10 Anime Characters Who Keep Deceiving Themselves

10 Anime Characters Who Keep Deceiving Themselves

Some anime characters take themselves quite seriously, projecting an air of confidence, coolness, and maturity. These characters are careful not to make a fool of themselves with clumsy mistakes, weird dialogue, or rants, but then there are anime characters who are known to fool or make fools of themselves. They just can’t keep a straight face.

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Some of the crazy characters try to be serious or impress people, but they keep sabotaging their cool image with silly mistakes in front of others. In other cases, funnily enough, these characters enjoy fooling around and making a scene. For them, making a fool of themselves is actually its own reward, and they enjoy the attention.

10/10 The obnoxious Keigo Asano will never shut up


Keigo Asano from Bleach is crying with his hands up

Ichigo’s most annoying friend at school is Keigo Asano, a brown-haired boy who is not interested in Soul Reapers or homework. Keigo is a total party animal and an ambitious ladies’ man, which means he’s always thinking of beautiful girls to meet or looking for fun parties to attend.

Keigo is not a bad person, but he also gets carried away and continues to make a fool of himself. He still hasn’t learned that every time he behaves or tries to harass a girl who walks past him, he’ll get kicked in the face. It seems that not even Keigo’s older sister, Mizuho, ​​can rein him in.

9/10 Tamaki Kotatsu Can’t Shake The Fanservice Curse

Fire strength

Tamaki gets his orders in the fire force

The firefighter named Tamaki Kotatsu is not a class clown, nor does she like to make a scene or make a fool of herself. Tamaki wants to be taken seriously, but the constant wacky fanservice continues to trap her, known in-universe as her “happy suffering”.

Tamaki keeps tripping and falling, and she’ll lose a few clothes, or even all of them, on the way down. The real problem is that Tamaki can’t stand this sudden exposure, so she feels like a total idiot every time it happens. Tamaki doesn’t like it and neither do the fans.

8/10 Zenitsu Agatsuma is only tolerable when he is asleep

Demon Slaughter

Zenitsu freaking out in Demon Slayer

Tanjiro’s blonde demon slayer friend Zenitsu Agatsuma has some skills as a practitioner of the Thunder Breathing fighting style, and he took things to the next level when he clashed with the demonic Daki in the entertainment district. However, Zenitsu also has a tendency to deceive himself.

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No one is amused or sympathetic when Zenitsu panics, shouts or complains, and he does so quite often. His outrageous facial expressions and whiny dialogue cause some serious second-hand embarrassment, and Zenitsu either doesn’t realize or doesn’t care how stupid he’s making himself look in these scenes.

7/10 Aqua gets drunk, wastes money and complains constantly


Aqua from KonoSuba

In all fairness, all four main characters in the parody isekai series Konosuba make fools of themselves on a regular basis, including the sleazy anti-hero Kazuma Sato, who simply doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. Then there’s the blue-haired goddess Aqua, who tried and failed to impress everyone as a deity.

Aqua can’t help fooling around and making a clown of herself. Drinking to excess and throwing up every night despite Kazuma’s warnings, she continues to throw tantrums about all the money she wasted on nonsense, keeping the party in poverty. She also needs frequent rescuing, for example when giant frogs swallow her whole.

6/10 Speed-O-Sound Sonic Should Forget His Grudge

One Punch Man

One Punch Man Speed-o-sound Sonic Smile

The villainous ninja Speed-o-Sound Sonic sometimes looks pretty cool, such as when he single-handedly wiped out the Paradisers rebel group, but he always makes fun of Saitama, his one-sided rival and sworn enemy. This ninja quickly loses his cool when Saitama shows up.

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In their first match, Sonic quickly lost when Saitama accidentally punched him between the legs, and since then Sonic has been trying in vain to recover with the severed shell. Sonic talks tough, but he keeps picking fights he clearly can’t win. But he’s too proud to cut his losses.

5/10 Juvia Lockser continues to torment Gray


juvia lockser in fairy tail

In her defense, Water Wizard Juvia Lockser has starred in many great scenes where she wowed everyone, like when she performed a Unison Raid with Lucy. Outside of battle, on the other hand, Juvia is a total megadere who doesn’t realize how much she continues to annoy Gray Fullbuster.

Juvia is madly in love with Gray, but she’s stupidly lacking in self-awareness. Juvia doesn’t realize how ridiculous she looks chasing and pestering Gray like that when he clearly doesn’t like it. She just wants to show her love, but Juvia needs to start handling her love with more maturity.

4/10 Tomo Takino really annoys his classmates

Azumanga Daioh!

tomo takino ezamanga daioh

Energetic, clumsy Tomo Takino is a junior high school student who would much rather annoy his classmates and make a scene than study. Tomo doesn’t like the idea of ​​living a quiet life. She obviously need to keep moving, keep talking, and keep annoying everyone around her.

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Tomo simply never acts her age, and even child genius Chiyo Mihama criticizes Tomo for her constant antics. For attention, Tomo makes himself happy by slapping his hand on wet paint, throwing people’s house keys into the grass and much more.

3/10 Neito Monoma will not stop tormenting Class 1-A

My Hero Academia

neito monoma my hero academia

In a serious match, Class 1-B Neito Monoma will take things seriously and deliver results with his cool Copy Quirk, but in between classes he won’t stop fooling himself. Class 1-B has a rivalry with Class 1-A, but Neito takes it to an outrageous extreme and acts like a petty bully about it.

Neito continues to taunt Class 1-A like a child trying to act tough, so it falls to Itsuka Kendo, Class 1-B’s older sister figure, to shut up and smooth things over with the students of Class 1-A. There was even the time Neito mocked a few Class 1-A students for failing the exam that he himself had also failed.

2/10 Valac Clara is the class clown

Welcome to the Demon School, Iruma-Kun!


Demon girl Valac Clara is happy to be the abnormal class’s very own clown, and she made quite the impression when she literally burst onto the scene. Iruma and Asmodeus Alice watched in shock as Clara burst through the wall in a rolling ball of toys, causing chaos everywhere she went.

Clara also has a tendency to blurt out stupid things, tease her classmates like a child, and even play with her food, such as diving straight into a giant chocolate fountain. Clara is like an excited, crazy kid, but she still means well, and Iruma values ​​her as a friend. For that matter, so does Alice.

1/10 Anya Forger tends to botch Operation Strix

Spy X family

spy x family anya wants to be starlight anya

Unlike Tomo Takino and Valac Clara, the telepathic Anya Forger wants to be taken seriously as Loid Forger’s unofficial spy sidekick, but it doesn’t always go so well. Anya had a moment of glory when she and Bond helped Loid find and defuse the bomb, but that was an exception.

Anya is an energetic, clumsy and creative kid who tends to slip up and say the wrong thing, or else she might fail to impress Damian Desmond and feel stupid when he walks away. Anya’s frequent “shock!” reactions make her stupidity obvious, but that’s okay. Anya is just a child and she is still learning.

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