin believed in tough love, doting on his twin daughters while challenging his son with daily battles, usually with kicks.

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Ichigo soon learned to fight Isshin physically and end fights ASAP, and Isshin was proud of that while refusing to give up. Even later, when they fought together as Soul Reapers, Ichigo wasn’t above looping his clumsy father in battle. face of irritation.

7/10 Erina Nakiri learned to stand up to Azami and Mana

Food Wars!: Shokugeki No Soma

Erina Nakiri from Food Wars!.

Food Warrior! The main character Soma Yukihira got along well with his father Joichiro and loved his mother Tamako before she moved on, but the Himedere Erina Nakiri had a different family experience. She ended up with both parents, both of whom got lost in the culinary “storm”.

Erina’s father Azami tyrannized her as a tool for his ambitions, so Erina finally defied him and stood up for herself in the Regiment de Cuisine. Later, Erina confronted her arrogant but secretly sad mother Mana and proved her wrong about the food’s true nature.

6/10 Shoko Nishimiya won’t let her mother criticize Shoya

A quiet voice

Shoko Nishimiya with her notebook

Shoko Nishimiya is an anime dandere who doesn’t like to argue or fight with anyone, least of all family, but she will if a friend needs her. Unlike her mother, Shoko graciously forgave Shoya Ishida for bullying her and allowed him back into her life in 12th grade, but her strict, cautious mother objected.

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Shoko politely but persistently argued with her mother on the subject, insisting that Shoya was a good person worth a second chance. Shoko was even willing to argue with her little sister about it, though those arguments weren’t nearly as intense, and her sister soon gave in halfway through A quiet voice.

5/10 Koki Suido objected to his father’s state surveillance plan

Tokyo 24th Ward

koki upset

Up to a point, the bookish Koki Suido got along with his mayor father Gori and helped him run the 24th Ward’s local government in Tokyo. But then Koki learned the truth: his apparently deceased little sister Asumi was being used as a living supercomputer to run the department’s surveillance system.

Koki and his mayor father clashed over this later Tokyo 24th Ward, and each refused to back down. In the end, Koki went behind her father’s back and helped her friends Shuta and Ran shut down the KANAE system anyway to give her sister a much-needed release from her artificial life.

4/10 Edward Elric has a problem with Van Hohenheim

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Full metal alchemistShort tsundere protagonist Edward Elric has always loved his mother Trisha while taking serious issue with his immortal father, Van Hohenheim. Ed was furious that Hohenheim didn’t come home to help save Trisha, and even years later, Ed still resented it.

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Edward argued bitterly with Hohenheim when they met at the Resembool cemetery, and Ed was still unhappy to see his father later in the series as well. In contrast, Alphonse Elric got along better with Hohenheim, although it still wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for them either.

3/10 Akito Sohma and Ren have deep-seated problems

Fruit basket

Akito messes with her hair

Family drama is everywhere Fruit basket, and the series is notorious for its many deceased and/or terrible parents. Kyo the tsundere often fights with his bitter father, and Yuki Sohma takes serious issue with her selfish mother. Then there is the family head Akito and her long-standing feud with Ren.

Ren has always resented Akito for getting all the love and attention, so the self-centered Ren antagonized her daughter non-stop. This made Akito insecure and needy, and it simply worsened the mother/daughter feud. They never picked up in the main story either, with this plot thread as a loose end.

2/10 Maki Zenin rejects her family’s socery conservatism

Jujutsu Kaisen

Maki Zenin From Jujutsu Kaisen

IN Jujutsu KaisenIn their world, the elite wizarding families and elders all maintain traditional, conservative views on curses and even questions of gender in their supernatural world. The Zenin family, for example, despise the very idea of ​​girls and women being battle-ready wizards.

Maki Zenin strongly objected to it, and as a girl she ran away from her family and took her sister Mai with her. Now Maki is ready to defy her family and tear down everything they stand for, and this bitter feud really burns up in the manga. Mai resented Maki for dragging her into this, making the situation even messier.

1/10 Misaki Ayuzawa did not warmly welcome her father back


Misaki looks upset (Maid-sama!)

Maid-Sama! featured some family drama for both lovers. Takumi Usui had problems with his British family and half-brother, while his girlfriend Misaki Ayuzawa could not easily forgive her father for abandoning the family and burdening them with debt. Because of him, the other three Ayuzawa lived in poverty.

Then Misaki’s father came back and Misaki’s mother gave him another chance while Misaki got in his face with total hostility. She still had serious problems with him, but eventually she learned the truth about her father’s departure. After that, she managed to get along with him civilly.

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