10 Anime Characters Who Can Manipulate Air

10 Anime Characters Who Can Manipulate Air

Most anime tell decent stories, and many of them have unique and memorable characters. Most of these characters are ordinary people, but just as many have some form of superpower or supernatural ability. Characters with super strength, speed, durability and stamina are quite common, but there are also characters that can manipulate elements.

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Fire and water manipulation seem to be the most common elemental powers, but there are a handful of anime characters that can manipulate air. Air may not be as flashy as fire, or as versatile as water, but it has its uses, and it can cause a lot of damage.

10/10 Yuno specializes in wind magic

Black clover

Yuno uses wind magic with Grimoire

Black clover may not be the best shonen series, but fans still love it because it’s a true underdog story. Asta is the underdog in question, and his main rival happens to be his best friend and foster brother, Yuno Grinberryall.

Yuno uses a four-leaf clover grimoire, which allows him to use powerful magic, but he has always had an affinity for wind magic. He can generate and manipulate wind, and he usually creates whirlwinds that can knock out enemies in one hit. He can use these whirlwinds to fly, and he can create items and devices out of the wind.

9/10 Wendy Marvell is the sky dragon slayer


Wendy Marvell releases Sky Dragon Slayer Magic

Fairytale had a good run because it featured a good amount of mage fights, but the lackluster story has caused it to age poorly. As the series went on, Wendy Marvell turned out to be a powerful mage, which makes sense since she is the Sky Dragon Slayer.

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She possesses the characteristics and abilities of a sky dragon, which includes air manipulation. She can blow hurricane-like winds from her mouth, and she can create strong whirlwinds, gusts, and tornadoes by moving her arms and legs.

8/10 Temari specializes in Wind-style Ninjutsu


temari raged as he fought naruto

Every ninja village in the Naruto specialize in one type of nature transformation, which is why many Sand Village ninjas have an affinity for Wind Release. Temari is the daughter of the 4th Kazekage, and the older sister of the 5th, so strength runs in her family.

Her weapon of choice is a large iron fan, with which she can unleash powerful gusts of wind that can knock opponents around. She can use the wind to cut through objects, including armor, and she can do so with precise aim.

7/10 Kagura is a wind-manipulating demon


Kagura creates wind with her fan

Inuyasha is one of the best demons in anime, and he and his friends battled a variety of demons as they traveled through feudal Japan. Their goal was to defeat Naraku, a powerful half-demon who created several incarnations of himself, including the Wind Sorceress. Kagura.

She uses a small fan to direct her wind-based attacks. She can unleash a wave of crescent-shaped wind blades through the air, and her Dance of the Dragon technique summons multiple tornadoes. Kagura can also use wind to block and redirect long-range attacks aimed at her.

6/10 Jin uses aerokinesis

Yu Yu Hakusho

Jin uses wind to fly and improve his punches

Yu Yu Hakusho helped raise the standard of the shonen series by telling a great story with impressive character arcs, and it featured a variety of supernatural beings such as Jin. This red-haired yokai first appeared during the Dark Tournament Saga, where he was the strongest member of Team Masho.

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He has aerokinesis, which allows him to fly, but he mainly uses it to manipulate air. Jin creates mini-tornadoes around his arms to increase the power of his attacks, and he can shoot a powerful tornado of electricity. He can also block attacks by producing a wind barrier.

5/10 Kazuma Yagami made a contract with Wind Spirit

Kaze no Stigma

Kazuma summons the wind spirit's power

Kazuma Yagami is the main character in Kaze no Stigma, and after making a contract with the Wind Spirit, he became the most talented member of the Kannagi family. Thanks to his wind powers, Kazuma is a one-man army as he can create wind blades, tornadoes and powerful gusts.

He can use wind to redirect attacks and he can even use it to make himself invisible. When Kazuma enters his contractor state, he calls upon all the wind spirits in the atmosphere, amplifying his power to the point of being invincible.

4/10 Howzer blows enemies away with its storm ability

Seven Deadly Sins

Howzer channels the wind around his arm

Unlike most of the Holy Knights that appear in Seven Deadly Sins, Howzer is a gifted fighter. Wielding a unique spiral lance, he is strong enough to take on an army of 3,000 with his best friend. Later in the series, he is able to defeat several demons by himself.

Thanks to his Tempest ability, Howzer is able to manipulate the air around him into vortices of rotating wind. This wind is strong enough to destroy the bodies of lesser demons, and he can create small tornadoes when he strikes.

3/10 Wamuu produces razor sharp wind when he uses wind mode

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Wamuu creates tornadoes with his arms

Wamuu was the secondary antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventurehis Battle Tendency arc, and he was a proud warrior for the Pillar Men. Like other members of this group, Wamuu was able to freely control his body, allowing him to unlock the Wind Mode ability.

While using Wind Mode, Wamuu can create razor-sharp wind attacks that can tear people apart. He can produce a devastating wind storm by rotating and spinning his arms incredibly fast, and he can use his lungs to create a wind suit that reflects light and allows him to become invisible.

2/10 Inasa Yoarashi possesses The Whirlwind Quirk

My Hero Academia

    Inasa Yoarashi uses whirlwind

IN My Hero Academia, most have some kind of Quirk, and many choose to become Pro Heroes to help others. Inasa Yoarashi is a hero in training, and he has the Whirlwind Quirk, which allows him to manipulate the air around him.

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He can create powerful gusts of wind that can clear debris and bring civilians to safety. When in battle, he can produce gusts of wind strong enough to shatter through solid ice, and thanks to his hero suit, he can use air to enhance his mobility and fly.

1/10 Aang saved the world as the last airbender

Avatar The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender Finale Where Avatar state Aang comes to Ozai

Avatar The Last Airbender may have been aimed at children, but it dealt with quite complex and mature subject matter. Aang was the last reincarnation of the Avatar, a powerful being capable of manipulating all four elements.

Aang was born an Air Nomad, which meant that Airbending was his preferred style, and he used it mostly during battle. At one point, he was the youngest Airbending Master in history, and he was more than capable of producing powerful and highly advanced Airbending techniques on his own.

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