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10 Anime characters who dressed up as a superhero

10 Anime characters who dressed up as a superhero

The anime genre is full of superhero characters, but not everyone is willing to wear a cloak. A large light robe can be a symbol of hope and justice, but it requires a lot from the hero who wears it. For this reason, those who have chosen to wear a costume and call themselves heroes deserve respect and recognition.

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All Might and Saitama both deserve recognition for leading the anime superhero genre. Like these two heroes, there are plenty of other characters who have chosen to put on a costume and go to war against evil.

10 Gohan put on a cloak to tease the new direction of the series (Dragon Ball Z)

The Great Saiyaman Arc is not the first arch that Akira Toriyama used to set up Gohan as the future of Dragon Ball franchise. Before Gohan ever put on the cloak and cover, he spent a year training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to gain the strength required to defeat Cell.

After this, Gohan did what he always does and parted from the limelight to continue his studies. Fortunately, after a few years, Gohan would return to the limelight as a hero dedicated to protecting the earth’s citizens.

9 Twilight put on a mask to celebrate with his new daughter (Spy X Family)

Twilight may already sound like the pseudonym of a low-cost superhero, but the master of disguise is no hero. Even after adopting a lonely child, saving a child from drowning and committing his life to maintaining world peace, the man who currently goes by the name Loid Forger would never commit to wearing a superhero costume.

Still, on behalf of his adopted daughter, Loid Forger became Loidman and proved to his fellow spies why he is known as the best of the best. Anya may not have been his biological daughter, but Loid clearly could not resist the sweet face.

8 Saitama Put On The Cape for Fun (One-Punch Man)

Saitama may be the most powerful superhero ever made for the anime world, but he’s also just an ordinary anime guy. In the first episodes of One-Punch ManThe hero who was to become known as Caped Baldy saved others for no other reason than the evil caused inconvenience in his own life.

It was not until Genos started in Saitama that he doubled down and committed to heroes as a full-time job. Before this, Saitama was just a super-powerful citizen hoping to add a certain amount of joy to his life by wearing a superhero costume.

7 Izuku Midoriya’s costume adapts with his powers (My Hero Academia)

Although it should come as no surprise that Izuku Midoriya finally donned a superhero costume, the first episode of MHA emphasized how dangerous this decision really was. Even in the world of My Hero Academia, The decision to put on a mask and call yourself a hero is an extremely difficult decision to make.

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In doing so, someone like Izuku Midoriya draws a massive green target on his back that villains like Stain are quick to recognize. As a child born Quirkless, Deku recognizes this danger more than most, but still chose to wear the cloak and cover.

6 Blue Rose Put On The Cape For The Clout (Tiger & Bunny)

It takes a lot of courage to put on a cloak and call oneself a hero at the age of 16. Of course, the degree of courage this requires can be reduced by offering the said 16-year-old a boatload of cash and an opportunity at. fame.

This is exactly what happened to Karina Lyle from the superhero anime known as Tiger and rabbit. In this anime, superheroes are used more for marketing purposes than superheroes, which makes it a little easier to lure attention seekers into costumes covered in labels.

5 Usagi Tsukino stands tall as the leader of Sailor Senshi (Sailor Moon)

Usagi Tsukino’s everyday attire may have some resemblance to her appearance as Sailor Moon, but that does not take away from the fact that she gets up every morning ready to wear a superhero costume.

As the leader of Sailor Senshi, Usagi is forced to put on his costume and motivate others to do the same. She does this day in and day out, regardless of the forces that rise up against her. In doing so, she cements her place as one of the most iconic anime characters of all time.

4 Astroboy’s costume is the very symbol of vulnerability

When it was originally created by Dr. Tenma, Astroboy was not meant to do anything more than live life as a normal boy. Unfortunately, when the grieving doctor realized that he had created a whole new way of life, he left the boy and sold him to the circus.

After this, Astroboy still got up for the occasion and put on a pair of visible tights and knee-high red boots before continuing to save the world. While this may not be considered a superhero costume by anyone, it takes more courage to wear it than some of the costumes designed by Mei Hatsume in MHA.

3 Masayoshi Hazama took up heroism as a sidekick (Samurai Flamenco)

Samurai Flamenco has one of the most interesting premises of any superhero anime ever made. In this anime series, Masayoshi Hazama decided to take up superheroics as a side issue after getting tired of his modeling job.

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Despite the fact that Hazama has no superpowers and lacks the wealth to secure a superdress, he took to the streets hoping to make the world a safer place. Unfortunately, just because Hazama had no superhuman abilities does not mean that his enemies were kind enough to follow suit.

2 Sunred refused to wear anything other than a heroic mask (Tentai Senshi Sunred)

The main character in Tentai Senshi Sunred barely took the time to act like a hero. In fact, Red does not even have a traditional superhero costume. Instead, this hero fights with a regular T-shirt and shorts, and differs from the average citizen with nothing more than a bright red helmet.

Of course, this helmet still counts as a superhero costume. Without it, Sunred would be nothing more than an angry fighter who has a habit of beating up bad boys.

1 The Mumen Rider wakes up every morning and takes on the responsibility of a hero (One-Punch Man)

Satoruen to One-Punch Man is not close to the power level of Satoru Gojo from JJK. Still, Satoru from OPM deserves credit for wearing a superhero costume and offering his limited abilities to the world as the Mumen rider.

The life of a C-Class hero is brutal. When not compared to their more powerful counterparts, heroes like the Mumen Rider are defeated by powerful enemies such as the Deep Sea King. Despite this, the Mumen rider refused to give up his superhero suit or bike, proving that it is more than super strength that makes a hero.

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